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Simudyne announces results of simulated earthquake
[September 26, 2014]

Simudyne announces results of simulated earthquake

(M2 PressWIRE Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) London -- Disaster Strikes! An earthquake has severely damaged the Port of Seattle and three other nearby seaports. The fires are now out. Trapped survivors located and rescued. Thoughts have turned towards restoration and recovery.

In fact the earthquake was not real. No facilities were damaged, operations disrupted, or people trapped. This was all practiced in a simulation. Four ports in the Puget Sound region of Washington State recently considered just such a scenario.

The world economy is dependent on the global maritime transportation system. This complex system accounts for the movement of billions of dollars worth of goods. Severe disruption of this system is potentially disastrous on a global scale.

The threat of devastation of entire regions by disasters such as an earthquake or tsunami is real. At the moment the majority of efforts related to this threat are focused on prevention and preparation for dealing with the potential immediate threats to health, safety, and the environment. We are learning, through experiences such as Hurricane Katrina, the Fukushima Earthquake, and Superstorm Sandy, that the recovery from a disaster can be just as complex, if not more, as the immediate response. When disasters happen, whether natural or man-made, preparation is key.

As a key member of a multi-disciplinary team led by Dynamis, Inc., Simudyne created a "real-time gaming environment" in which 250 key professionals from the Ports of Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, and Olympia could practice how to cope with the aftermath of a regional earthquake; to rebuild in the most financially and environmentally beneficial ways possible.

CEO of Simudyne, Justin Lyon says; "We were delighted to partner with Dynamis on this project, it was essential to bring together Port owners, administrators, operators, and stakeholders to collaborate on decision making. Our simulated reality exercise gave them the opportunity to learn to work together to identify, recognize, and meet known and unknown challenges".

John Milam, CEO of Dynamis adds; "Port staff are busy, and tend to focus on day-to-day operations, rather than preparing for "potential" disasters. Our partnership with Simudyne will help to 'Future Proof' the Port and make it more resilient and recoverable against any external factor".

A participant of the event said; "We've learned a lot from Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina; but one thing that surprised us is how complex the dependencies could be. We want to make our mistakes fast and cheap with the computer simulation." Another participant said, "It was interesting to watch how the investments affected the model. It felt more real than table top exercises." A finance executive found the "financial modeling and table discussions about redevelopment scenarios" meaningful. An import/export professional appreciated "being able to forecast what is needed to have a total recovery." This scenario is one of many used by Simudyne to help Ports see the potential consequences of disruptions. With the Simudyne platform, leaders are able to test in a safe environment to demonstrably improve decision making for recovery..

At the heart of this project lies the question: What would be the impact on your company or your community if a similar disaster struck the ports in your region? Notes to Editors o Simudyne software turns insight into foresight.

o Simudyne creates a safe environment to generate, test and refine ideas before taking action in the real world.

o The Simudyne platform helps leaders improve on decision making using simulated scenarios.

o Simudyne is the only platform to harness the power of advanced algorithms and engaging visuals to demonstrably improve decision-making.

o The Port of Tacoma received funding from the US federal Port Security Grant Program for the exercise effort. The project was managed by Pierce County's Department of Emergency Management and implemented with the assistance of a team consisting of Dynamis, the Beckett Group, BERK, the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER), and Simudyne.

For more information please contact: Jan McGinley 07834 223434 [email protected] .


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