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Kintaba Launches 'Automations' to Seamlessly Manage the Incident Response Process to Major Outages
[December 17, 2020]

Kintaba Launches 'Automations' to Seamlessly Manage the Incident Response Process to Major Outages

Kintaba, the incident management platform built by ex-Facebook (News - Alert) engineers, today launched Automations, a new feature that helps teams automate decision-making during major incidents and outages.

Traditionally, Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) and DevOps teams cobble together various software tools and processes to manage high severity incidents; everything from text messages to chat apps to task managers to Google (News - Alert) Docs to alerting systems. By intelligently automating incident management processes, Kintaba's Automations helps teams loop in the right people at the right moment, freeing response teams to focus on resolving the problem versus "managing" the incident.

"Taking the busywork and overhead out of Incident Management helps make sure that everyone at the company feels empowered to participate in the response process, even if it's their first time being involved," said John Egan, CEO and Co-Founder of Kintaba. "With the introduction of Automations, incident reporters and responders alike can feel confident that the right people will be included at the right time to help resolve the incident."

"That's not just the SREs either -- that may include legal, PR, or even the account reps for the customers impacted by the outage. That's a big differentiator for how Kintaba views the world: Incident esponse should be an open, company-wide initiative and Automations makes that more attainable for our users."

According to Atlassian's (News - Alert) State of Incident Management 2020 Report, 97% of respondents say it is important to improve their organization's incident response process next year. The top pain points highlighted are "the lack of coordination across departments" and "the lack of automated responses." With the launch of Automations, teams and companies using Kintaba can define a rules-based decision tree for engaging the right responders and subscribers with active incidents.

For example, if an incident is categorized as impacting PII (personally identifiable information), the Automations system can be configured to instantly add the current oncall for the legal team and the customer success manager for the impacted customer as a responder, while simultaneously adding the CIO as a subscriber. These automations can be triggered both at the moment of incident creation and as the incident progresses, so that the response team evolves organically with the analysis and mitigation process.

"Incidents often start out fuzzy and ill-defined, but then rapidly gain shape and definition," said Zac Morris, CSO and Co-Founder at Kintaba and former mobile application security manager at Uber. "As that happens, it's important that the platform you're working on enables automation when it's valuable, and stays out of your way when your team needs to focus. Kintaba's Automations does just that."

Quotes of Support

"Kintaba is an essential part of the Vercel reliability workflow. We tried many disjointed tools before, but Kintaba just clicked for our team. I recommend it to all engineering organizations I talk to." -- Guillermo Rauch, CEO at Vercel

"Kintaba keeps us honest by automating our process: ensuring that we learn from our mistakes and continually improve our systems." -- Tom Elliott, Head of Engineering at Let's Do This

About Kintaba

Kintaba is a modern incident management platform built by former Facebook engineers. It lets companies and teams implement best-practice incident response processes without the overhead, creating a seamless workflow for more effectively responding to major outages. The company is headquartered in New York, NY.

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