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IDB Guides Taiwan's Industries in Self-Transformation via Innovative Breakthroughs and Finding Opportunities in Post-Pandemic Market
[October 14, 2021]

IDB Guides Taiwan's Industries in Self-Transformation via Innovative Breakthroughs and Finding Opportunities in Post-Pandemic Market

TAIPEI, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The "new normals" during the pandemic have given birth to various innovative applications. At this year's Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE 2021), the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs will be hosting two special conferences: (1) IPBC Taiwan Forum and (2) Seminar on Development and Adoption of Innovative Technologies in Post-Pandemic Era. The aim of these conferences is to help companies utilize technologies such as HPC, IoT, and AI to make their supply chains more resilient. TSMC, MediaTek, HTC, Nissan, and Nokia are some of the globally renowned industry titans that have been invited to participate in the conferences.

Moreover, the IDB will be leading the exhibitions of the technologies offered by domestic industries at TIE 2021. Highlighting 45 solutions for five major applications, these exhibitions will demonstrate that Taiwan is actively expanding its role in the global market through innovations.

Exhibitions on Five Innovative Applications Will Reveal the Value of Taiwan's R&D Capability

Besides the conferences on the promotion of advanced technologies, the exhibitions of 45 technological solutions will be another major highlight of TIE 2021. These solutions cover five application themes: (1) smart factory, (2) digital business, (3) connect living (4) advanced medicare, (5) aerospace & defense.

Regarding digital business,, three noteworthy solutions that will be on display at TIE 2021 are the substation inspection robot jointly developed by Taiwan Intelligent Robotics and Taipower, the FaaS - Farming as a service platform from Dragon Digital Farm, and the preloaded Micro-LED stamp from Ultra Display Technology. The substation inspection robot is used to inspect electrical substations. As for the FaaS, it monitors crops in real time and assists in planting strategies. It is also first smart farming technology that Taiwan is exporting south to Indonesia. Finally, the preloaded Micro-LED stamp is a high-yield, high-output method for manufacturing icro LED displays. Capable of stamping an array of LED chips onto a substrate, this process has huge potentials in terms of efficiency and cost saving.

Turning to aerospace & defense, TMYTEK will be at TIE 2021 to present its AiP for 5G/B5G modules deployed in mmWave antenna arrays. TMYTEK is leveraging the O-RAN RU architecture for the development of RF frontend modules, which are the key components in 5G networks and LEO satellites. Also, defense contractor AIDC will display a series of domestically developed military-grade hardware such as a data-link communicator and a carbon fiber composite gearbox. Perhaps the most exciting attraction that AIDC will bring to the event is its supersonic advanced jet trainer T-5 Brave Eagle.

Moving into advanced medicare, a related highlight at TIE 2021 will be a epidemic prevention technology- AI-LiDAR based people flow measurement system developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and 3D imaging startup Aemass. Incorporating AI and LiDAR, the crowd control system gauges the number of people and the spacing between individuals in a given vicinity. With an accuracy rate of over 90%, this solution is a valuable tool in devising strategies to prevent disease outbreaks.

In the field of connect living, interesting products that will be on display at TIE 2021 include the aesthetic energy panel from Heliartec Solutions and the smart wellness solution-RINGOAL Mini from Golden Smart Home Technology. The aesthetic energy panel is a solar panel that mimics traditional building materials. It can become an integral part of a zero-energy building. Heliartec emphasizes that this product meets European standards in terms of safety and flame resistance. The RINGOAL Mini is a smart fitness solution for women and seniors. Specifically, it serves as a virtual coach for all kinds of exercises and monitors the health statuses of individuals when they are working out.

From the field of smart factory, Robuff and Solomon 3D will come to TIE 2021 to show their latest offerings. Robuff will introduce its force controller for robotics arms that grind and polish parts. The force controller-BUFF supports various brands of robotics arms and can find applications in a wide range of sectors including metalwork and semiconductor manufacturing. While boosting efficiency and production capacity, the force controller is capable of reproducing the techniques of experienced craftsmen. Solomon 3D will present JustPick, an intelligent sorting and handling system. Leveraging AI 3D vision and deep learning, JustPick empowers robots with sensory capabilities for identifying objects, enabling full automation at the workplace.

The 45 solutions that the IDB will be highlighting at the event have the potential to attain breakthroughs in various applications and transform industries. The stage is thus set for Taiwan to demonstrate to the world its abundant energy for innovations.

Main Features of TIE 2021:

(1) Physical and Online Displays: Companies from 24 countries will be exhibiting 850 technological solutions. Exhibitors include 100 major multinationals such as CISCO, 3M, etc.

(2) Opportunities for Collaborations: There will be 200 presentations pertaining to reveals of new technologies. The registration for one-on-one business matchmaking sessions already opened on October 11th.

(3) Discovery of Future Trends: 82 VIP guests from 14 countries share their expert views on the top technology sectors and IP strategies.

(4) Value-Added Services: Visitors will be able to browse through the core technologies of six strategic industries and receive suggestions from a dynamic tour guide system.

From October 14th to 23rd, TIE 2021 will showcase innovative technologies via physical and virtual exhibitions. The event will also host online and on-site activities for business matchmaking.

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