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Million-Dollar-Entrepreneur, Calvin Becerra, Wants People Everywhere to Know the American Dream is Still Alive
[July 31, 2020]

Million-Dollar-Entrepreneur, Calvin Becerra, Wants People Everywhere to Know the American Dream is Still Alive

Los Angeles, CA, July 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- America is perhaps best-known throughout the world for its business climate that makes it possible for individuals to jump socioeconomic classes overnight. It’s a place where someone from meek beginnings can make something of themselves, with the right skills, attitudes, and mindsets. Although we may doubt if it is still accessible in today’s world, one entrepreneur is demonstrating that the American Dream is what totally changed his life.

Calvin Becerra, a million-dollar-businessman and motivational speaker at just 39-years-old, started out with a half-deck. Raised by his mother, Becerra grew up on government assistance In low income neighborhoods. By the age of 8, Becerra made a pact with himself that he was going to seek out more than his family had been provided. He was determined to stay motivated and use his experiences and adversity to make him stronger – not weaker.

Never losing that commitment to persevere, it’s no secret that Becerra went onto make something of himself. In fact, he wields 14-years of network marketing experience today, as well as thousands of critical business partnerships that have enabled him to build out his company. Netsulting Corp now provides bespoke sales coaching to help companies around the world, in any industry, go from 6 or 7-figures, to the 8-9 figure mark, achieving the unthinkable. Much like Becerra was able to do with zeo dollars to the millionaire he is today, he applies that same kind of forward thinking to the business he proudly owns and manages right now.

A Man of the People
Knowing full well how hard it can be to adopt this kind of free mindset, Becerra is defined by his hands-on approach with his team. He is constantly sharing his stories, his hardships, and his experiences with those that work with him, never afraid to get vulnerable and personal. It’s this kind of connection that helps his team to work in tandem while rising above the challenges.

Additionally, Becerra takes this talent with him to global speaking stages. He gives speeches on motivation, perseverance, and success all around the world, hoping to inspire other blossoming entrepreneurs to give their futures a chance – even if all hope feels lost.

Today, Becerra resides in Southern California, where he spends time with his family and local teams. It’s his dream to one day look back and see an organization of people around the world who have paid the price of sacrifice to service their team. He knows when that kind of selflessness is committed, true freedom of time and finances is possible. 

In the mean-time, Becerra is working to build out and expand Netsulting Corp to accommodate the new and expanding clientele.

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