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Seedify Launchpad - The Key To Equality For New Projects
[July 19, 2021]

Seedify Launchpad - The Key To Equality For New Projects

LONDON, July 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Imagine investing in a crypto project with a compelling use case and great management that could revolutionise a major market segment? Only to find your tokens worthless as management had made a few rookie mistakes. If only someone had advised them better!

Within the last few months, we have seen the launch of many tokens in the blockchain market. Most of them, like baby turtles, have to find their feet, survive and grow on their own without assistance. Sadly, like those little turtles, most will disappear without trace for many reasons including good ones such as a small market for their use-case as well as some entirely avoidable ones as we saw earlier. For example, getting the right contract for their developers, the structure of their tokens or just some sage advice from a seasoned angel investor to keep them moving forward.

What if there were a platform providing advice and support to these projects? Getting them into pole position in the crypto Grand Prix and taking them round the twists and bends on the way to the winners’ podium? That platform may well be, a crypto project that is making waves by realising such a vision.

Seedify Background

Mr. Levent Cem Aydan, 33, an American educated Turkish citizen, founded out of frustration at the attitudes of the traditional Private Equity industry towards fledgling cryptocurrency start-ups in his native Turkey during the 2018 crypto boom. Demanding up to half the equity in start-up projects they left no room for entrepreneurs to innovate or get motivated to develop their businesses.

Fast forward two years and leveraging that frustration to good effect, Seedify was born in January 2021, to allow owners of Seedify’s own crypto token, SFUND, to vote on which projects are funded. In exactly the sort of direct, mass ownership that crypto promises Seedify allows token owners to vote, in proportion to their holdings, on project proposals as well as key decisions facing Seedify.

In fact, taking it a step further he opened up ownership beyond the wealthy to anyone able to put their hand up and register for free tokens earlier this year. This meant that over 25,000 people were able to own SFUND and can decide on its investments later this year – a far cry from the slack handful of executives and wealthy investors usually found in traditional providers. It also differs from most other launchpads, who usually give most of the benefit to larger investors by offering 34% of any investment to those holding fewer than 1,000 tokens – typically those with well under $1,000 to invest.

The Seedify Launchpad

The Seedify Launchpad – - provides an avenue for new crypto startups to promote their project. The key benefit for SFUND investors is early access at keen prices to hot new projects looking to raise cash before they launch.

Interestingly, the startup only provides 3% of its total token supply to Seedify for its costs as well as to pass some onto SFUND holders as a reward. The essence of this is to allow SFUND holders to get returns on their investment and support the startup.

Innovative Seedify platform

The key feature of the Seedify platform is the decentralised (or DAO-based) seed funding mechanism, which decides projects to be funded using the DAO voting system. Furthermore, the community-powered incubator is community-driven and based on experience and expertise.

The transparent funding pool makes it easier for all of its resources to be fully transparent to the community, which is secured via the Blockchain. Finally, it shares staking rewards from incubated projects.

Seedify HODLers – Backbone of Seedify

Like many superheroes has a supporting partner – in this case it is the growing community of Seedify investors, known as the Seedify HODLers. They have helped propel the project, with considerable velocity, across the crypto-verse and on into the world beyond.

Together they have utilised the power of social media, along with their passion, willingness and dedication to the Seedify project, to energise the wider community on their vision of a community driven seed stage fund. They educate and inform on major platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram to ensure that SFUND ownership becomes widespread. Since their launch they have garnered a little under 50,000 followers just on Twitter – equal to a decent sized town!

How to apply as startup

To begin as a startup, you have to apply to using the application form on its website - After the verification process, the project team gets a unique page on the DAO dashboard. Since Seedify is a community-driven platform, the token holders vote on the project of their choice after checking the project details. Furthermore, any accepted projects get their seed fund from the funding pool before getting different supports in the incubator program.

Once they complete the incubator program and progress to the launchpad projects gives their reward distribution to SFUND token holders, completing the cycle of investment.

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