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Innovative Global eSports Soccer Tournament, WHO WANTS IT, Kicks Off with Pope Francis in Rome to Benefit Scholas Occurrentes
[July 21, 2021]

Innovative Global eSports Soccer Tournament, WHO WANTS IT, Kicks Off with Pope Francis in Rome to Benefit Scholas Occurrentes

NEW YORK, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The founders of the global eSports soccer tournament WHO WANTS IT joined Pope Francis in Rome in late May to kick off the innovative FIFA21 online gaming competition that will benefit His Holiness' Scholas Occurrentes' Transforming Education Fund Donor Fund.

Scheduled for late Q3/ early Q4, the innovative tournament will leverage the social impact with kids from diverse backgrounds across the world.

"This is the first global eGaming platform that engages diverse communities, including black, brown and Latino kids, to support a sustainable social impact for education," said Briant Biggs, Founder of Unanimous Games, the company that created the tournament and the platform. "Who Wants It is a dynamic charity event that leverages the cultural capital of gaming and scales them with platforms from our global partners PVBLIC Foundation, Origen WW, Scholas Occurrentes, the Pontificial Foundation created by Pope Francis', through its Transforming Education Donor Fund, TV2U, Kick It Out, CIEN+, AASU. We believe that our e-gaming platform will lead the way as a mechanism to bring together public and private partners to deliver on social agendas.''

"We are especially excited about launching this partnership on the heels of a meeting with His Holiness Pope Francis at the Vatican, where we presented this initiative and had him sign the commemorative English football," said Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Chairman of PVBLIC Foundation and Director of Transforming Education Donor Fund. "Through this partnership and the Transforming Education Donor Fund we will continue to advance the mission and vision of Pope Francis while mobilizing the world's best eGaming platform to bring youth from around the world to compete and drive social impact and promote peace around the world."

For the tournament, Unanimous Games have also partnered with Kick It Out, English football's equality and inclusion organization. Kick It Out serve under-represented and minority communities in football and strive to eliminate discrimination, educate communities and inspire a new generation of people in the sport. The partnership will see both organizations work together to support the overall mission of the tournament, by promoting an inclusive environment for participants.


Who Wants It will bring amateur FIFA21 gamers together to compete globally for a chance to play against 2 select English football stars in a worldwide competition all for charity. The tournament will take place on Unanimous Games and TV2U's eGaming platform, BRITE Technologies, where every participant will register to compete on and spectators can register to watch. There will be no entry fee to participate; but, there will be a donation link.

The tournament features a One vs. One Single elimination Knockout Tournament to determine the top 2 players globally on each console. The Grand Finale will have the top 2 players play against 2 professional English football players to win a chance to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican and to see who will be crowned th Ultimate Champion.

For sponsorships, please contact Tara Enahoro at [email protected].

For donations, please contact Stephen Keppel or Sergio Fernandez de Cordova at [email protected].

For more information about Who Wants It, please visit


Headquartered in New York, New York, Unanimous Games (UG) is a full-service eSports and digital entertainment company bridging the gap between the eSports industry and the entertainment world. Our mission is to give an amplified voice to an underrepresented community of gamers and gaming enthusiasts. UG specializes in developing branded content, sponsored activations, data analytics, game and app development, eSports Talent Management and STEM education. Not only are we providing an elevated gaming experience on the front end, our aim is to provide every gamer within our ecosystem the opportunity to explore the business of eSports on the back end as well.

For additional information about UG, visit the official website:


PVBLIC Foundation is an innovative non-profit organization that engages global changemakers and mobilizes media, data, and technology for social impact, creating powerful partnerships to advance and accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Foundation serves as a bridge connecting public, private, and nonprofit sectors, plugging innovations into social agendas and helping governments, NGOs, and intergovernmental organizations amplify their impact. The foundation has managed programs and partnerships that have reached more than a billion people in 125 countries and inspired global action on the SDGs.

For additional information about PVBLIC Foundation, visit the official website:


Since its inception, Pope Francis dreamed of Scholas as the possibility of giving a concrete response to the call of this era, conferring on him the task of educating in the openness to the other, upon hearing that gathering the pieces of an atomized and empty of meaning world, and start creating a new culture: the Culture of Encounter. Today, more than twenty years after his first experience in Argentina, dreamed up by the then archbishop Jorge Bergoglio - today Pope Francis- Scholas is constituted as an International Organization of Pontifical Law, with offices in Argentina, Vatican City, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Haiti, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Mozambique, Panama, Paraguay, Portugal, Romania and the United States; present with its network in 190 countries, integrating more than 400 thousand educational centers and reaching more than one million children and young people around the world.

For additional information about SCHOLAS, visit the official website:

The Transforming Education Donor Fund (TEDF) aims to combine art, sports and technology in order to promote culture through education, bringing together global agendas and empathy among humans to build a better tomorrow, starting with our youth. TEDF was developed as a partnership between Scholas Occurrentes and PVBLIC Foundation with a mission to bring investments to achieve the integration of students with the help and the commitment from various social actors, bringing together schools and educational networks around the world with different technological, athletic and artistic proposals.

The Transforming Education Donor Fund is a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) that can be supported with any asset contribution – cash, stock, or other assets.

Kick It Out is English football's equality and inclusion organization.

Kick It Out serve under-represented and minority communities in football, supporting them in every area of the game – from grassroots to the Premier League, from the pitch to the side lines and from the stands to the boardroom. They do everything in their power to eliminate discrimination, educate communities, and inspire a new generation of people in the sport. Football should be a game for everyone, whether they play it, work it in it or support it.

Find out more about the work of Kick It Out at:

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