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New Thermal Insulation Material Y-Warm Makes Zero Emission Possible
[February 08, 2021]

New Thermal Insulation Material Y-Warm Makes Zero Emission Possible

Beijing, China, Feb. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the whole world is suffer from Corona virus, we could not help to thinking the possible causes of the pandemic. Therefore, the smog and the global warming have caused increasing criticism to industrial emissions. From an environmental perspective, the elimination of emissions offers the ultimate solution to many kinds of pollutions that threaten ecosystems at global, national and local levels. Furthermore, a full use of raw materials helps to bring the resources in the earth to sustainable levels. How to reduce the carbon emission and save energy remains one of the most important topics to the whole world nowadays and in the coming years. Therefore, the concept of zero emission was brought up to improve technologies and processes to the point of maximum resource productivity and virtually no waste. Until now, zero emissions, which may appear an unrealistic objective, yet is a proven and profitable goal.

Y-Warm, a new thermal insulation material developed by Beijing MatrixTech, is a revolutionary excellent insulator with an extremely low thermal conductivity at 0.00824 W/(m*K). Besides, the whole production process of Y-Warm is under an aqueous system and the only exhaust is water vapor which can be recycled. The production of Y-Warm has achieved zero emission and actively contributes to environmental protection and energy conservation. Y-Warm has attracted multiple attention as soon as it entered the market and has won Top 5 in the Fibers & Insulation Category in online ISO Textrends 2021.

Y-Warm, which consists of environmentally-friendly functional polymer materials and polyester substrates, is a soft and easy-handling material. At the same time, Y-Warm possesses the following features: (1) Being light and thin. The thickness of Y-Warm is ca. 0.75 mm with the width of 1.5 m. The weight is 48 g/m2; (2) Moisture-permeable; (3) Quick-drying. These listed features combined with its excellent thermal insulation performance from Y-Warm are extremely critical for many application fields, such as clothing, outdoors, insulation in constructions/transportation and so on.

The next question for Y-Warm with such an excellent united performance will be followed by the safety issues and environmental concerns. The volatile organic compound (VOC) of Y-Warm cannot be detected. The test result of the substance of very high concern (SVHC) fits the criteria of REACH Regulation in European Union. The antimicrobial test shows that Y-Warm meets the AAA level. To access more tests for safety and environmental issues, please visit

Y-Warm is bringing more opportunities and creativities in multiple fields. Zero emission from the production of Y-Warm makes a better world through new technology.

About Beijing MatrixTech Technologies Co. Ltd

The project of Y-Warm is launched in 2013 in Beijing. Y-Warm was firstly succeeded in lab R&D in 2017 and the industrialization was achieved in 2019.

To access more information about Y-Warm, please visit

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