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Social Distancer Technologies Partners with City of Ottawa to deploy ProxAssure Social Distancing System
[September 23, 2020]

Social Distancer Technologies Partners with City of Ottawa to deploy ProxAssure Social Distancing System

OTTAWA, ON, Sept. 23, 2020 /CNW/ - Social Distancer Technologies and Visible Assets Inc. will be participating in a trial of their social distancing system and software as part of the City of Ottawa's Innovation Pilot Program - Recovery Stream. The Social Distancer is a wearable, peer-to-peer communication device that uses proprietary wireless technology to warn users with a visible, audible and haptic warning when recommended social distancing guidelines have been breached. The City of Ottawa will be testing the device on a rotating basis at a number of locations, including Ottawa Markets, the Billings Estate National Historic Site, Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, and the Diefenbunker Museum.

The Social Distancer  was created by manufacturing and technology veterans, Jarred Knecht (Promark Electronics Inc), John Soares and Steve Zimmermann (CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions), and John Stevens (Visible Assets Inc), who united their companies' expertise to design, manufacture and market the device.

"It's our responsibility to keep our employees safe at all times, and especially during this outbreak," says Jarred Knecht, co-founder and COO of Social Distancer Technologies Inc. and President of Promark Electronics Inc. "But most workers have to interact collaboratively with one another at some point in their day, and it can be difficult to maintain physical distancing practices. The Social Distancer was developed as an easy solution for workers to continue their projects while maintaining proper safety standards during COVID-19."

The Social Distancer  is a credit card size, one-inch thick patent-pending device that calculates the distance between employees. It uses three methods of alert (visual, haptic and audible) to instantly notify employees if they are within two metres of one another. The device will flash red, vibrate and audibly alert the employees to move farther away.

"The COVID-19 landscape is something new to all of us. We brought together our experts, with advisory support and research and development funding fom NRC IRAP, to help our employees not only stay safe, but also be able to work freely and comfortably," says John Soares, co-founder and VP of Social Distancer Technologies Inc. and EVP of CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions. "With the Social Distancer, employees can go on with their workday without the need for any awkward conversations, unexpected proximity issues, or discrepancy about what exactly six feet is."

The Social Distancer  lasts one to two days on a single charge. The wearable device begins at $199 CAD ($149 USD) per unit and is now available for pre-order, shipping to Canada, the United States and Europe within four to six weeks.

About The Social Distancer

The Social Distancer  was created by leaders in technology, manufacturing and business who came together to protect and inform their employees on the need for accuracy with physical distancing in the workplace. The goal is to supply employers with a wearable device to keep employees six feet away from each other while keeping focused on their work. Its patent-pending technology calculates the distance between employees multiple times per second, providing a safe and reliable "nudge" for physical distancing.
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About Social Distancer Technology Inc.

Social Distancer Technologies Inc. was founded collaboratively by manufacturing executives John Stevens, Jarred Knecht, John Soares and Steve Zimmerman, who collectively possess more than 100 years of experience in mechanical and electronics technologies in their respective companies. With almost 1,000 employees between their companies to protect, The Social Distancer  offers a credible physical distancing solution for employees from all industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive and industrial production.

Steve Zimmermann serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Social Distancer Technologies Inc. 
Steve is as well the President and Chief Executive officer of CMP Advanced mechanical solutions, a manufacturer of complete mechanical solutions, located in Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada since 1969.

Jarred Knecht, CPA CA MBA serves as Chief Operating Officer of Social Distancer Technologies Inc. 
Jarred is as well President of Promark Electronics Inc., an electronics subcontract manufacturer based in Montreal, Quebec Canada since 1987.

John Soares serves as Vice President of Social Distancer Technologies Inc.
John is as well Executive Vice President of CMP Advanced mechanical solutions, a manufacturer of complete mechanical solutions, located in Chateauguay, Quebec Canada since 1969.

John Stevens serves as Chairman and CEO of Visible Assets Inc., whose technology is the driving force behind The Social Distancer. Visible Assets is a critical supplier of asset tracking technology to the industrial and defense sectors. 

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