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CES 2021 Improve your health with Gene-Hub's Meta G - The world's first handheld device for metabolic analysis
[January 12, 2021]

CES 2021 Improve your health with Gene-Hub's Meta G - The world's first handheld device for metabolic analysis

TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The overweight population is continuing to rise rapidly worldwide. According to WHO, nearly 39% of adults worldwide are overweight. Furthermore, the global weight management market is expected to top US$ 294.2 billion in 2027.

One of the ways to control body weight is controlling metabolism. Thus, to prevent weight gain, a person must know his/her resting and physical activity energy expenditure. Traditionally, metabolic analysis requires an expensive test done in hospitals that provides passive observation and results that are difficult to interpret.

Gene-Hub is here to help you maintain a healthy life

Gene-Hub is solving the challenges of obtaining metabolic analyses with its Meta G - Accurate Monitor Your Metabolism. It is a portable, hand-held, and light-weight device able to fit in your coat pocket and easy to carry around. Meta G allows users to measure metabolism with a simple breath to estimate their 24-hour metabolism to the minute. Meta G is a consumer electronics device that is competitively priced, energy efficient, and supports multimode connections.

This Gene-Hub product is the world's first handheld metabolic device, allowing accurate measurements of the respiratory exchange rate and basal metabolic rate through breathing to estimate the user's body metabolism in real time. Moreover, the user can actively measure the body's metabolism at home, and may help reduce the demand for medical services and related costs

With the mobile app, the body's metabolism data can be collected and stored in the cloud. Through big data analysis, the device can serve as a personalized nutrition consultant and provide personalized diet and exercise programs. This pioneer device actively tracks your body metabolism and your exercise. The system can gather more information about our metabolism beyond simple data such as heart rate.

Integrating app generates visualizations of personal metabolic data

One of the salient features of Meta G is an app that provides data in categories including healthcare, exercise optimization, nutrition recommendations, and telemedicine.

The healthcare tab includes data on daily physical checks, personalized healthcare plans, and weight loss plans. The exercise optimization includes exercise amount, virtual trainers, and online competition.

The nutrition recommendation tab allows for nutrition consultation and AI-generated diet suggestions, while telemedicine provides online doctor consultations, AI-generated medical suggestions, and long-term care.

Things just got a lot easier with Gene-Hub

"We provide innovative ideas and solutions to help people understand daily metabolism through portable devices, which are also able to pair with an app to provide professional physical-training recommendations and health advice," said Gene-Hub CEO Yu-Pin Wang.

Gene-Hub was established in 2019, with a mission to integrate different physiological information using the AIoT and to provide solutions to improve individual health across the globe. The company provides innovative ideas and solutions to help people understand their daily metabolism through portable and wearable devices. These pioneer devices actively track the body's metabolic index with non-invasive measures that are low-cost, responsive in real-time, and easy to use.

Biotech has always been a particular advantage of the Taiwan startup ecosystem. The innovative solution provided by Gene-Hub earned the company its selection by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups showcased at CES 2021.

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