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Switching to InteliChart's Patient Portal is Painless
[July 21, 2021]

Switching to InteliChart's Patient Portal is Painless

CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The idea of switching patient portals can strike fear in the heart of staff who work for physician practices. They may be afraid that migrating already-registered patients to a new portal will be painful. That apprehension is alleviated with InteliChart's unique portal migration utility.

InteliChart's unique migration utility makes switching patient portals easy and painless.

"When a physician practice has to manually register patients as part of switching portals, it's not only a tedious process, but they run the risk of losing the engagement they've established with patients," explains Will Cantrell, Director of Product Solutions at InteliChart. "InteliChart has developed an avenue to completely automate the registration process for patients who are already using a practice's portal. Registration is easy and painless, without any intervention from staff," continued Cantrell.

Migrating with ease
The majority of physician practices transition to InteliChart's Patient Portal from a legacy portal that no longer meets their needs. Migrating already-registered patients is part of the overall transition and InteliChart makes data transfer seamless to the organization and the patient.

InteliChart also guides clients through gap analysis, recommendations on how to increase staff adoption, scripts on how to engage patients based on role, and a sample patient survey that elicits feedback from patients to identify what features are most important to them. 

"A rnning start"

Tidewater Physicians Medical Group (TPMG) is a network of 220 providers across 85 office locations in southeastern Virginia that uses NextGen EHR and EPM systems.

When TPMG upgraded to InteliChart's Patient Portal, the migration tool allowed them to send a blast message to communicate the change along with an invitation link to all currently registered patients. "Before our very eyes, we could see the growing number of patients who clicked the link once they received the invitation," said Hope Owens, LPN, NCP, Director of Systems Implementation and Support at TPMG.

"Between InteliChart's migration process and their historical data management, we felt like we had a running start," added Owens. "Being able to have all our existing patients registered for the portal and all their historical health data - appointments, medications, labs, allergies, documents - brought forward on day one, instead of starting from scratch, was a major relief."

Why switch?
Switching portals may seem daunting, but portals are vital for staying connected to patients and engaging them in their healthcare. That's why healthcare organizations need a powerful one. Engaged patients are more likely to adhere to care plans, driving better outcomes. This means patient engagement not only helps providers succeed in an environment of healthcare consumerism, but it also supports value-based care goals.

InteliChart's Patient Portal provides a smart, consistent user experience that patients can access through a mobile app or web browser. It's intuitive and aesthetically pleasing, so patients enjoy using it as their personal healthcare hub where all the information they need is in one place.

Regis Singer, IT Director at Genesis Medical Associates in Pittsburgh, PA, has this to say about InteliChart's Patient Portal: "It's user-friendly and since going live, we've experienced a steady increase in patients not only registering for the portal, but actually using it. Our previous portal confused patients and they avoided it. That's all changed with InteliChart."

"Implementation went smoothly," Singer added. "We were well-communicated with before and during the process. I have 240 staff members who use this software and our trainer was absolutely awesome - accessible, thorough, and followed up on all our questions."

For physician practices that are ready to deliver proactive, personal engagement that meets high standards, streamlines workflows and keeps patients connected outside the office visit – all with a pain-free transition – learn more here.

About InteliChart
Patient Portal is the cornerstone of Healthy Outcomes, InteliChart's complete engagement platform that includes Patient Schedule, Patient Intake, Patient Notify, Patient Survey, Patient Activate, Patient eVisit and Family Portal.

Located in Charlotte, NC, InteliChart was founded in 2010. Industry-leading EHR vendors, hospitals, health systems and physician practices have selected InteliChart as their patient engagement platform, collectively representing 55 million patients. We integrate with 35-plus EHR products and a single integration accesses all the solutions on our Healthy Outcomes platform. For more information, visit

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