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Canada-Based Multimedia Company Building A Creative Hub In The Niagara Region
[October 26, 2020]

Canada-Based Multimedia Company Building A Creative Hub In The Niagara Region

St. Catharines, Canada, Oct. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every person is raised with the idea that in order to be economically prosperous, you have to leave your native village or town and travel to the city to acquire employment. To some extent, this has proved to be true, solely because we tend to think it is.

But the domino effect of this mindset is very taxing for rural or lesser-developed areas as they undergo a huge brain drain which, if sustained, could have brought in a significant amount of commerce. Eventually that commerce would have brought in revenue, and the revenue would bring in development. That is, in fact, how large metropolitan cities came to exist. Someone chose to believe in the promises that land offered and it flourished.

But a certain Canadian multimedia company is countering this idea to sustain their local Niagara region.


MOONBASE is a multimedia company situated in the downtown core of St. Catharines, Ontario in Canada. It was founded by two childhood friends Vladan Stegnjaic and Nikola Crnobrnja in early 2017 and they work diligently to provide enough opportunities to their native Niagara region in order to be able to sustain the people living in Niagara and prevent the talent and skills from flowing out to the large and overcrowded metropolitan cities.

The Vision Of MOONBASE:

Their ultimate vision is to counteract the widespread belief people have that moving to a large metropolitan cities such as Toronto, Los Angeles, or New York are the best shot that they have and the only way to build a career in the creative industries. With advances in communication technology and remote collaboration, it is no longer necessary for creatives to live in large metropolian areas to sustain their career or chase their dreams. The goal of MOONBASE is to break the mold and incubate creative talent at home in the Niagara Region. 

The basic mission behind MOONBASE, in a nutshell, is to make the Niagara Region a reputable creative hub of its own in its own rights.

MOONBASE offers an internship program for aspiring creatives in the Niagara Region, offering professional development, mentorship, workspace, and resources as a grassroots effort to strengthen the creative industry in the Niagara Region. Interns become proficient in skills including graphic design, 3D modelling, website design, and communications by the end of their stint.

Projects Of MOONBASE:

Some of the projects that MOONBASE has been involved in are:

  • MOONBASE clients have included Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group.
  • Key projects include TESTING by A$AP Rocky and PARTYPACK by PARTYNEXTDOOR
  • MOONBASE was responsible for the album artwork, album rollout campaign, billboards, and marketing collateral for A$AP Rocky’s 2018 studio album TESTING. MOONBASE collaborated closely with A$AP Rocky for the art direction and graphic design of the project.
  • MOONBASE recently designed the album artwork for PARTYNEXTDOOR’s 2020 project PARTYPACK in collaboration with STURDY.
  • MOONBASE has worked with a plethora of other notable musical artists including Juicy J, Roy Woods, Khalid and Jazz Cartier.

The Future Of MOONBASE:

Throughout 2020, MOONBASE has continued to realize its vision of collaborating with some of the most renowned creatives in the industry, and that too remotely from their base in St. Catharines, Ontario. With COVID-19 pandemic halting the world and all travel to a standstill, the idea and the ability to collaborate and communicate remotely becomes more important, if not absolutely essential. Because this is MOONBASE's mojo, they are already way ahead of the curve with all their projects running on time for release.

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