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New Teltech Drone Offers Virtually Unlimited Power, High Payload, Fast Bit Rates at Significantly Low Cost
[July 14, 2020]

New Teltech Drone Offers Virtually Unlimited Power, High Payload, Fast Bit Rates at Significantly Low Cost

Teltech Group, a nationally recognized logistics/supply chain services and asset management company with expertise in emerging technologies, has launched a uniquely versatile, powerful and affordable tethered drone system known as TAS-400. Named for its capability to fly up to 400 hours autonomously, the system is customizable for its intended use by government and commercial customers. It is the company's first all-inclusive unmanned aerial vehicle solution and is available immediately at at a price point much lower than that of conventional equipment.

"The possibilities this product system offers are endless," said Lisa Hanlon, CEO of Teltech Group. "Whether for crisis intervention, dangerous industrial tasks, data collection in remote areas, or even offering patrons Wi-Fi at an outdoor venue, this system is the answer. Our expert team provides customized systems at a fraction of the price of what competitors might offer for a much less comprehensive product."

TAS-400 offers a platform with load capability of 27 lbs. that enables flexibility of use with all types of equipment. Its fly-by-wire design makes it free from interference, impervious to data theft or command and control hacking. Systems are customizable and ideal for surveillance, emergency response and security applications. It is especially ideal for "Cell on Wings," or COW programs, extending wireless communications service to remote areas for a variety o reasons.

Teltech Group Advisory Board member Fraser Pajak, the former CEO of QuEST Forum and COO of TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association (News - Alert)), weighed in saying, "The Teltech TAS-400's sustained power and speed of data transfer make it an especially useful tool for security. In this volatile time, having eyes over the ground and communications in an emergency is so valuable and I'm certain, with its low price point, it will be a popular choice for first responders and emergency management teams."

The TAS-400 standard package, made in the USA, includes a flight computer, a laser altimeter, RFD900x modem, LED strobe lights to ensure FAA night waiver compliance, hot swap payload power, a Horus X10S remote control with 2.4 GHz RX and a travel case. The hybrid system enables either 5Kw of sustainable power via dual fiber optic lines or 50v lithium polymer or lithium ion batteries. The aircraft weighs 15.4 lbs. and measures 51.18 inches motor to motor and is extremely easy to transport and deploy. The system requires a minimum 7500-watt, 50-amp AC generator to operate. Teltech Group offers a broad range of AC generators at the Teltech Store and can also supply oversight, logistics, and shipping containers for overseas travel and mobile command centers if needed.

Chris Moccia, founder/CEO of Solusia, a wireless integration and consulting firm whose subject matter experts offer insights and recommendations to a variety of business entities about drone use commented, "The use of drone technology has grown exponentially in a short amount of time. The TAS-400 system's flexible, affordable, and high-quality design will likely open the door to expanded applications. I look forward to working on some impactful projects with Teltech Group and its clients using this system."

About Teltech Group

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