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Vestiage Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results
[August 14, 2014]

Vestiage Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. --(Business Wire)--

Vestiage™, Inc. ("VEST"), the "Healthy-Aging" Company announced today that it has released record financial results for its second quarter 2014. The Company owns both the RegiMEN™ and the Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals™ natural supplement lines in addition to other intellectual property in the healthy-aging arena.

Overall gross revenue for the second quarter 2014 was $251,054, up 74% over the first quarter of 2014. Gross margins increased from 49% in the first quarter of 2014 to over 69% in the second quarter of 2014. Direct response revenue increased approximately 183% from the first quarter of 2014. Data from the direct response campaign revealed high retention rates relative to the norm for the category in the direct response industry.

Scott Kimball, CEO of Vestiage, Inc. said, "We are starting to see the results of the marketing, advertising, and other initiatives show up in gross revenue. I believe that the most important metrics are the 74% overall sales increase from the first quarter of 2014, our 69% gross margin this quarter, up from 49% the first quarter of the year, the strength of our direct response campaign results, and lower quarterly operating expenses when you take out non-cash items. I think that implies some very good things for the future of our Company as we continue our efforts to scale revenue."

The Company experienced 74% overall Company revenue growth from the first quarter of 2014 to the second quarter of 2014, led by a very strong 183% increase in direct response channel revenue quarter-to-quarter, and gross margin expansion from 49% to 69%. Adjusting for non-cash items, the Company lost $564,403 in the second quarter of 2014 versus $784,599 in the first quarter of 2014, an improvement of 28% or $220,000.

Kimball stated, "At the end of the first quarter this year, we promised three things; increasing gross revenue, increasing gross margin, and a narrower adjusted net loss when adjusted for non-cash items. We delivered on all three of these. From the first quarter of 2014 to the second quarter of 2014, our gross margin expanded by 40%, our overall sales were up 74%, direct response revenue was up 183% and we were effective at controlling operating expenses. I was particularly pleased with the strong direct response customer retention data as that drives our customer lifetime value in the direct response channel and is an indication of what may happen in retail for the RegiMEN brand. We are experiencing strong retention and loyalty from our customers. To further increase our customer lifetime value we purchased our CRM system during the quarter and have engaged our digital partner to implement it. We have instituted other initiatives and programs that are specifically designed to maintain and increase customer retention. Long term, this will be very important for each of our brands."


During the second quarter of 2014 the Company:

  • Increased gross revenue by 74% from $144,000 in the first quarter of 2014 to $251,000 in the second quarter of 2014.
  • Increased gross margin by 40%, from 49% in the first quarter of 2014 to 69% in the second quarter of 2014.
  • Increased revenue from direct response by 183% from approximately $75,000 in the first quarter of 2014 to approximately $215,000 in the second quarter of 2014.
  • Controlled and improved adjusted operating expenses when adjusted for non-cash based expenses.
  • Secured commitments from several grocery, mass, and specialty retailers which Company management expects to result in purchase orders in the third and fourth quarters and beyond.
  • Secured $5 million in additional media funding, putting the overall media funding commitment to the Company at the end of the quarter at up to $10 million, 100% of which was still available at the end of the second quarter.
  • Began the process of optimizing media in order to lower customer acquisition costs and other costs associated with the direct response campaign.
  • Completed and launched the new Vestiage, Inc. website
  • Completed the scripting and launched the production of six television commercials for its RegiMEN brand. The initial 60 second advertisement was subsequently completed and began airing on August 6, 2014.
  • Named Laura Stall as the Company's new National Vice President of Sales and began the process of securing commitments and purchase orders from national retailers with whom she has had long standing relationships.
  • Signed a joint marketing agreement with a public company in the personal health and wellness category, which the Company intends to activate in the marketing of an upcoming brand and product release.
  • Completed a new website for the RegiMEN brand,, and launched the site on July 15th, 2014.
  • Signed four expert bloggers to provide exclusive healthy aging content on This content will contain topical and interesting educational pieces about fitness, healthy aging, relationships, and wellness.
  • Launched social media program for RegiMEN.

Direct Response Notes

Direct response sales in the second quarter of 2014 increased 183% from the first quarter of 2014. As the direct response channel entered its 5th month during the quarter, the Company experienced a confirmation of Management's initial sense that the RegiMEN brand may have very high customer loyalty. Kimball said, "We are experiencing the beginnings of an anomaly that we refer to as a "fat tail" event, where the number of people that stay with you each month drops off much slower than the norm for the industry, making a bell curve look like it has a fat tail. Fat tail events are, by their nature, rare events. They're not normal. When they occur in our industry it's something to celebrate and drive resources towards, because it translates into higher customer lifetime value. Our strong retention is significant to the value of the RegiMEN brand."

Retail Sales Notes

Retail expansion is a key initiative for the Company for several reasons: First, retail revenue is more stable and less dependent upon costly media spend. Secondly, valuation multiples are, in general, believed to be higher for companies and brands with broad retail exposure in comparison to direct response only companies. Third, broad retail exposure can add credibility to the brand in the mind of consumers and others.

The Company's overall footprint in retail grew slightly in the quarter. The quarter was a transition quarter for the retail channel as the Company replaced its previous head of retail sales and promoted Laura Stall to VP of National Sales. Since joining the Company, Ms. Stall has closed a national speciality retail account and secured commitments with a national grocery chain, a major distributor, and a "Mass" account all of which the Company expects to see result in purchase orders in the upcoming quarters.

Kimball stated, "I'm pleased to say that Laura Stall is in the process of completing the paperwork and final approvals with national retailers, distributors, and others in the retail channel whom have committed to placing RegiMEN on their shelves over the next 2-3 quarters. We came into 2014 with a few hundred doors buying RegiMEN at retail, and we expect to leave 2014 with several thousand doors with the RegiMEN brand on shelves. This initial expansion success leads us to be optimistic about retail in general and potentially adding health food and drug categories to our distribution. We can show data that proves customers that take RegiMEN are very loyal, so we see continued upside for the brand in the retail channel."


The opportunities for growth in RegiMEN sales for both direct response and retail are still very large as the Company is just beginning to expand the brand in both channels. Company Management points to several key elements of future growth:

  1. NEW RETAILERS. Several major retailers have committed to take the RegiMEN line. These commitments should result in purchase orders that the Company intends to fill in the third and fourth quarters and recognize the revenue in those and future quarters.
  2. MEDIA FUNDING. The Media Funding Agreement signed by the Company in the second quarter allows the Company to continue to run and expand media, commence television advertising for the RegiMEN brand, lower the Company's customer acquisition cost and potentially help Company cash flow.
  3. NEW TELEVISION ADVERTISING. The company began running television for the RegiMEN brand on August 6, 2014. This larger exposure is anticipated to result in direct response revenue that will be recognized in part in the third and fourth quarters.
  4. HIGHER MARGINS. Gross margin improved by a very strong 40%, increasing from 49% to 69%.
  5. CUSTOMER RETENTION AND LOYALTY. After six months, the early direct response data has revealed strong customer retention data. This leads Management to believe that there is potentially significant ongoing revenue from loyal RegiMEN customers that participate in the Company's monthly shipment program through direct response and that this may translate into loyalty at the retail store level.
  6. MARKET PENETRATION. The opportunities for expanded distribution in the RegiMEN brand are large in all five categories of retail; Grocery, Speciality, Mass, Drug and Health Food.

Kimball stated, "In the next two quarters, I believe investors will see several announcements that Vestiage has received purchase orders from recognized retailers for RegiMEN and that the results of our television campaigns will also be begin to be recognized in revenue. The combined anticipated increase in retail and direct response revenue should result in the delivery of continued revenue growth barring any unforeseen occurrences. Over the next quarters, excluding any non-cash, non-recurring or special charges, I expect the Company to see improvement to EBITDA as well. RegiMEN is now moving into the top speciality retailers, a major national grocery chain and at least one Mass account. The opportunity for growth for Vestiage over the next quarters is likely to be a result of the expansion of the RegiMEN brand in both retail and direct response. We expect that Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals will be well received in both direct response and retail channels in 2015 and 2016. Beyond retail and direct response expansion we believe that RegiMEN may be able to enter a new channel in 2016 or 2017. As always, we continue to look for additional brands to add to the Vestiage family."


June 30,


December 31,

(Unaudited) (Unaudited)


Current Assets
Cash and cash equivalents $ 110,864 $ 215,185
Accounts receivable 22,533 4,504
Note receivable - officer (8) 42,841 40,490
Inventory 80,083 26,222
Prepaid expenses   80,203   60,312
Total Current Assets 336,524 346,713
Property and Equipment, net 26,489 10,719
Other Assets
Goodwill (4) 225,000 225,000
Trademarks and brands (4) 960,000 750,000
Other intangible assets, net (4) 573,037 522,381
Other assets   10,690   4,645
Total Other Assets   1,768,727   1,502,026
Total Assets $ 2,131,740 $ 1,859,458


June 30,


December 31,

(Unaudited) (Unaudited)


Current Liabilities
Accounts payable 169,121 22,443
Accrued expenses 38,904 33,512
Stock Subscriptions   -     200,000  
Total Current Liabilities 208,025 255,955
Long Term Liabilities
Convertible notes payable (5)   1,615,000     1,200,000  
Total Liabilities   1,823,025     1,455,955  
Stockholders' Equity

Preferred Stock, $0.001 par value, 10,000,000 shares authorized,
no shares issued and outstanding

- -

Common Stock, $0.001 par value, 500,000,000 shares authorized,
54,482,514 shares issued and outstanding a/o 6/30/2014
43,611,802 shares issued and outstanding a/o 12/31/2013

54,482 43,612
Additional paid-in-capital 8,493,009 3,842,413
Retained earnings (3,482,522 ) (358,662 )
Net loss   (4,756,254 )   (3,123,860 )
Total Stockholders' Equity   308,715     403,503  
Total Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity $ 2,131,740   $ 1,859,458  
      Three Months Ended
June 30,
      Six Months Ended
June 30,
2014         2013   2014         2013  
(Unaudited) (Unaudited) (Unaudited) (Unaudited)
Revenues $ 251,054 $ 1,191 $ 395,322 $ 1,224
Cost of Sales   (76,692 )   (1,966 )   (166,649 )   (2,882 )
Gross Profit 174,362 (775 ) 228,673 (1,658 )
Operating Expenses
Salaries - officers 60,833 25,000 1,013,433 50,000
Advertising and promotion 257,682 3,065 552,253 4,791
Consulting 400,769 1,637,300 2,389,174 1,637,300
General and administrative   372,636     43,193     926,607     59,471  
Total Operating Expenses   1,091,920     1,708,558     4,881,467     1,751,562  
Loss from Operations   (917,558 )   (1,709,333 )   (4,652,794 )   (1,753,220 )
Other Income & Expenses
Interest income - 85 - 85
Interest expense (30,578 ) - (54,016 ) -
Amortization expense (23,534 ) - (45,999 ) -
Depreciation expense   (1,835 )   (370 )   (2,645 )   (515 )
Total Income & Other Expenses   (55,947 )   (285 )   (102,660 )   (430 )
Loss Before Income Taxes (973,505 ) (1,709,618 ) (4,755,454 ) (1,753,650 )
Provision For Income Taxes   (800 )   (800 )   (800 )   (800 )
Net Loss $ (974,305


$ (1,710,418





$ (1,754,450



Six Months Ended
June 30,

2014         2013  
(Unaudited) (Unaudited)
Cash Flows From Operating Activities:
Net loss $ (4,756,254 ) $ (1,754,450 )
Adjustments to reconcile net loss to net cash used by
operating activities:
Depreciation and amortization 48,644 515
Common stock issued in exchange for services 697,457 1,634,650
Stock-based compensation 2,374,638 -
Stock warrants issued for services 386,871 -
Changes in operating assets and liabilities:
Change in accounts receivable (18,029 ) -
Change in inventory (53,861 ) (2,000 )
Change in prepaid expenses (19,892 ) (2,250 )
Change in accounts payable 146,678 -
Change in bank overdraft - (470 )
Change in accrued officers compensation - 16,304
Change in accrued expenses   5,392     11,700  
Net Cash Used in Operating Activities   (1,188,356 )   (96,001 )
Cash Flows From Investing Activities:
Purchase of equipment and furniture (18,415 ) (7,430 )
Purchase of intangible assets (306,655 ) -
Change in note receivable - officer (2,350 ) -
Change in other assets   (6,045 )   (3,345 )
Net Cash Used in Investing Activities   (333,465 )   (10,775 )
Cash Flows From Financing Activities:
Proceeds from sale of common stock 957,500 145,010
Proceeds from convertible notes 415,000 -
Common stock issued in exchange for convertible debt - 295,559
Common stock issued in exchange for intangible assets 245,000 -
Change in stock subscriptions (200,000 ) -
Retained earnings acquired in reverse merger   -     (295,585 )
Net cash provided by financing activities   1,417,500     144,984  
Net Increase (decrease) in cash (104,321 ) 38,208
Cash at Beginning of Period   215,185     -  
Cash at End of Period $ 110,864   $ 38,208  

About Vestiage™

Vestiage™ (stock symbol "VEST") is a publicly traded healthy-aging company and can be seen at The Vestiage™ family of brands address the top "in demand" healthy-aging concerns of men and women. The Company offers premium branded science-based nutraceuticals to a premium consumer base through multiple channels. The Company is a sales, marketing, and distribution company specializing in bringing science-based products to the healthy-aging consumer. The Company utilizes key partners to integrate production, fulfillment, customer service, advertising, sales, media, marketing, distribution, new product development and acquisitions. Vestiage™ is focused on the use of the best ingredients from the ocean and earth, including cutting edge, patented, clinically proven ingredients to produce highly potent, elegantly formulated products. Using potency that matches the clinical results, and novel ingredient combinations, Vestiage™ creates and distributes nutraceuticals such as RegiMEN™ for men (, multifunctional Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals™ line for women ( Vestiage™ research is focused on extending the active period of a human life covering both the cognitive and physical realms. To learn more, visit the Company website

As with many small, fast growing companies, our growth is highly dependent upon adequate funding for inventory, media, general overhead, professional fee's, technology, salaries and other expenses related to the business. Should we be unable in the future to obtain appropriate funding to pay for our operating expenses and media at current levels, our growth, and our financial stability, may be severely negatively impacted. The agreement with Media Funding Group (MFG) and the spending on effective media the Company contemplates from MFG is a key component and assumption underlying the expectations of management as to the growth of the Company in the future. If for any reason MFG does not buy media as expected in the quantities necessary, the Company would likely be materially negatively impacted.

This Press Release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 with respect to our financial condition, results of operations and business. These forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of terms such as "believe," "expects," "plan," "intend," "may," "will," "should," "can," or "anticipates," or the negative thereof, or variations thereon, or comparable terminology, or by discussions of strategy. These statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause industry trends or our actual results to be materially different from any future results expressed or implied by these statements. Important factors that may cause our results to differ from these forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to: (i) changes in or new government regulations or increased enforcement of the same, (ii) unavailability of desirable acquisitions or inability to complete them, (iii) increased costs, including from increased raw material or energy prices, (iv) changes in general worldwide economic or political conditions, (v) adverse publicity or negative consumer perception regarding nutritional supplements, anti-aging or stem cell facial care products or stem cell technology in general, (vi) issues with obtaining raw materials of adequate quality or quantity, (vii) litigation and claims, including product liability, intellectual property and other types, (viii) disruptions from or following acquisitions including the loss of customers, (ix) increased competition, (x) slow or negative growth in the anti-aging or cosmetics, beauty, or nutritional supplement industry or the healthy foods or anti-aging channel, (xi) the loss of key personnel or the inability to manage our operations efficiently, (xii) problems with information management systems, manufacturing efficiencies and operations, (xiii) insurance coverage issues, (xiv) the volatility of the stock market generally and of our stock specifically, (xv) increases in the cost of borrowings or unavailability of additional debt or equity capital, or both, or fluctuations in foreign currencies, and (xvi) interruption of business or negative impact on sales and earnings due to acts of God, acts of war, terrorism, bio-terrorism, civil unrest and other factors outside of our control.

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