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Jeff Krammer: Finding Success After Leaving the Party
[July 31, 2020]

Jeff Krammer: Finding Success After Leaving the Party

Los Angeles, CA, July 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We’ve all been through a time in our lives where going out with friends and partying was far more important than anything else. Whether that was while we were in High School, College, or every Friday and Saturday night after work, it can be a difficult time to grow out of.

For some, the party scene is one they never want to end, or get so caught up in that beating the cycle is almost impossible. It can also be a way to escape facing your inner feelings, as you can become someone else while you’re out.  

This is what happened in the case of Jeff Krammer, a young entrepreneur now based in Miami, Florida. Jeff’s partying became more than a way to relax, he became caught up in it and used it as a way of avoiding coming to terms with his sexuality. 

Jeff’s struggles with his own sexuality and mental health declined the more he partied, and he was finally able to break free of this toxic cycle. Thankfully, Jeff learned that his life was worth more than parties, denial, and escapism. He was able to gain the clarity he needed to move forward and start living with passion again. 

Moving On From the Party Scene 

Krammer has since grown exponentially, both personally and within his career. He started his new life as an entrepreneur, entering the real estate space as the co-founder of the Amazon Group. He then expanded his roots into the investment industry as the founder of CK Redevelopment, a real estate investment firm. As if that wasn’t enough variety within one man’s career, Krammer is now the COO of International Loops, the #1 & largest social media exclusive advertising agency. 

Krammer is extremely busy with a multifaceted career. Looking back, he credits his success to a positive mindset and a genuine belief that he is worth his own success. He strongly believes that everyone should make the most of their own happiness by surrounding themselves with people who value, respect, and believe in them. 

Krammer is of the opinion that we mustn’t chase money, rather we should lead with good intentions of improving the lives of others. A little progress every day is worth mor than no progress for a long time, and then one sudden victory. Those small achievements all add up to make you that much better as a person. The next thing you know, a year has passed and you’re looking back on 365 days of growth, development, and progression. 

What Krammer Did to Move Forward 

So, what has Krammer done to recover his mental health, break out of the partying cycle, and learned to value himself Thus far? Here are a few of the things Jeff has done to reach this point in his personal development journey: 

  1. Faced his inner beliefs: it’s difficult to move forward in your life and make serious changes when you aren’t completely satisfied with your life. He came to terms with his sexuality, which meant he was able to find inner peace. 
  2. Worked with his mental health issues: We all face mental health issues in one form or another, from time to time, if not a constant give-and-take. If you’re not mindful of your own mental health and how you care for it, as you do your body, it will be a struggle to find success. 

He does this by: 

  1. Meditating daily: in our fast-paced lives, meditation in some form, whether when sitting quietly or by finding the “quiet” while running or out on a walk, is a must to help your brain unwind and process all the different thoughts and emotions life prompts. 
  2. Gratitude journaling: there’s one thing all (happy) successful people know how to do – it’s how to be grateful for what they already have even as they strive for more. Journaling daily or weekly about what you’re grateful for is one of the best ways to stay in a positive headspace. 
  3. Yoga: the body and mind are intrinsically linked, and yoga is a practice based on breath. Yoga releases pains in the body and mind, while strengthening them both. 
  4. He stays true to himself: he no longer tries to conform to what other people want him to be, and checks in with himself regularly to check that the direction he’s moving is really what he wants. 
  5. Surrounding himself with positive and uplifting people: they say you are the sum of the 5 people around you, and while you can make changes in your own life without changing those around you, it is a struggle. Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, negative people pull us down, and will try to pull us down when we strive for something better, so you’ve got to put emotional distance between you, if not physical. 

Jeff has truly transformed his life – though he is by no means done. Jeff continues to use these methods to grow and learn each and every day, and pursue a life-long journey of growth, learning, and personal development. If you’d like to follow his journey or find out how you too can turn your life around, follow him on Instagram @jeff_krammer

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