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MDClone, The Ottawa Hospital Continue Partnership to Drive Healthcare Innovation through Self-Service Data Exploration
[November 10, 2021]

MDClone, The Ottawa Hospital Continue Partnership to Drive Healthcare Innovation through Self-Service Data Exploration

MDClone, a leading healthcare data analytics company, will continue its momentum and success with The Ottawa Hospital, one of Canada's largest learning and research hospitals. An MDClone customer since September 2020, The Ottawa Hospital's mission to boost health innovation has led to a successful pilot program of the MDClone ADAMS Platform.

Through MDClone's powerful system, users can obtain institutional clinical data to inform study design and analysis while working independently. With self-service data access accelerating discoveries and better solutions to patient care, users have developed a broader understanding of the data available for exploration. Analysis, interpretation of findings, and insights are generated rapidly through shortened timelines and approval processes.

The Ottawa Hospital plans to further its data efforts throughout multiple use cases including elective surgery outcomes, emergency hospitalization predictability, and preoperative anemia. Training courses, both in-person and virtual, have increased the knowledge and education of the self-service data tools, increasing the platform's user base to over 200 healthcare clinicians. Many of the users have already been certified in the platform, allowing The Ottawa Hospital the ability to expand a set of defined use cases hile protecting patient privacy through synthetic data.

"We are thrilled to continue our partnership with The Ottawa Hospital," said Ziv Ofek, Co-Founder and CEO, MDClone. "This partnership has significant potential to improve healthcare delivery and health for the people of Ottawa and all across Canada."

The MDClone ADAMS Platform assists health systems in accelerating research, improving operations and quality, and driving innovation through dynamic data exploration. The platform democratizes data by organizing complex patient information and protecting patient privacy with synthetic data. Healthcare professionals can efficiently identify data insights in real-time and leverage the insights into actionable information, leading to better diagnoses and outcomes.

"With MDClone, our team was able to complete life-saving research in weeks, which would have normally taken the team months or years to complete, while still protecting patient privacy," said Dr. Alan Forster, VP of Innovation and Quality, The Ottawa Hospital. "We look forward to the continued partnership and the advancement of treatment for our patients."

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About MDClone

MDClone democratizes data, empowering exploration, discovery, and collaboration to improve patients' health. With MDClone, any user can ask and answer any question in real time. This dramatic paradigm shift is made possible by MDClone's unique technology for organizing, accessing, and protecting the privacy of patient data, enabling healthcare knowledge workers to transform ideas into actionable insights in rapid cycles. Founded in 2016 in Israel, MDClone works with major health systems, payers and life science companies in the U.S., Canada, and Israel.

About The Ottawa Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital is one of Canada's largest learning and research hospitals. It provides acute, specialized, and complex care to the region's 1.3 million residents and is home to Eastern Ontario's regional Trauma Centre.

The Ottawa Hospital is internationally known for changing the way medicine is practiced around the world thanks to brilliant minds, pioneering treatments, cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art facilities. Through innovation and research, our doctors, researchers, and staff are defining new standards in patient care by discovering better ways to diagnose and treat patients.

Our focus on learning and research helps us develop new and innovative ways to treat patients and improve care. As a multi-campus hospital affiliated with the University of Ottawa, we deliver specialized care to people in Eastern Ontario and parts of Nunavut. The Ottawa Hospital has received the highest rating from Accreditation Canada, Accredited with Exemplary Standing, reflecting our commitment to provide the world-class, compassionate care we would want for our loved ones.

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