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Net Lawman Changes Where Value For Clients Lies
[July 29, 2020]

Net Lawman Changes Where Value For Clients Lies

Bury St Edmunds, England, July 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Net Lawman is a document automation software company with more than 150,000 customers. The company first entered the market as a legal document template publisher. These templates enabled customers to carry out various legal transactions without the need for an expensive lawyer. Today, it offers documentation automation services that allow users to create contracts by completing an online questionnaire.


This software automates various common legal services. However, it does not pose a threat to law professionals. It instead frees up professionals so they can spend more time on offering high-value services that cannot be automated. These include creating contracts for situations that can’t be covered by the software and providing valuable legal advice.


The company is now providing varius service tiers. These include products and services for those able to manage their own legal affairs and referrals to expert specialist solicitors who can provide bespoke advice tailored towards specific circumstances as well as special documentation.


Although many online legal document templates only provide the minimum wording to complete the task, Net Lawman documents deliver a greater range of options. They also consider more points than many solicitors might offer. Net Lawman fuse their in-depth knowledge with their real-life practical experience to offer robust legal documents that protect customers legally and commercially.


The documents are simple to edit and come complete with guidance notes to help users avoid errors. Plain English is used to create the documents to prevent confusion, ambiguity and disputes. The guidance notes include practical and legal points. Most documents can be completed without any extra-legal guidance. Users only need to consult solicitors when the subject matter is not fully covered by the document. Money-back guarantees are available for customers that are not satisfied with the service for any reason.


Customers can contact Net Lawman at any time if they do have any queries about the services. New Lawman CEO Andrew Taylor said, “we aim to make the law more accessible”. Net Lawman has one of the internet’s largest libraries of legal documents. UK users have more than 350 business contracts and agreements to choose from.

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