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TeraBox Video Featuring the Only Free 1TB of Cloud Storage Goes Viral on TikTok, Sparks Follow-up Campaign with Juicy Cash Prizes
[June 24, 2021]

TeraBox Video Featuring the Only Free 1TB of Cloud Storage Goes Viral on TikTok, Sparks Follow-up Campaign with Juicy Cash Prizes

BANGKOK, June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Following a rave review by  @amnotlion on TikTok, which garnered more than 2 million views and 430K likes, TeraBox, a leading cloud storage solution provider based in Japan, launched a social media campaign inviting more users worldwide to explore and share how TeraBox helps boost flexibility and productivity in life and work, with the top winner getting to clinch a US$10,000 prize. Participants can create videos by drawing inspiration from some of the best features of TeraBox and submit entries between June 10 and 30.

"TeraBox's super large permanent storage, fast speed and supreme security allows users to enjoy a free 1TB of secure cloud storage from which I can manage and share files with awesome simplicity," said @amnotlion, a TeraBox user and TikToker. "TeraBox is the largest free storage space provider platform available on the market, as many other free storage apps only offer 15GB of storage," added @amnotlion.

A number of TeraBox users and vloggers have joined the campaign and shared their using experiences with TeraBox:

Permanently free 1TB of cloud storage at fingertips. "Everyone can enjoy 1024GB of free storage with no strings attached. This allows me to back up approximately 300,000 photos, 250 movies or 6.5 million document pages," said TeraBox user and Brazilian vlogger Tio San.

Easily accessible and cross-platform supported. "Files stored in TeraBox are seamlessly synchronized across mobile devices, laptops and PCs, and I can access and view photos and videos without needing to download first," said TeraBox user and Russian YouTuber

With "intelligent album", organizing photos has never been easier. "TeraBox's built-in image classification feature generates tags to categorize photos based on the AI-based analysis of the main elements of the image. Whether it is a landscape, family moment, food or object, the feature helps me preserve my important memories by creating well-sorted and personalized albums," said TeraBox user and Korean YouTuber Inspecting Room.

All-around digital data protection with industry-leading security. "TeraBox automatically uploads files through Android and iOS devices with all data encrypted in its cloud servers. For files involving sensitive and confidential content, I can use password-encrypted sharing links that offer risk-free protection. In addition, two-step verification adds another layer of security to my personal account," said TeraBox user and Japanese Influencer @Kaoru.

To join the campaign, users only need to enter the video link and email address on the campaign homepage through the TeraBox App which is now available on the iPhone App Store and Google Play. Participants can follow and stay tuned to TeraBox's Facebook account, Terabox, to view the winners list which will be published on July 9. 

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About TeraBox

 TeraBox is an innovative cloud storage app that protects and organizes all the files on your device, helping users quickly back up and navigate photos, important documents, and files with the help of powerful AI technology. TeraBox brings the future of data backup and cloud storage solutions to worldwide users. 


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