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Enabling Digitization in Classified Government and military systems: INFODAS SDoT Labelling Service receives SECRET approval for NATO compliant data classification solution
[September 15, 2020]

Enabling Digitization in Classified Government and military systems: INFODAS SDoT Labelling Service receives SECRET approval for NATO compliant data classification solution

COLOGNE, Germany, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As a leader in cross domain solution technology INFODAS continues to provide innovative high-end security hardware and software solutions for mission critical environments in the public sector and critical infrastructure. After an in-depth assessment that lasted seven years, the German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI) has issued a SECRET approval for the SDoT Labelling Service.


SDoT Labelling Service with SDoT Workstation with data classification GUI


All elements of the Secure Domain Transition (SDoT) Product Family have met the BSI's strict requirements for hardware and software security at the German SECRET and below level. NATO and EU SECRET approvals were granted as well. SDoT products allow to make data available or exchange it in a controlled manner while sensitive data remains protected.

Public sector organizations that handle classified information and want to take advantage of digitization frequently wish to selectively share sensitive data with other systems, organizations or allies in real time. However, many unstructured data objects (e.g. pictures, videos, patient records, documents) require another trusted element for release decision as their classification level could easily be changed.

The SDoT Labelling Service solves this issue. It allows to manually or automatically classify any data object with a tamper proof XML Security label that is cryptographically bound to a file. The product complements the bi-directional SDoT Security Gateway cross domain solution for SECRET and below domains so that even unstructured data can be filtered. The SDoT Labelling Service is placed in the classified IT infrastructure and can be integrated in any work environment (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel) of the user which ensures a high degree of user adoption and data centric security. Alternatively, INFODAS offers the SDoT Workstation, a hardened laptop, with a data lassification application.

XML security labels can be freely defined by an organization and may include categories such as the creator of a label, permissive & restrictive sharing policies or label validity. Any changes to a label are always logged throughout its lifecycle. Even the smallest change to a data object automatically leads to invalidation of a label that prevents its release from a classified domain. The XML security labels already adhere to the new NATO standardization agreements 4774 for confidentiality labels as well as 4778 for metadata binding.

The SDoT Labelling is designed and manufactured in Germany following the security-by-design principle. It has the same high-end security software and hardware architecture as the SDoT Diode, SDoT Security Gateway and SDoT Security Gateway express. The INFODAS SDoT product family currently offers the most comprehensive and government evaluated cross domain solutions on the global market for network security and data leakage prevention (DLP). For the past 10 years SDoT products have been used in the toughest and mission critical environments around the world.

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INFODAS is an independent, family owned business founded in 1974 in Germany. The company develops innovative cross domain solutions based on security-by-design principles and provides Cybersecurity and IT consulting to government, defense and commercial clients. INFODAS SDoT product family cross domain solutions (SDoT Security Gateway, SDoT Software Data Diode, SDoT Labelling Service, are approved up to German, EU, NATO SECRET and are listed in the NATO information assurance catalogue.

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