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SpreadCore launches new 'Offerwhere' mobile app to get consumers spending in stores and businesses again
[August 03, 2020]

SpreadCore launches new 'Offerwhere' mobile app to get consumers spending in stores and businesses again

LONDON, Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As the restrictions of movement and gatherings are gradually being eased all around the world, there is a feeling that life may not be back to normal as quickly as most have thought. This feeling is particularly more poignant with retailers who have seen their footfall and sales drop significantly.

In order to boost consumer spending in stores and at businesses that rely on the physical presence of customers, UK-based SpreadCore has launched its first product; Offerwhere, which combines the best of traditional shopping with technology.

Offerwhere is a mobile app that lets people find the best deals, offers and discounts across a range of categories which include food, drinks, sport, leisure, lifestyle and hotels among others.

The most interesting part is – it is a "location-first" app. It tells people about all the listed offers within a certai radius of distance anywhere in the world. Once they know where the best deals are, they can go to the store and make a purchase.

For anyone new to an area, Offerwhere provides them with turn-by-turn navigation directions so that they can locate the offers and deals easily. It is almost like having a friend in a new city guiding you to the best places to shop at! While most apps primarily drive consumers online for buying products/services, Offerwhere is designed to primarily drive customers to the store or business location.

Retailers and businesses can now advertise their offers and deals for free via the Offerwhere website in exchange for an increase in customers and sales. That said, the idea of Offerwhere is not at odds with online retail at all. Rather, it is to embrace the need for a multi-channel strategy.

Thanks to Offerwhere, retailers that already advertise their offers online can link such offers to their physical stores. As a result, people can either go online or to a physical store to make a purchase. This will allow such retailers to have a cohesive campaign and communication across multiple channels.

Everyone can find offers and deals located anywhere with the Offerwhere app and businesses get to advertise their offers for free. Now, that is what we call a win-win proposition.

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