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LCA Vantage Healthcare Corporation Partners With Biostrap Providing The World's First FHIR Compliant Electronic Health Record System Integrated With Continuous Biometric Monitoring
[November 19, 2021]

LCA Vantage Healthcare Corporation Partners With Biostrap Providing The World's First FHIR Compliant Electronic Health Record System Integrated With Continuous Biometric Monitoring

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- LCA Vantage Healthcare Corporation ("LCAV"), an innovative technology company, partners with Biostrap USA LLC ("Biostrap"), a digital health solutions company, to provide the world's first Electronic Health Record (EHR) and overall SMART Tract® Health system that integrates continuous biometric monitoring to improve patient care and overcome administrative and technological challenges.

The partnership between LCAV and Biostrap will revolutionize health care for generations to come.

Advancing health care into the next century, LCAV created a full-stack, Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) compliant, cloud-based digitized medical product and service, Parker System®, which consolidates every piece of data for individual patients, emergency services and hospital networks under one umbrella.

LCAV and Biostrap will be the first to provide continuous and non-invasive monitoring of patients' biometrics in accordance with new CMS, FHIR and FDA regulations and policies.

"Our partnership is very exciting for the continuous development and deployment of real-world solutions. For generations, the EHR systems have struggled to innovate and keep up with modern day medicine," said Vince Lopez, Founder and CEO of LCAV, noting that "Biostrap is the only wearable product on the market that aligns with LCAV's mission and technical solution to advance health care accessibility, diagnostic testing and monitoring and ongoing clinical research. This is the future!"

Achieving interoperability, that is finding, sending, receiving and integrating electronic patient information from outside providers, has been a challenge formost hospitals in sharing patient data. According to a recent Health Affairs study, only 29.7 percent of hospitals engaged in all four domains of interoperability in 2015. However, the gap between patient care and health care efficiency has been overlooked.

EHR systems play a vital role in improving patient safety by reducing medical errors and exaggerated costs. With the adoption of advanced digital health solutions and remote physiological monitoring technologies, the need for a reliable and secure EHR system and biometric monitoring integration is critical to improve quality of care, patient outcomes and decrease hospital readmissions. This has never been done, until now.

The partnership between LCAV and Biostrap will revolutionize health care for generations to come. The solution streamlines interoperability, automation, accessibility and advanced clinical research by leveraging health data across the continuum of care.

The momentum of digital health shows an upward trend. According to a Global Market Insights report, the global digital health market is projected to surpass $379 billion by 2024.

This partnership demonstrates the impact of two progressive science and technology companies working together to solve a global problem. For the first time in the history of medicine, patients and clinicians will be empowered with instantaneous access to valuable health data across the continuum of care through robust artificial intelligence and machine learning.

"When I founded Biostrap, my goal was not to develop another shiny fitness gadget with limited utility, but to combine my passion for health and technology into a product with the potential to meaningfully impact human health," said Sameer Sontakey, Chief Executive Officer of Biostrap, adding that "our partnership with LCAV will truly revolutionize the health care system by improving accessibility to clinical-grade data and making it simultaneously available and actionable to health care professionals through the Parker System."

Biostrap is a progressive digital health solutions provider pioneering the industry of medical biosensors, data processing techniques, and remote physiological monitoring (RPM) workflows. By developing, owning, and operating the entire digital stack, Biostrap provides custom solutions for enterprise markets including decentralized clinical research, government organizations, health care institutions and the space industry. Biostrap has a dedicated team of health care professionals, data scientists, engineers and hardware specialists with a proven ability to deliver complex, integrated digital health solutions.
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LCA Vantage Healthcare Corporation (LCAV) is an innovative research and technology company accelerating health care into the next century. LCAV is designed and committed to simplifying the complexities of health care, while putting the power of choice and affordability back into the hands of its patients and clinical users 24/7/365.
The Parker System ® is the only customizable full-stack, cloud-based EHR and SaaS medical product that exceeds FHIR regulatory compliance. Parker consolidates every stream of patient data through secure multi-factor encryption with real-time communication to emergency services, providers, hospital networks, payers, research and government institutions.
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