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Protect yourself from malware with MONITORAPP's machine learning "Threat Intelligence" platform AICC
[July 30, 2020]

Protect yourself from malware with MONITORAPP's machine learning "Threat Intelligence" platform AICC

ONTARIO, Calif., July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Malware is an all-inclusive term for various malicious software designed to exploit their victims such as viruses, ransomware, spyware, adware, trojans, etc. Malware is used with different purposes such as controlling multiple PCs to stop services for a specific site (commonly known as a DDoS attack) or, more common usage, to steal user's financial information.

Malware is sneaky and can be planted on a website without the website owner's notice. This means that even a reputable website can contain malware and infect unsuspecting users. This is not the only problem for internet users but a problem for website owners as well. Website owners can be hosting malware on their website and inadvertently aiding in information theft. Seemingly innocuous files can be harboring devastating malware that can destroy your computer. There is a simple way to check for malware online now.

AICC Threat Intelligence is short for Application Insight Cloud Control. This is a cloud-based platform developed by a global cybersecurity company, MONITORAPP, which provides real-time threat intelligence regarding attack behaviors and attacker info. AICC Threat Intelligence performs not only signature/reputation detection, full-traffic inspection, and profiling but also has the technology to perform things sch as real-time information collection and sharing, third-party interlocking, data mining, big data analysis, etc. A lot of threat information is automatically gathered and analyzed in AICC in real-time, processed in various forms, and connected with various security solutions.

The most impressive thing about AICC Threat Intelligence technologies is the billions of accumulated data that can be used as training information for the machine learning technology. Not only is the data being collected but the platform is actively analyzing and learning to predict and defend against zero-day attacks.

This sophisticated platform is open to the public and users can visit to check for malware simply by typing in the URL or uploading a file. The reason it is open to the public free of charge is that AICC was not developed as a means of a profit stream but as a tool to be linked with MONITORAPP's security product line-up so its security protocols are updated constantly. For a full in-depth article about MONITORAPP's machine learning technology, please visit MONITORAPP's Blog page.






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