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Business Reporter: How Technology Will Improve Healthcare
[October 21, 2019]

Business Reporter: How Technology Will Improve Healthcare

LONDON, Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As health care services continue to be under immense amounts of pressure, technological advancements are the way forward, say AHSN.

The NHS has been around for over 70 years, but some say its traditional practises need to move with the times. "A tide of technology" should be embraced, says Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

In an article published in Business Reporter, Karen Livingstone, National Director of AHSN (Academic Health Science Networks), explains why technology is necessary now: "the health care needs of our society have changed radically."

She puts it like this: "Virtually every aspect of modern life has been radically reshaped by steps forward in technology." So where do digital practises fit within healthcare services?

The Academic Health Science Networks "primary objective is to enhance the uptake of healthcare innovation for patient benefit". And what are the key benefits?

     1.  Saving time
If certain tasks can be completed through technology, this saves the professional's valuable time.

     2.  Reducing pressure
Likewise, clinicians will be able to focus more clearly on patients if the stress of small admin tasks is lifted by digital transformations.

     3.  Patients have more control
Companies are tuning into the demand for patients to feel more self-managed, especially those with long-term conditions. This includes patients having easy access o their health records and treatments.

Digital transformation is made possible through Innovation Exchange. According to a survey made by AHSNs and the NHS Innovation Accelerator, "691 jobs had been created and £152 million of investment leveraged in order to support development of the companies that were engaged with."

As Livingstone says, the technological renovation of the NHS can only come if companies "work together, supporting those with system-changing, life-changing solutions to help them bridge the gaps and positively impact the lives of patients for years to come."

With the right collaboration, the benefits that technology can bring to the NHS are considerably far-reaching.

To learn more about how technology will improve healthcare, read the full article here:

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About the AHSN Network Innovation Exchange

The team at AHSN Network Innovation Exchange are dedicated to supporting innovators by helping them understand the challenges the NHS face. This way, innovators can learn how to help the NHS.

They are funded by the government's Office for Life Sciences. The Network has 4 specific elements: defining needs, innovator support and signposting, real world validation and spread and adoption of supported innovations.


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