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[July 03, 2017] - A Paradigm Shift in the World of Healthcare Services

MUMBAI, July 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- aims to bring a revolution in the Healthcare industry in India through its unique Healthcare Service activity like never before, where it facilitates to connect care seekers and care providers for all kinds of health issues. The Mumbai-based digital healthcare startup, was founded in April 2017 by Prassant Kumar and Co-founder Smita Kumar.

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Hospital Suggest - the Healthcare startup, is India's first Hospital Discovery and Recommendation platform.

As the name suggests, it helps people in all their healthcare needs by connecting them to their choice of hospital, best suiting their expectations.

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Now patients can make informed choices based on the information provided in Hospital Suggest. They can compare hospitals' offerings, features and facilities, doctors and also request for quotes and receive cost estimates too for their planned healthcare needs.

Not only this, patients can also check other patient reviews, get assistance from a panel of medical experts who help patients by providing the best recommendation and connecting them with the right caregiver matching their requirements after completely understanding their condition. The patient then selects the hospital of his choice and also gets discounts on cost of treatment when routed through Hospital Suggest. 

Hospital Suggest covers 60+ different specialities from cardiac to orthopedics to gynecology, to cater to every patient's need.

It is a virtual hospital based on marketplace model, where it enables digital interactions between healthcare providers and patients. As a platform, it has a combination of marketplace, digital communication, personal health records and health assistant; and hence, it helps a patient during his/her entire course of treatment.

When it comes to surgeries and advanced treatment, people often have queries around the best surgeons, hospitals, and cost of treatment. "One consults friends and family, local doctors, and the Internet to discover this information. Almost everyone goes to the Internet to find or validate. We could not find any credible platform that answers these questions," says 39-year-old Prassant Kumar.

"We have understood that the patient is extremely focused on what he is looking for, and does not want to experience an information overload. Keeping that in mind, we are creating experiences on For example, a user selects his desired area, hospital location/hospital name, and desired treament as input and try to answer the top questions in his mind - comparison among hospitals, best quotes for treatment, best hospitals, best facility etc," expresses Smita, a hardcore techie and Co-founder of Hospital Suggest. 

In India, connecting and following up with a doctor is a daunting task as 80% of the healthcare infrastructure resides in top 20 cities. And unavailability of personal health data and medical records make it even worse. With its technology and proposition, aims to disrupt the Indian Healthcare market of remote consultation, continuous care, follow-up and second opinion using chat, audio and video solution for better connect between healthcare providers and receivers. As per several reports, India is emerging as the world capital for diabetic and chronic patients; this validates the need of a system which can help a patient in continuous care and remote consultation. Driven by this urgent need, Hospital Suggest has designed a comprehensive information system as Electronic Health Record, wherein, among other utility functions like vital signs, Health Insurance Records, Emergency notifications, Medical address Book etc., one can store, update his/her total medical reports/prescriptions/history and retrieve the same when it is needed most simply with a click, saving precious time and money.

Within a short span of time i.e., two months since its launch, the company has around 250 healthcare providers, over 6000 users with more than 45 consultations delivered using the platform. "We believe in a holistic approach and hence from day one, we have electronic health record, digital prescriptions, appointment system and health recommendation system along with digital consultation, which is our key offering," the company said in a statement.

The Founders 

Prassant, a pioneering healthcare IT serial entrepreneur, promotes Caresoft, India's leading healthcare IT enterprise.

With over 15 years of professional experience in hospital management systems and building healthcare products, he has been into developing and managing digital innovations in the healthcare domain, including Data Analytics and Data Mining.

Smita is a Co-founder of Caresoft with a rich 12-year experience in the healthcare domain. She also brings with her the experience of the Indian healthcare ecosystem. Her key expertise areas are product management, growth hacking and strategy planning.

Current product offerings: 

Hospitalsuggest app - It is available for Android users. Hospital Suggest works as a virtual hospital, where users can see profiles of hospitals, compare their experience and expertise, service, amenities and connect online with medical specialists for health issues via chat, video consultation and audio consultation. It helps doctors to bring their practice online, enhance their credibility, building online reputation and connecting with patients across the world. Very soon it will be available for iOS users also.

"We are trying to bring transparency in healthcare services by putting the patient in the center of continuum of the care circle. We offer online healthcare assistance through our web portal and mobile app that enhances patient reach through video consultation, e-prescription and other built-in features enabling digital consultation for all medical enquiries from anywhere including remote areas, villages of India, anytime," said Prassant Kumar.

Funding and monetization, a unit of Janhvi Hospital Suggest Pvt. Ltd., is bootstrapped till now and is actively looking for external funding. It manages its service cost by charging minimal processing charges out of the discount offer on hospital bill from Healthcare providers.

Future plans 

Going forward, the startup plans to add multiple specialties in Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda & Naturopathy; bringing Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is also on the list. AI in healthcare and medicine has the power to organize patient routes or treatment plans better, and also provide physicians with literally all the information they need to make a good decision. Further, it is looking to make partnerships with medicine delivery solutions providers. Immediate plan is to invite corporate houses to experience Hospital Suggest for its employees/members in terms of using the Electronic Health Record System offered free of cost.

The company will add services like Symptoms Based Search, Real Time Doctor Consultation, iOS Applications, Personal Health Record Management, Health Recommendation Data Engine, Wearable Integration and Health Devices Integration.

Market size equation 

According to a report by Equentis Capital, the Healthcare sector in India is expected to touch $158.2 billion in 2017 from $78.6 billion in 2012. The model of virtual consultation is also seeing several startups adopting it.

As the trend stands today, the healthcare sector in India is expected to reach a market size of 280 billion dollars by 2020. To achieve this size, the industry will have to grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 15% per annum for the next 10 years. This can only mean one thing - a robust growth in captive demand for skilled healthcare workers.

Hospital Suggest is all geared up to sail with the trend - believes Founder Prassant Kumar.

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