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Hadean Release a 'Free to Use' Trial Version of Their Distributed Computing Platform
[September 14, 2021]

Hadean Release a 'Free to Use' Trial Version of Their Distributed Computing Platform

LONDON, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Distributed computing scale up, Hadean, are releasing a free to use trial version of the eponymously named, Hadean Platform, to the general public. The launch will take place on 14th September, providing enthusiastic developers from around the world with an opportunity to experiment with pioneering distributed cloud technology.

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The Hadean Platform, developed on Rust, reimagines current distributed computing models through a state of the art 'shared nothing' architecture. It provides developers with a toolkit to build highly scalable cloud applications, simplifying development and deployment processes.

The decision to release a trial version of the SDK will enable software engineers to get involved at a grassroots level and help shape the platform roadmap. It is not a coincidence that the launch date coincides with RustConf 2021 - Hadean has begun to embed itself within the community and includes a number of Rust evangelists who have advocated widely for its increased use in distributed systems.

Hadean CTO an Co-Founder, Aidan Hobson-Sayers, commented, "Since the company's inception, we've been dreaming of the moment that we could give full access to the benefits of the Hadean platform. We really believe this is the start of something massive, as developers everywhere will now be able to build and scale cloud-native applications more easily than ever before. If you have any interest in moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud, we urge you to explore what's possible with our platform."

Hadean CEO and Co-Founder, Craig Beddis, stated "This is a landmark moment for us as a business and hopefully puts something in the hands of the developer community that acts as the 'big next step' for the cloud. Over the past several years, we've been showcasing what's possible with friction free cloud development. Our libraries Aether and Muxer were both developed on the Hadean platform and together have achieved a world record in multiplayer gaming, contributed solutions to the IoT industry, Metaverse and the global pandemic, as well as receiving an Epic MegaGrant for our integration with Unreal Engine. We now want to see what the rest of the world can do with it."

The company has already released other products, but are now in a position to start exposing the underlying technology, which has long been the ambition of its founders. Whereas Aether Engine and Muxer provided specific frameworks for distributed computing, namely spatial computing and edge connectivity, the Platform will allow developers total freedom in application development. While previously complex orchestration of services and middleware has held back scaling apps on the cloud, the Hadean platform is making the benefits of true cloud-native development a reality.

About Hadean
Founded in 2015, Hadean are a venture backed tech scaleup based in London on a mission to democratise supercomputing, enabling people everywhere to develop highly scalable cloud applications. The Hadean Platform empowers developers to create applications that solve society's most complex challenges and is currently used in a number of sectors including healthcare, gaming and government by customers such as CAE, Microsoft, Minecraft and the Francis Crick Institute.

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