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Lavelle Networks ScaleAOn SD-WAN 10.0, Now Supports IPv6 in Preparation for 5G and IoT
[September 29, 2019]

Lavelle Networks ScaleAOn SD-WAN 10.0, Now Supports IPv6 in Preparation for 5G and IoT

BENGALURU, Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Lavelle Networks software platform- ScaleAOn SD-WAN, 10.0 release, now supports IPv6 transport connections, as it prepares to enable customers in new markets to work with modern age internet operators who are already IPv6 and 5G ready. In several of the new markets like Asia, Africa, South America, Russia and China customers are increasingly turning to complete wireless broadband for their enterprise networking. 4G and 5G networks are being rolled out at frenetic speeds. These new markets do not have the legacy baggage of wired broadband or access to large IPv4 address pools due to the early access that older markets like America and Europe had prior to the explosion of Internet worldwide.


The unique features in ScaleAOn SD-WAN for IPv6 involve all forms of network translation from IPv4 local branch networks connecting over any mix of IPv6 or IPv4 internet connections. The feature set was rapidly rolled out due to the fundamental SDN architecture of the ScaleAOn forwarding plane, where the packet processing has little or no dependency on the ature of the packets traversing the software data plane. In true SDN implementations, the network routing is a series of cascaded traffic inspection lookup tables, programmed to re-arrange the traffic inspection logic on the fly. Furthermore, SDN architectures do not have built in assumptions of packet header sizes (IPv4 is fixed 20 bytes, but IPv6 is completely variable sized) or traffic classification algorithms. Investing deep R&D in 2017 & 2018 on a grounds up SDN forwarding plane ensured that today in 2019, Lavelle Networks was able to introduce IPv6 support at breakneck speed, upon request from some of the largest financial enterprises in India.

Shyamal Kumar, Founder & CEO, said - "The big use case ahead for IPv6 is not just connectivity over IPv6 links at the branch, but the preparedness for 5G wireless and the IoT bandwagon. In almost every enterprise networking use case, Lavelle Networks sees adoption of IoT and streaming IoT sensor traffic to either the edge compute or the cloud compute platforms used for digital transformation. IoT is not going to be practical without complete support for IPv6 or 5G. All the 4G bandwidth which we thought was plentiful is already used up for end user internet video."

Starting from its market entry in 2017, Lavelle Networks has raced away to connecting hundreds of thousands of network end points in its home market in India, which has become the world's fastest growing cloud services market. ScaleAOn SD-WAN has truly become the modern enterprise's boardwalk to the internet.

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Lavelle Networks accelerates networks for the digital economy by offering software defined networking solutions that solve the biggest challenges in the WAN for distributed enterprises. With a 100% software defined architecture, the solution enables seamless network experience, ensuring enterprises in turn are empowered to deliver the best customer experience at the branch. Lavelle Networks SD-WAN solutions are designed for enterprises that are using, or plan to use hybrid WAN or cloud applications and are on the path to digital transformation. For more information reach us at

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