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eBay Classifieds Group, Forbes Media, and Sodexo are Among the Companies Choosing Reblaze to Secure Application Platforms From Bots and Other Cyber Attacks
[February 10, 2020]

eBay Classifieds Group, Forbes Media, and Sodexo are Among the Companies Choosing Reblaze to Secure Application Platforms From Bots and Other Cyber Attacks

On average, only 38% of incoming web traffic originates from human users. The remaining 62% are automated, of which, 40% have been found to be malicious bots. Reblaze - a leading cloud-based and fully managed security solution provider for web sites, web applications and APIs - counteracts these threats, and the company today announced that it now exceeds five billion HTTPS and web transaction requests a day to help protect customers in identifying and eliminating them.

Reblaze has and continues to accumulate an impressive track record of defeating attacks against web platforms and web apps for high-profile clients, which by the end of 2019 include eBay (News - Alert), Forbes Media, GearLaunch, Sodexo, Fishbrain, and Cars24, among others. Reblaze has also expanded its ever-growing integration with leading cloud providers and is now fully integrated with Digital Ocean in addition to AWS, GCP, Azure, and IBM (News - Alert). Additional partners added to the ever-growing partner list include SADA Systems, Observian, Beyond Impact, all from the United States. Nubalia from Spain and Netherlands-based Us Media have also partnered with Reblaze to help bolster capabilities, enhance service for cliets, and increase cybersecurity effectiveness.

"Inadequate protection against malicious attacks like denial of service, intelligent and powerful bots, and various cyber-threats can cause detrimental website downtime, data theft, degraded customer experiences, and ultimate loss of revenue for companies today," said Eyal Hayardeny, Reblaze co-founder and CEO. "And while growing cloud adoption has been a great way for organizations to innovate internal and external operations, this has simultaneously increased exposure to new and sophisticated attacks and has brought cybersecurity to the forefront for the C-suite. With our expertise and solutions rooted in the cloud, Reblaze is best positioned to address these issues head-on for clients, and while we've achieved significant growth today, we look forward to continuing the momentum to further solidify our place in the market in 2020 and beyond."

Through the momentum to date, Reblaze has successfully doubled the number of employees and expanded its headquarters beyond Tel Aviv, Israel to new office locations within San Jose, New York, Texas, Seattle and Singapore. In 2020, the company also plans to break further into the EU market and will add another office to support operations there.

To learn more about Reblaze's expertise, visit the website, blog, or check out the company's recent discussion alongside Google (News - Alert) and eBay at Google Next 2019.

About Reblaze

Reblaze is a cloud-based, fully managed security solution provider for sites, web applications, services, and APIs. Its unified and proprietary technology solution is fully integrated with AWS, Azure, Google, and Digital Ocean, and combines Machine Learning, adaptive threat detection, and dedicated Virtual Private Clouds to protect client assets from Internet threats. It offers next-gen WAF, autoscaling DoS/DDoS protection, Bot Management, API Security, CDN integration, real-time traffic control, and more via its intuitive web-based management console. Biometric human detection and Behavioral Analysis identifies and blocks even sophisticated modern bots that mimic human actions and can evade traditional bot mitigation solutions. In addition to its international partner network, Reblaze has offices in the U.S., Singapore, and Israel.

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