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ABSL Poland looking for cooperation with new tech companies
[August 07, 2020]

ABSL Poland looking for cooperation with new tech companies

WARSAW, Poland, Aug. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The ABSL tech lab, operated by the Association of Business Services Leaders (Poland), is inviting budding new tech companies to offer their solutions to global corporates. The challenges defined by the business services sector are set out and available at

The ABSL tech lab resulted out of the observed limitations encountered by both technology companies and corporations. In the case of tech companies, especially those relatively young, these limitations result from the difficulty in reaching corporations. On the other hand, corporations, with their well-established suppliers and vendors, are often blocked by their limited ability to review the market for the tools best suited to their needs. The ABSL Tech Lab platform is designed to overcome these limitations and find new ways of implementing modern technological ideas and solutions through matching corporations with tech companies.

"We decided to create co-operation platform between start-ups and leading global companies, to even better address the disruptive nature of the post-COVID world. The idea of continuous collaboration better reflects the need to find more flexible solutions that can easily be upscaled to fit the increasingly challenging business environment. As a result, new tech companies can become a provider of global-reaching solutions. Therefore, we are creating a playing field for those who have the potential to reach multinational customers." – says Janusz Dziurzynski, Vice-President of ABSL, who is responsible for the new programme.

The platform is a long-term measure aimed at fostering the smooth transfer of innovation between start-ups and incumbent business ventures, seeking to bolster their competitive edge and make their operations and structures more agile. As a result, young companies have access to global markets and can establish valuable business ties that can act as an effective springboard for future business operations.

This year, Procter & Gamble, a long-term strategic partner of ABSL tech lab, is interested in solutions allowing the automation of data analysis. They are also looking for ways of increasing the effectiveness of online sales and for solutions allowing the effective monitoring of the logistics chain. The project's main partner, Citibank Europe plc, Poland branch, is inviting ideas in the area of HR that support strengthening commitment and fostering creativity in dispersed teams, while also maintaining high efficiency. Citi is also interested in the automation of customer services to continuously improve quality to further enrich customer experience and provide the clients with solutions enabling growth and economic progress.

The current list of challenges and application forms are published on the ABSL tech lab website. The new challenges will be published regularly on the programme website –




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