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Dispatch Labs launches Testnet 2.0, improved developer test network for its new enterprise blockchain protocol
[July 03, 2018]

Dispatch Labs launches Testnet 2.0, improved developer test network for its new enterprise blockchain protocol

SAN FRANCISCO, July 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dispatch Labs, creators of a new enterprise-ready blockchain protocol, today released its updated developer test network, Testnet 2.0, for companies and developers looking to preview and try smart contracts and blockchain platforms on its new distributed ledger platform. 

The Dispatch platform, with its novel consensus algorithm, Delagated Asynchronous Proof of Stake (DAPoS) will be the foundation for distributed apps (dApps) across an array of enterprise industries, from supply chain to music to health care. The Dispatch platform is built to be exponentially faster than Ethereum, currently the most popular platform for dApps and smart contracts. The Dispatch Testnet 2.0 adds backwards-compatible functionality to allow developers to test the porting of smart contracts they’ve previously written for Ethereum over to Dispatch’s protocol.

“Testnet 2.0 supports the enthusiasm from experienced developers to test smart contracts as well as developers who are just getting their feet wet in blockchain development,” said Zane Witherspoon, co-founder and chief technology officer of Dispatch Labs. “Our innovative algorithm for verifying transactions on the blockchain will prove to be a more efficiet platform for developers looking to speed up transactions and scale for the enterprise.”

The DAPoS consensus algorithm is the crucial ingredient in the Dispatch Virtual Machine (DVM) that will serve as the backbone of the new platform. The Dispatch development team built Testnet to help identify and troubleshoot the DVM and DAPoS with its community prior to full launch, which is slated for late 2018.

“We opted to build our blockchain-powered transaction platform on the Dispatch protocol because of its strong technological layers and company values that align with our own social vision,” said Francis Hwang, CEO of Bucket Technologies. “Dispatch Labs is a key partner in scaling our business as we add our dApps to their pioneering protocol in the coming months.”

The method for setting up a node is currently a command-line only process, but the company plans to release a graphical interface shortly.

Anyone can now participate in Testnet 2.0 by creating a node on the network that will verify transfers of test tokens. To create a Testnet node, just use the code provided at  

About Dispatch Labs
Dispatch Labs is designing the decentralized architecture for an enterprise-ready blockchain; the Dispatch Protocol. The Dispatch blockchain is purpose-built for speed and scale. With its innovative consensus algorithm, Delegated Asynchronous Proof of Stake (DAPoS), the Dispatch platform enables enterprises and developers who work with big data to create scalable, fast and versatile decentralized apps. Dispatch Labs supports creativity, growth and responsible change, and partners with startups and high-growth enterprises alike. For more info, visit or join the Telegram community.

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