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Packet Ninjas Announces the Formation of ShadowDragon To License Cyber Intelligence Investigative Tools
[February 17, 2016]

Packet Ninjas Announces the Formation of ShadowDragon To License Cyber Intelligence Investigative Tools

CHEYENNE, Wyo., Feb. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Packet Ninjas, a niche cyber security consulting and services company, today announced the formation of a sister company named ShadowDragon.

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ShadowDragon will license specialized cyber intelligence gathering and investigative tools that were developed by Packet Ninjas over the past ten years while investigating and analyzing complex security threats for international businesses, law enforcement and governments. Parent company, Packet Ninjas will continue to provide cyber security consulting services.

"Today organizations are struggling to identify, understand and stop the malicious actors and threats targeting them. We have been asked frequently by our customers if they could purchase the tools we use to investigate and analyze these threats," said Daniel Clemens, President and CEO of Packet Ninjas. "In order to meet this demand, we spent 2015 packaging our tools for sale under a separate company we named ShadowDragon."

ShadowDragon sells a suite of four cloud-based tools that can be purchased separately, with a fifth one to be released early in 2016.

  • OI Monitor – Monitors OSINT and Darknets for chatter about brands, people, places and more
  • MalNet – Supports malware intelligence correlation and incident response (To be released in Q1 2016)
  • SocialNet – Taps social networks to map aliases, actors and their associates
  • AliasDB – Accesses Packet Ninjas' proprietary data base to verify a malicious known actor
  • Spotter – Engages malicious actors by dlivering payloads to document complicity

Taking Intelligence Gathering from Collection to Attribution and Interdiction

Unlike many other Cyber Intelligence products on the market, the ShadowDragon Suite focuses on augmenting the existing skills and workflow of analysts providing correlation, attribution and real time situational awareness. "The tools we created give organizations greater context, enabling investigators to enhance the clues they have, turning them into supporting artifacts for success in a case, and even understand who may be behind the acts," Clemens said.

Accelerates Investigations and Identifies Both Physical and Cyber Threats

In addition, the ShadowDragon Suite offers other unique benefits that accelerate the investigation and cyber intelligence gathering process:

  • Automation speeds cyber intelligence artifact gathering for fast, relevant results
  • Customizable monitoring parameters extends the expertise of analysts and delivers only relevant results
  • Enables the identification of both physical and digital threats
  • Provides context around complex insider and external threat networks

ShadowDragon Named After a Fierce Hunter

The company was named ShadowDragon after a type of dragonfly. The dragonfly is known by naturalists as the fiercest, most successful hunter in the wild. Clemens commented, "Like dragonflies, we have been successful hunters in the wild of the internet. ShadowDragon will give our customers the tools to achieve some of this success on their own when investigating and incident or person of interest."

About Packet Ninjas

Founded in 2005, Packet Ninjas combines extensive offensive, investigative expertise and real world experience tracking and responding global threats to provide services and guidance on how to leverage digital intelligence for investigations and enterprise cyber security.

With decades immersed in the business of preventing cybercrime, the specialized Packet Ninjas team is engaged by Fortune 50 corporations, law enforcement organizations and nation-states on six continents. Our executives have been sought out for their unique knowledge by Reuters, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post, and have spoken at AFCEA, Blackhat, DEFCON, GovSec, and many more. Packet Ninjas is a private company with locations in the United States and Europe.

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