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LifeOmic Launches Premium Version of LIFE Mobile Apps
[July 22, 2020]

LifeOmic Launches Premium Version of LIFE Mobile Apps

INDIANAPOLIS, July 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- LifeOmic, the creators of LIFE mobile apps, today announced the launch of premium versions of the LIFE Extend and LIFE Fasting Tracker apps. With LIFE+, LIFE Extend and the LIFE Fasting Tracker users can further personalize their fasting and health programs, making it easier than ever to track the activities that impact their overall health.

LifeOmic's mobile apps enable users to take informed action on their personal health goals. The LIFE Extend app is the first precision health app designed to improve health with evidence-based pillars of health: fasting, physical activity, nutrition, mindfulness and sleep. The LIFE Fasting Tracker makes intermittent fasting, which can be difficult to manage long-term due to its strict fasting schedule, simple and social.

With LIFE+ users gain access to added features within the LIFE Extend and LIFE Fasting Tracker apps including:

  • A larger library of fasting schedules to choose from as well as the ability to set up a custom fasting schedule
  • An in-app eating window timer which comes with the option to turn on push notifications for reminders when to start and end fasts, enabling users to easily adhere to their fasting schedule Membership in the exclusive LIFE+ Subscribers Only Circle, where subscribers can connect with the most active LIFE+ users for additional support, ideas and hacks to improve their health
  • A special LIFE+ crown on your profile picture indicating you are a LIFE+ member
  • Exciting additional LIFE+ features as they are released

"The LIFE+ premium features enable subscribers to further customize their health program with added functionality and personalized support," said Dr. Don Brown, founder and CEO of LifeOmic."The LIFE apps are made for those just starting out on their health journey as well as experts who are looking to further optimize their health. We look forward to continuing to empower our users with the tools they need to reach their goals."

In addition to the new premium features, users will retain access to the same features they're accustomed to in the standard version of LIFE apps, including the ability to track their eating habits and monitor mood. Users will also still be able to record parameters such as their weight, waist circumference, blood glucose, and ketones, to sustain and improve metabolic health. The apps also integrate with BIOSENSE™, Apple Healthkit, Fitbit, Garmin and Oura Ring to help users sync their health devices.

LifeOmic recently announced that its LIFE apps have been downloaded more than 2 million times by users. User data is securely stored on LifeOmic's Precision Health Cloud, a HIPAA compliant, SOC 2 certified and HITRUST CSF© Certified platform in use at major hospitals and academic medical centers. As a result, users can safely share their data with healthcare providers and researchers via the Precision Health Cloud to better inform care plans and decisions.

Both LIFE Extend and the LIFE Fasting Tracker are available for iOS and Android. LIFE+ requires an in-app subscription of $2.99 per month and has a free 7-day trial. Learn more and download the apps for iOS and Android at:


LifeOmic is the software company that leverages the cloud, machine learning and mobile devices to power precision health solutions for providers, researchers, healthcare IT, pharma and individuals. The company's cloud-based software securely aggregates, stores and analyzes patient data to accelerate the development and delivery of precision health treatments. LifeOmic's enterprise product portfolio consists of the Precision Health Cloud, a cloud-based repository of all patient data such as a basic profile, whole genome sequences, gene expression levels, lab results, medical images and more.The company's suite of consumer products includes: the LIFE Extend and LIFE Fasting tracker mobile apps; the LIFE Apps health resources website; Lifeology, a health literacy and education platform; and SkillSpring for connecting domain experts with consumers.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Indianapolis, LifeOmic was created by serial entrepreneur Don Brown and boasts a team of highly experienced engineers, scientists and security specialists.

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