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F-Factor Announces the Creation of its "Correct the Record" Website
[September 10, 2020]

F-Factor Announces the Creation of its "Correct the Record" Website

NEW YORK, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- F-Factor founder and CEO Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD, today announced the creation of a "Correct the Record" website linked to her company's website,, which will serve as the destination place for anybody who has questions about the F-Factor diet. The website will also address customer and client concerns, which CEO Zuckerbrot said, "is still our primary mission – to help all find the real health benefits from following the program prescribed in the book and on our label and to use our products responsibly – and to respond to any perceived adverse health effects to help our customers address them and determine their true origins."

"The Correct the Record website is designed to be a destination for all customers and in the media to get the facts – not from anonymous anecdotes that may leave incorrect impressions about our diet," Zuckerbrot added.

Zuckerbrot's attorney and public spokesperson, Lanny J. Davis, former Special Counsel to President Clinton and a member of President Bush's Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, also reminded those who are making assertions about the diet to be "careful about accuracy in assuming that an adverse health effect is a result of the diet, rather than from allergies or from not following the prescribed program and product labels."

"We are hopeful that anyone who wrongly attributes an adverse health effect to the F-Factor diet would consult with F-Factor directly, rather than resorting to anonymous comments posted on social media platforms," Davis said. "We can assure you that Tanya Zuckerbrot and her entire company care and want to hear from any concerned customer. The new Correct the Record website should be a resource for facts and accurate information that all customers can rely on."

Zuckerbrot reminded her followers in a recent post on her Instagram account to be careful to follow the prescribed program of the F-Factor diet set forth in her book as well as on the labels of F-Factor products. "This diet is not for everyone. We know some people may experience health effects if they are allergic to whey or if they don't beginthe diet, as prescribed, slowly and follow the limits on fiber and protein as prescribed in the program. And we stand ready to help those clients and customers." 

The "Correct the Record" page will respond to those who have experienced health issues to try to address them and offer advice and reminders to follow the prescribed program in the book. It will also be the place where additional facts and information about the company will be contained and information directly contradicting the misinformation published on an Instagram account that knowingly traffics in false innuendo and misinformation.

"We must correct the record because the truth matters when it comes to science," Zuckerbrot said. "Our tight-knit community that has found the diet so successful and so healthy deserves the truth, and wants us to correct from the misinformation by those on social media platforms who traffic in lies and baseless innuendo."

One example of the misinformation the website is trying to correct is that an Instagram account falsely asserted that F-Factor products uses "Guar Gum." In fact, as is clearly disclosed on the F-Factor product labels, the products contain "Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum," which is a safe and healthy source of fiber.

"We ask all users of our diet to go to our 'Correct the Record' site to get the real truth – and reject those who trade in blatant falsehoods from anonymous sources," Tanya Zuckerbrot continued. "The power is in the truth. Over the past 2 years since we first started selling the F-Factor products we have had over after 174,000 distinct product orders with less than .03% of health-related complaints. But even if there is one adverse health reaction at all, we are concerned. Such rashes or other effects might be caused by an allergic response to the whey or a reaction to ingesting excessive amounts of fiber beyond those prescribed in our program. We want to hear from anyone with these reactions and help address their concerns."

The Correct the Record page will also contain company statements on a variety of issues and responses to any misstatement of fact, wherever it is published. In particular, please be sure to read Tanya's personal note to the F-Factor community: The company asks all to go to [email protected] to tell us about any adverse health effects you believe are a result of the F-Factor diet so the company can assist you.

About F-Factor:
Fad diets come and go, but after more than two decades of success stories and ongoing praise from the media, The F-Factor Diet has stood the test of time. Now hailed as the go-to lifestyle program for anyone who wants to improve their health and lose weight for good, F-Factor's scientifically proven approach allows you to see results without hunger, deprivation, or denial. Change your life without disrupting your lifestyle: dine out, drink alcohol, eat carbs and workout less from Day 1.

The F-Factor Program has been endorsed by numerous physicians and dieticians, including Dr. Jerome Zacks, Assistant Clinical Professor at the Mount Sinai Medical Center: "The F-Factor Diet is packed with critical facts that form the foundation for a knowledge-based approach to lifestyle nutritional success. Tanya's scholarly approach is a gift that gives forever. Her contribution to preventative health care is immeasurable."

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