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Complete Canada-EU Text Reached
[August 05, 2014]

Complete Canada-EU Text Reached

(Targeted News Service Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) OTTAWA, Ontario, Aug. 5 -- Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, an arm of the Canadian government, issued the following news release: Last October, Canada, with the unanimous endorsement of all provinces and territories, reached a historic Agreement-in-Principle on a free trade agreement with the European Union.

Today, Canada and the European Union are pleased to announce that officials have reached a complete text, allowing translation and final legal review to commence.

As per their involvement throughout the process, Canada's provinces and territories have received the complete text and have been comprehensively briefed on its content as well as on next steps.

Planning has also begun for a September Canada-EU Summit that will be hosted in Canada.

Today, it was also announced that Prime Minister Harper and Minister Fast will lead a trade mission to the United Kingdom in early September to secure the jobs and first-mover competitive advantages the historic Canada-EU trade agreement creates.

Quick Facts - The EU is the world's largest integrated economy, with more than 500 million consumers and a GDP of $17 trillion.

- Out of more than 9,000 EU tariff lines, approximately 98 percent will be duty-free for Canadian goods when the Canada-EU trade pact comes into force.

- A joint study concluded that the trade agreement with the European Union would be of significant benefit to Canada, resulting in a 20-percent boost in bilateral trade and a $12-billion increase in Canada's annual income (GDP), the equivalent to creating almost 80,000 new jobs or increasing the average Canadian household's annual income by $1,000.

Quotes "This is another important step toward the implementation of the historic Canada-EU trade agreement, which will create jobs and economic opportunities for hard-working Canadians in every region of the country. Our upcoming EU trade mission to the UK will help Canadian businesses secure their first-mover advantages in the largest and most lucrative market in the world, even as translation and final legal review of the text proceeds." Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade What Has Been Said About CETA National Organizations "This is the Wayne Gretzky of trade deals. This landmark agreement gives Canada a competitive advantage over other leading nations around the globe, providing us with preferential access to the world's largest economy. CETA is our economic power play in the global arena. CETA represents a whole new world of opportunity for Canadian companies from coast to coast. We've just built a symbolic bridge over the pond. CETA will open up markets for small businesses looking to export goods and services and to invest, as well as those who want to commercialize new technologies. The modest economic analysis of CETA indicates that this will create 80,000 new jobs for Canadians. Put another way, that represents a boost in bilateral trade by 20 percent and an injection of $12 billion into the Canadian economy on an annual basis." Jayson Myers, President and CEO, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters "This is the most important trade deal signed by Canada. It surpasses NAFTA in scope. International trade is a major engine for economic growth. And with the global economy continuing to struggle, such initiatives are more important than ever." The Honourable Perrin Beatty, President and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce "For Canadian consumers, companies and workers, the overall impact appears extremely positive. The Canada-EU agreement is the next logical step forward in Canada's global trade agenda. It positions us with privileged access to the world's two wealthiest markets. And it establishes a template for other key trade negotiations, including those with India and the nations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership." The Honourable John Manley, President and CEO, Canadian Council of Chief Executives "This is a good day for businesses that currently trade or plan to trade with the European market. Canadian entrepreneurs can compete with anyone in the world, and we're glad to see the government removing some of the barriers that hold businesses back from growing and creating jobs." Dan Kelly, President, CEO and Chair, Canadian Federation of Independent Business "The Canada-EU trade agreement is a game changer for several Canadian fisheries, most notably Atlantic Canada's shrimp sector (particularly cooked and peeled shrimp), lobster processing (with significant positive spillover effects for [sales of] live lobsters), and herring and mackerel. Reducing tariffs from 15-20 percent to 0 percent in the world's largest seafood market will enable the Canadian fishing industry to put its market diversification strategy into high gear." Patrick McGuinness, former president, Fisheries Council of Canada "The Canada-EU trade deal announced today is welcome news for Canadian aquaculture. This will open new opportunities for Canadian farmed salmon, arctic char in Yukon, oysters on the Pacific coast and mussels in Atlantic Canada. Canada's seafood farmers stand to benefit from coast to coast to coast." Ruth Salmon, Executive Director, Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance "On behalf of the members of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, I extend our sincere congratulations to the government on reaching an agreement-in-principle on CETA with the European Union. As an industry that exports over 80 percent of its product to destinations around the world, Canadian aerospace companies strongly support all efforts to reduce barriers to trade and international business development. Nearly 25 percent of Canadian aerospace exports are destined for Europe, and our companies have close ties to the aerospace industry in the European Union. We are very pleased with the new opportunities that CETA will create for our industry. We thank the Prime Minister and the government for their leadership on this important file, and we look forward to seeing the final agreement in due course." Jim Quick, President and CEO, Aerospace Industries Association of Canada "The free trade agreement with Europe is an unprecedented growth opportunity for the Canadian aluminum industry because it will drive the gradual elimination of tariffs on aluminum imports, such as 7 percent on rods, 6 percent on billets, foundry and slabs, as well as 3 percent on remelt. We look forward to the signing of the agreement as it will open the door to a large-scale market for Canadian aluminum production." Jean Simard, President and CEO, Aluminum Association of Canada "Free trade agreements promote manufacturing effectiveness for global centres of excellence and promote industry growth. We view this agreement as very positive for Canada's position in the global automotive industry." Steve Rodgers, President, Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association "As farmers and industry members, our board realizes the importance of trade for generating economic growth. The Barley Council of Canada realizes this agreement offers potential to grow Canadian demand." Chantelle Donahue, Vice-Chair and Cargill Canada Director of Corporate Affairs, Barley Council of Canada "Canada's beef and veal marketers value the significant efforts of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, International Trade Minister Ed Fast and Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Gerry Ritz and are grateful for the work that's been done to gain additional trade opportunities for our industry and to open doors to optimize the value of the Canadian beef brand globally. Canada Beef is positioned to work with our trade partners to take advantage of the new export opportunities in Europe. We are committed to the Canadian beef brand and will continue to foster strong partnerships in Europe to increase demand for our beef." Rob Meijer, President, Canada Beef Inc.

"This is a historic agreement for Canada and an essential step in strengthening Canada's position on the international life sciences stage. A more level playing field in intellectual property protection can lead to more investment in the research and development of new medicines and vaccines here at home. It is a catalyst for innovation--and that's good for Canada--but most importantly, it offers hope to Canadian patients and their families who rely upon the discovery of new and better medicines to help battle serious health challenges." Russell Williams, President, Canada's Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies "The Canadian Agri-food Trade Alliance [CAFTA] congratulates the federal government for concluding CETA--Canada's most significant free trade initiative since NAFTA and the broadest trade negotiation Canada has ever undertaken. CAFTA fully supports this deal, which we expect will expand agriculture and food exports to the EU by an incredible $1.5 billion a year." Lisa Skierka, President, Canadian Agri-food Trade Alliance "The Canadian government has secured real and substantial access to one of the world's few billion-dollar export markets, and they did it ahead of our major competitors. Through CETA, Canada has confirmed its support for farmers and food processors and let the world know that we are serious about trade." Kathleen Sullivan, former executive director, Canadian Agri-food Trade Alliance "Canada's banks have been recognized as the soundest in the world for six years in a row, and this agreement will help to ensure that our banks and banking system remain strong and sound and able to support Canada's economic growth. We congratulate the Government of Canada for pursuing this significant agreement as part of a broader trade agenda." Terry Campbell, President, Canadian Bankers Association "The removal of long-standing barriers by this agreement, such as high tariffs, finally enables Canadian beef producers to benefit from the high value that the European beef market represents." Martin Unrau, Past President, Canadian Cattlemen's Association "The largest canola crop on record is in the final days of harvesting. Our farms depend on trade, and CETA is an excellent example of how the Government of Canada is helping Canadian farmers achieve export success." Rick White, CEO, Canadian Canola Growers Association "We applaud the Harper government's efforts in establishing a free trade agreement with the European Union. Our sector is investing $2.3 billion in fleet renewal over the next five years, and the elimination of this tariff will support our ferry operators as they continue to provide vital economic connections for Canadians across the country." Serge Buy, CEO, Canadian Ferry Operators Association "The Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association [CGPA] welcomes the Government of Canada's commitment to reduce the burden on the courts, bring earlier finality to pharmaceutical patent disputes and deliver greater business certainty for generic pharmaceutical companies in Canada. CGPA commends the Government of Canada for recognizing the importance of generic pharmaceutical manufacturing to the domestic economy." Jim Keon, President, Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association "The Canadian Meat Council recognizes and appreciates greatly the steadfast and unwavering effort that was invested by Canada's negotiators in their endeavour to ensure a commercially viable outcome for the meat industry." Arnold Drung, President, Canadian Meat Council "The Canadian and EU markets for pork complement each other, and this relationship holds great potential to enhance our sector's export opportunities, as well as to benefit workers, businesses and families who rely on the pork sector for their livelihood." Jean-Guy Vincent, Chair, Canadian Pork Council "The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement will open significant new market opportunities and mean greater access for Canadian biofuels and value-added agricultural co-products. Removing barriers to trade and improving market access is good news for our Canadian biofuels producers and the farmers they work so closely with. This agreement has the potential to create more than $50 million in new market opportunities for Canadian renewable fuels and co-products." W. Scott Thurlow, President, Canadian Renewable Fuels Association "This trade agreement between Canada and the EU will give Canadian pulse processors greatly improved access to this market and give the European food sector access to suppliers from Canada who will compete on the basis of price and quality, not market-distorting tariffs." Murad Al-Katib, former president, Canadian Special Crops Association "Canada's sugar industry is pleased to learn that Canada and the European Union have reached an agreement-in-principle on a Canada-EU trade agreement. This historic trade agreement represents a groundbreaking opportunity for Canadian exporters." Sandra Marsden, President, Canadian Sugar Institute "This is an undiminished blessing and benefit for the people of Europe and for consumers and businesses in Canada, as well." Gregory Thomas, Federal Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation "Canada's auto industry's growth has been built on many decades of free trade on an integrated basis with the United States. We appreciate the efforts of Canada's negotiating team to reach an agreement-in-principle that supports the highly integrated nature of Canada's automotive industry within North America." Mark A. Nantais, President, Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association "The Canadian Vintners Association welcomes the news that Canada and the EU have reached an agreement-in-principle on a Canada-EU trade agreement. We look forward to the tremendous market opportunity this deal will provide for Canada's world-class wines. Canada's wines are among the best in the world and will continue to thrive and prosper both domestically and abroad." Dan Paszkowski, President and CEO, Canadian Vintners Association "The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement [CETA] eliminates tariffs on canola oil and ensures duty-free access for canola and canola products to Europe. Eliminating tariffs and liberalizing trade in canola and canola products is a priority for the sector, so we strongly support the Government of Canada's trade negotiation agenda and this agreement-in-principle." Jim Everson, Vice-President, Government Relations, Canola Council of Canada "The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada applauds the federal government's efforts to finalize the Canada-EU trade deal and improve market access for Canadian products. This deal will expand two-way trade in the chemical sector and improve the competitiveness of Canada's chemistry industry within global value chains." David Podruzny, Vice-President, Business and Economics, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada "The CETA agreement-in-principle announcement shows that the voice of Canada's local governments has been heard and respected in trade negotiations with Europe, and it opens the door to a much stronger economic partnership between the federal government and Canada's cities and communities. Today we are seeing the positive results of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' two-year collaboration with International Trade Minister Ed Fast, who has worked hard to answer serious questions about potential impacts on small businesses, strategic industries and local decision making. Today the government is reassuring local governments that we won't be hit by rules we can't afford or that weaken our ability to serve our citizens. We must use this deal to bring down barriers between our own governments, not just the ones between Canada and Europe. To realize Canada's full economic potential, cities and communities must be full partners in attracting jobs and promoting businesses, both at home and abroad." Claude Dauphin, Past President, Federation of Canadian Municipalities "Food and Consumer Products of Canada welcomes the landmark Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. This historic deal-the most comprehensive and ambitious in Canadian history--will provide secure and meaningful access to the largest economy in the world and open doors for Canadian companies looking to grow beyond our borders." Nancy Croitoru, President and CEO, Food and Consumer Products of Canada "We welcome this trade deal and appreciate the government's strong push in the area of freer trade. The prosperity of the forest products industry relies on strong exports." David Lindsay, President and CEO, Forest Products Association of Canada "We salute the government for focusing on adaptation and innovation in traditional sectors such as agriculture, fisheries and forestry. We see a major role for genomics in delivering on some of the government's key commitments--most notably, equipping traditional resource-based industries with solutions to strengthen their economic competitiveness and productivity, positioning Canada as a global leader in the knowledge-based bioeconomy." Pierre Meulien, President and CEO, Genome Canada "The Global Automakers of Canada supports all trade-liberalizing agreements. With the historic signing of the Canada-EU CETA, we encourage the Government of Canada to move as quickly as possible to secure other bilateral agreements to level the playing field for all vehicle manufacturers and distributors for the benefit of Canadian consumers." David Adams, President, Global Automakers of Canada "New markets for our crops are absolutely essential to Canadian farmers, so we applaud the federal government on bringing the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement to a successful conclusion. Opening a new market of 500 million consumers will mean big gains for farmers, and that's the reason why Grain Growers of Canada has strongly supported CETA from the beginning." Stephen Vandervalk, former president, Grain Growers of Canada "We are very excited to hear that negotiations have been concluded and that a deal has been reached. We are looking forward to the full implementation of CETA and will continue to work with our members as they take advantage of the benefits of this agreement. CETA represents tremendous opportunity for Canadian businesses and is a new type of trade deal suitable for companies operating in the realities of today's global markets. It will not only reduce barriers to the movement of goods, but will also increase trade in services, labour and investment between regions." Joy Nott, President, I.E. Canada (Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters) "Given the global nature of our sector, the Canadian mining industry is highly supportive of the formation of new trade agreements with key markets. Today's agreement-in-principle on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement is a significant step forward that, once finalized, will eliminate existing European tariffs on Canadian mineral products, help facilitate labour mobility and encourage European investment in the Canadian mining sector. Foreign investment into Canada contributes directly to job creation, Canada's mining services sector and to our nation's overall economic prosperity." Pierre Gratton, President and CEO, Mining Association of Canada "The Mood Disorders Society of Canada applauds Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Government of Canada for reaching an agreement with the world's largest single market, the European Union. CETA represents an incredible opportunity to ensure continued Canadian research and innovation in medicines that will improve the health of all Canadians and keep highly skilled research jobs in Canada." Phil Upshall, National Executive Director, Mood Disorders Society of Canada "Members of National Marine Manufacturers Association Canada look forward to realizing increased export opportunities with access to an entirely new customer base as a result of this important agreement. We take great pride in the fact that our Canadian manufacturers, dealers, brokers and other services are strong players on the world stage." Sara Anghel, Executive Director/Vice-President Government Relations, National Marine Manufacturers Association Canada "The EU leads the way in innovative product launches that incorporate pulses in products such as pasta and baked goods, enabling consumers to improve health and sustainability without changing their diets. From bean growers in Ontario to pea growers in Alberta, this trade agreement opens the door for pulse farmers across the country." Nick Sekulic, Chair, Pulse Canada "The elimination of remaining tariffs and the reduction in non-tariff barriers will serve Canadian spirits manufacturers and Canadian spirits consumers well. Canadian spirits manufacturers have pursued an aggressive export growth strategy; we wish to congratulate the Canadian government for persevering to reach the agreement, and we thank Prime Minister [Stephen Harper] and International Trade Minister [Ed] Fast for their efforts. We also understand that CETA will ensure greater transparency and much-needed discipline in domestic support programs within the beverage alcohol sector, which will benefit Canadian consumers." Jan Westcott, President & CEO, Spirits Canada "The association and its members most certainly support the Canadian government's extensive efforts to conclude a trade deal with the European Union and to enhance our members' ability to increase trading opportunities for the MTDM [machine, tool, die and mould] sector. The Canadian tooling industry enjoys a high regard within the EU area for having a skilled and competent work force, and this is an area where we are globally competitive with many opportunities to succeed." David Glover, President, Canadian Tooling and Machining Association "By reducing the trade and investment barriers our members currently face, a Canada-EU trade agreement will greatly benefit the companies we represent, both large and small. This agreement will improve the global competitiveness of our knowledge economy, create a substantial number of high-value jobs and significantly increase the revenue opportunities, R & D investment, exports and capital expenditures that the ICT industry contributes annually to the Canadian economy." Karna Gupta, President and CEO, Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) "Consider Canada unites economic development agencies in 11 cities from coast-to-coast to promote Canada as a destination for trade and investment. Our members represent communities that together accounted for 72 percent of GDP growth and 90 percent of employment growth in Canada between 2007 and 2012. We believe that a free trade agreement with Europe provides tremendous opportunity for new investment--and the jobs it brings with it--from European businesses already in Canada, and from European businesses looking to expand into North America. We strongly support this agreement and look forward to realizing the benefits and opportunities associated with it." Bruce Graham, Past Chair, Consider Canada City Alliance "The EU is obviously a very large, affluent market with a strong investment presence in Canada and vice versa. If you think about how, increasingly, global trade is built around intra-company supply chains or coordinated supply chains globally, you can see how a free trade agreement really can build up investment that's in both respective jurisdictions." Roy McAlpine, Vice President of Government and Industry Relations, Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

"As an advanced manufacturer of rubber components that has a strong customer base in Europe, we believe CETA will not only make it easier for us to do business in Europe but also increase our market share. The proposed elimination of tariffs will enable us to be more competitive compared to our other plants in Europe. In addition, by eliminating the constraints association with the movement of temporary labour, it will be easier to transfer technology and knowledge from our European facilities to Canada. This transfer of technology will aid in our growth and also enhance the skills sets of our local employees. Having travelled to Europe extensively over the last 15 years, I have seem the tremendous market opportunity that the region presents to Canadian companies. For our domestic economy, the foreign direct investment potential is enormous and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in London, Ontario is but a small example of the importance of foreign investment in creating jobs and transferring leading edge technology to Canada." Vijai Lakshmikanthan, Vice President, Starlim North America Corporations "Wing Wing has been exporting our dried pork sausages to Europe for about 40 years now. As a small, specialized business that relies on export markets for growth opportunities, the Canada-EU trade agreement will solidify our market presence in Europe, increase our profits, and expand our business, all of which is good for our employees and their families." Rod Fong, General Manager, Wing Wing "As a member of the BC and Canadian food industry for over 50 years now, we strongly support the Canada-EU comprehensive economic and trade agreement. The food industry is the number-one employer in BC and Freybe Gourmet Foods alone provides jobs for over 300 employees. The success of our business, the creation of jobs, and the growth of the industry as a whole will depend on initiatives like CETA that grant us greater access to key markets abroad and lead to increased investment in our people, our technologies and our businesses." Sven Freybe, President and CEO, Freybe Gourmet Foods Maritimes and Newfoundland and Labrador "The EU represents the most lucrative seafood market in the world, with high seafood consumption per capita. For too many of our products, we are kept from being competitive because of the high tariffs the EU placed on our seafood products. It's a remarkable achievement, the elimination of all EU tariffs on fish and seafood in a single leap. The EU is our backyard. Two thirds of the rest of Canada's seafood is sold in the U.S., but we sell just 34 percent to the U.S. We're closer to many parts of Europe, geographically and historically, than many markets in the U.S. Clearly we have work to do, but the good news is [that] the ground has shifted. We can take our current sales, and now we have room for growth. This is good news for us and good news for European consumers. It opens up new market opportunities." Derek Butler, Executive Director, Association of Seafood Producers "We strongly encourage the Government of Canada and the provinces to now expedite the implementation of CETA, as it will ensure a level playing field where companies like ours, and other exporting SMEs, will have the benefit of being treated the same as a European company. And, because our employees in Canada will be able to travel and work with their colleagues in Ireland, where we have just purchased a company, this agreement will accelerate the transfer of knowledge and technology and will strengthen our company." Jean-Paul Deveau, President, Acadian Seaplants Limited "For too many of our products, high tariffs have kept us from being competitive on the global stage. The Canada-EU agreement is a game changer for our sector, which is why the Lobster Council of Canada is eager to see CETA ratified as quickly as possible. We call on the federal and provincial governments to implement this agreement as soon as possible. Once CETA is ratified, exporters will have enhanced access to the largest and most lucrative market in the world, therefore ensuring the long-term prosperity of our industry and the thousands of people it employs in Atlantic Canada." Geoff Irvine, Executive Director, Lobster Council of Canada "We've operated for years at a tremendous competitive disadvantage to, say, Norway, Iceland and other competitors in terms of getting access to that important market. This, for the most part, removes those disadvantages and gives us a fighting chance." Earle McCurdy, President, Fish, Food & Allied Workers "The agreement reached between Canada and the European Union demonstrates great growth in the province. Businesses that are having difficulty surviving in the current marketplace will see increased opportunities as the province begins to compete on a global scale." Richard Alexander, Executive Director, Newfoundland and Labrador Employers' Council "The company is extremely pleased with the announcement of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with Europe. This agreement will have an extremely positive impact on the seafood industry and will provide Canadian fishing companies with a level playing field when it comes to developing European markets. We commend the efforts of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Honourable Ed Fast [Minister of International Trade] in getting this deal done. The elimination of the high tariffs on our seafood imports into the EU will provide us with an opportunity to enhance our market presence throughout Europe." Martin Sullivan, CEO, Ocean Choice International "I think it's a tremendous initiative. I think the free trade deal with the EU is something almost everybody in the fishing industry had hoped for years. We're as excited as hell." Bill Barry, Chairman and CEO, Barry Group Inc.

"This milestone trade agreement with the European Union will lead to an increase in cargo activity through the Port of Halifax. An increase in trade with Europe will have long-term economic benefits for the Port of Halifax as a result of increased trade volumes. As one of Canada's leading ports with Europe, the Port of Halifax stands ready to facilitate the increase in trade between Europe and Canada that this landmark agreement will bring." Karen Oldfield, President and CEO, Halifax Port Authority "A trade agreement with the European Union will finally give businesses on the East Coast a level playing field on which to expand, compete and invest for growth that will benefit workers. We are eagerly awaiting this agreement to be ratified in an effort to strengthen the transatlantic ties that make our economies stronger." Ian D. Smith, CEO, Clearwater Seafoods Ltd.

"With this agreement, we're in a very good spot for other countries to see the value of our product." Dannie Hansen, Development Manager, Louisbourg Seafoods Ltd.

"As a harvester, I support the Canada-EU trade agreement on the basis that it will improve marketing conditions and offer a boost to our industry. Given the number of people the fish and seafood industry employs on the Eastern Shore, this is a welcome development for the industry and those that depend on it." Peter Connors, President, Eastern Shore Fishermen's Protective Association "The free trade agreements to eliminate tariffs will seriously open up the markets. I very much applaud the efforts of government to reduce trade barriers." Nathan Blades, President, Nova Scotia Fish Packers Association "I think there are real opportunities for much more development of not only live lobsters in Europe but also processed lobsters." Gilles Theriault, President, GTA Fisheries Consultants "This is a big accomplishment for Canada and for the New Brunswick fishing industry in particular. We expect to see great economic benefits resulting from this agreement from the day it is implemented." Doris Losier, Director, Cape Bald Packers "The Maritime Fisherman's Union represents over 1,300 workers who stand to benefit from the tremendous opportunities a Canada-EU free trade agreement would bring to our industry. Duty-free access to the lucrative EU fish and seafood market will mean new jobs and prosperity for fishers and their families across the Maritimes." Christian Brun, Executive Secretary, Maritime Fishermen's Union "We see that Nova Scotia is well-positioned to capitalize on increased global trade. In our business, lobsters shipped into Europe are subject to an 8-percent duty. As part of the talks with the European Union toward a comprehensive economic and trade agreement, this duty would be eliminated. Less duty makes our products more competitive in Europe." Doug McRae, Partner, Gateway Facilities ULC "Expanding into new markets is the way forward for our company and the Canadian mussel industry as a whole. We have been working hard to enter the European market for some time now, and thanks to a Canada-EU trade agreement, enhanced market access will help us continue to grow and create new sources of prosperity for our company, our community and our province." Esther Dockendorff, President, P.E.I. Mussel King Inc.

"A Canada-EU trade agreement is a clear win for the island's world-class mussel, oyster and finfish growers, processors and suppliers. The elimination of high tariff barriers into the massive EU market will contribute significantly toward the potential opportunities for Prince Edward Island aquaculturists to thrive, succeed and prosper." Ann Worth, Executive Director, Prince Edward Island Aquaculture Alliance "A trade agreement with Europe will place our processors on a level playing field with our European competitors, allowing us to penetrate, compete and succeed in export markets abroad. I cannot understate the benefits of appreciably reducing the significant tariffs Nova Scotia seafood processors currently face in European markets." Marc Surette, Executive Director, Nova Scotia Fish Packers Association "An ambitious agreement with the European Union that eliminates tariff barriers would directly benefit Sable Fish Packers. By increasing our exports to Europe, Sable Fish Packers will be able to grow and create more opportunities for workers in Nova Scotia through jobs and higher wages. We support the government's efforts to help us expand into large and important markets for the fish and seafood industry." Brian Blades, President, Sable Fish Packers Limited "Europeans are fans of the northern shrimp that we market, so the European Union market is very important to Island Fishermen Cooperative Association Ltd. The elimination of tariffs on seafood products is crucial to our industry and we support the government in its negotiation of a trade agreement with the European Union, as it would directly benefit our fishermen, who depend on them." Marcel Duguay, General Manager, Island Fishermen Cooperative Association Ltd.

"The fish and seafood industry forms a critical component of New Brunswick's economy, which is precisely why we favour a trade agreement with the European Union. This agreement will enhance the competitiveness of companies like Shediac Lobster Shop in Europe, translating into increased exports and bringing with it the potential to benefit New Brunswick workers through both jobs and higher wages." Daniel Belliveau, Vice President of Marketing/Sales, Shediac Lobster Shop Ltd.

"The significant benefits that this agreement will bring to New Brunswick and the seafood industry in particular are important to the continued growth of Westmorland Fisheries. Our company employs over 300 production staff, and having access to the world's largest fish and seafood market could give us the potential to increase production and create more jobs. We support the government's continued focus of opening markets and providing us with tariff-free access to those markets." Russel Jacob, Owner and President, Westmorland Fisheries Ltd.

"The potato industry in P.E.I. creates a total economic impact of more than $1 billion and directly or indirectly employs over 12 percent of the island's workforce. The reduction of EU tariff barriers on Canadian agricultural products has the potential to increase sales, growth and prosperity for our province's important agriculture sector." Gary Linkletter, Chairman, Prince Edward Island Potato Board "In a time when the forest sector is seeking to diversify its markets, it's only natural to look across the pond to the U.K. and the EU. They have been Atlantic Canada's natural trading partners for the better part of two centuries. Concluding a deal to open trade with Europe is good for business for New Brunswick." Mark L. Arsenault, President and CEO, New Brunswick Forest Products Association "A trade agreement with the European Union not only increases opportunities for businesses that sell directly to the EU, but also improves market opportunities for companies like Acadian Timber that supply materials to support those businesses. We welcome the government's efforts to strengthen trade opportunities to improve our economy." Kevin Topolniski, Chief Forester, Acadian Timber "This ambitious free trade agreement with the European Union is intended to level the playing field for our producers and provide better access to a lucrative market of 500 million consumers. We welcome any government commitment to improving the business environment for Canadian forest products." Diana Blenkhorn, President and CEO, Maritime Lumber Bureau "Considering the need to diversify markets for Nova Scotia forest products, the Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia welcomes the initiative of the Government of Canada to develop market access into the European Union." Steve Talbot, Executive Director, Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia "A trade agreement with the EU would give manufacturers and exporters on the East Coast the ability to diversify their sales into new export markets, increase their presence in Europe at a time when they are looking for new market opportunities, and position Canada as a more attractive destination for manufacturing investment by giving Canadian companies privileged, duty-free access to one of the largest markets in the world." David Haire, Vice President, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) Newfoundland and Labrador "Because of its unique position as the cargo hub of Atlantic Canada, the Greater Moncton International Airport is Atlantic Canada's largest courier and fastest-growing international air cargo gateway. A comprehensive economic trade agreement with the European Union will help propel that growth and in turn create jobs here in Moncton and all across the Atlantic region." Rob Robichaud, President and CEO, Greater Moncton International Airport "I welcome any trade agreement that will bring more traffic through the ports of Sydney, which already contribute significantly to Cape Breton's economy. Even beyond the benefits a Canada-EU trade agreement will bring to Sydney Harbour, it will definitely be a very positive development for the island as a whole." Paul Carrigan, General Manager, Sydney Ports Corporation Inc.

Quebec "In addition to promoting our exports, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement will generate investments here at home from European companies wanting to do business in the North American market as well as from Quebec companies, which would have access to duty-free machinery and equipment to update their operations." Antoine Normand, President, Chambre de commerce de Gatineau [Gatineau chamber of commerce] "We have the vigour, knowledge, expertise and ambition to take full advantage of this agreement with the EU, a market of 500 million consumers. With this agreement, Canada becomes the only country with privileged access to the world's two main world markets, the EU and the United States. Among other things, the agreement will allow Quebec to substantially increase its balance of trade." Francoise Bertrand, President and CEO, Federation des chambres de commerce du Quebec (FCCQ) [federation of Quebec chambers of commerce] "We are the leading port on the North American east coast for trade between Northern Europe and North America's industrial heartland. Within the context of the new free trade agreement with the European Union, our vision to expand the port to our land at Contrecdzur [Quebec] takes on added significance." Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO, Montreal Port Authority "In 2012, Quebec and Canada generated 26 percent of the world's cranberry production. Currently, the European market accounts for only 16 percent of our sales of cranberry products, while the United States, by far Quebec and Canada's largest trading partner, accounts for over 70 percent of these sales." Monique Thomas, Executive Director, Quebec Cranberry Growers Association (Association des producteurs de canneberges du Quebec) "The Canadian negotiators faced an enormous challenge, but they reached an agreement that is mutually very beneficial. The leadership and drive of the federal government and of Quebec's successive governments should be commended; they never stopped defending this significant project over the past few years, strongly supported by Quebec and Canada's entire business community. Finally, it should be pointed out that this process was strongly inspired by [one of] Quebec's former premier[s], Jean Charest, who believed in the advantages of such an agreement from the beginning and used his political clout to ensure it came to fruition. In our opinion, the agreement introduced today will foster increased collaboration between us and our European economic partners and will facilitate the movement of goods, services and labour. Such an agreement will help diversify our markets and attract significant investment, which will lead to a lasting prosperity that will benefit all Quebecers and Canadians.

Yves-Thomas Dorval, Quebec Employers Council "Rio Tinto welcomes the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement and the easing of Canadian restrictions on European Union investment in the uranium mining sector, as we believe policies that promote trade and foreign investment enhance the prosperity of Saskatchewan and other regions of Canada." Alfredo Barrios, CEO, Rio Tinto Alcan "We are confident that CETA will be beneficial for the city, which is the vanguard of economic ties with Europe and a natural gateway to North America for the movement of goods and people from Europe. It is one of our major competitive advantages that we will use to exploit the agreement's full potential. The signature of CETA will help local companies integrate into the global value chain and allow them to tap into the European Union market, with its 500 million consumers and GDP of over $17,000 billion. CETA will also make it easier to attract European direct investment to the city and enable better mobility of the highly qualified labour our companies are increasingly in need of." Michel Leblanc, President and CEO, Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal "This affirms the future of the sector. This will provide a good opportunity to market certain cuts, such as ham, which is highly valued in Europe." David Boissonneault, President, Les Eleveurs de porcs du Quebec "Quality maple sugar production is a source of great pride for Canadians. Our products are already well-known in the European market. Maple syrup has evolved beyond the traditional pancake and waffle markets and can now be found in value-added products as a natural flavouring. The elimination of EU tariff barriers on Canadian products will not only increase sales, but will also increase recognition of Canada's high-quality products." Serge Beaulieu, President, Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers "Maple syrup has become an increasingly popular product among Europeans over the last few years. A trade agreement with the EU will make Canada's products more competitive in this lucrative market." Pierre Faucher, Owner, Cabane r Pierre "We are confident that a comprehensive agreement between Canada and the European Union will result in significant economic benefits for Canada and Quebec." Simon Prevost, former President, Manufacturiers et Exportateurs du Quebec (MEQ) [manufacturers and exporters of Quebec] "We commend the government's and Minister Fast's work to reduce barriers to trade with the European Union. We are confident a trade agreement with Europe will lead to a more free and open exchange of goods and services between our two economies." Veso Sobot, Director of Corporate Affairs, Ipex Management Inc.

"A comprehensive economic and trade agreement with the European Union will have a positive effect on Quebec's chemical industry, an economic gem that employs nearly 25,000 people in the province." Saadia Lakehal, Director General, Association for Development and Innovation in Chemistry in Quebec Ontario "The industry congratulates the Prime Minister and the Minister of International Trade on the government's ongoing commitment to opening international markets and successfully negotiating CETA. The health of the Canadian economy depends on the ability to competitively export to markets around the world. CETA will deliver significant dividends for the Canadian economy over the years ahead." Andrew Casey, President and CEO, BIOTECanada "Ford Motor Company of Canada congratulates the Government of Canada on reaching a transformational free trade agreement with the European Union. Ford is a company built on free trade. Throughout our history, Ford has supported deals that provide an opportunity to increase effective two-way trade among all partners. Expanding trade opportunities is fundamental to Ford's business plan, and the EU market represents a significant global market for our vehicles." Dianne Craig, President and CEO, Ford Motor Company of Canada "We applaud Canada and the EU for completing a modern, high-standard comprehensive economic and trade agreement that will provide enhanced opportunities for growth in both regions. We appreciate the hard work to find creative solutions that improve market access for Canadian-produced automobiles, while ensuring Canada continues to benefit from the integrated manufacturing sector that has developed in North America over the past 50 years." Kevin Williams, President and Managing Director, General Motors of Canada "The EU is the largest buyer of Canadian soybeans, with more than a million tonnes exported to the region annually. We look forward to even greater trade with Europe with the implementation of CETA." Barry Senft, CEO, Grain Farmers of Ontario "Canada has some tightly controlled pricing regimes as [they] relate to drug products, and subsequently as time moves forward there should be no reason as to why drug prices would increase from the levels that we currently are at. This is good for Canada. It enables us to become more competitive with other countries around the world that currently have better intellectual property regimes." Chris Halyk, President, Janssen Inc.

"We anticipate that this agreement, when it comes into force, will open new markets to Canadian exporters like NOVO Plastics throughout Europe and will generate significant commercial opportunities for all Canadian small to medium-sized businesses. NOVO Plastics will benefit from the elimination of EU tariffs on auto parts, which are as high as 4.5 percent. This will provide us with a competitive advantage in the EU market that few other countries have." Baljit Sierra, President and CEO, NOVO Plastics Inc.

"Gaining preferential access to the world's largest economy--with a GDP of almost $17 trillion and a market of 500 million consumers--will be good news for a trading nation like Canada. The value of the [financial] industry's exported services has doubled in the past decade, and the sector now accounts for roughly half of Canada's total stock of outward foreign direct investment. What's more, exports by financial companies are growing faster than [those in] other sectors, and CETA could open new opportunities for our financial services providers." Janet L. Ecker, President and CEO, Toronto Financial Services Alliance "The European Union has become a key export market for us, with customers in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia who appreciate the high-quality and low-cost products we are able to provide. This agreement will make our products even more cost-competitive, which will expand our business, create new sources of prosperity for current and future employees and benefit Canadian manufacturers as a whole." Ben Whitney, President, Armo Tool Limited "Our exports to the European market are an important and growing aspect to our business. Creating an improved access to the European market with reduced tariffs and barriers would help us to continue to diversify our customer base and stabilize employment at ODG." Michael Eckardt, CEO, Ontario Drive and Gear Ltd. (ODG) "We at Miovision are in full support of a Canada-EU trade agreement, and would consider freer trade with Europe to be a milestone achievement for the government procurement sector. At a minimum, the reduction of technical barriers to trade will allow companies like Miovision to reap far greater gains from existing deals with European customers. Ultimately, the faster Canada can gain preferential access to the European Union, the faster companies on both sides of the equation can grow and create jobs." Kurtis McBride, Co-founder and CEO, Miovision Technologies "In the eyes of our industry, CETA means increased demand here in Canada for construction. It means expanding companies. It means housing for the new workers. And it means people have the confidence to invest in their future and in construction. Hand in hand with seeking increased trade in the Asia-Pacific and our existing free trade with the United States, freer trade with Europe will benefit Canadians and construction for decades to come." Terrance Oakey, President, Merit Canada "There is no doubt that a Canada-EU comprehensive economic trade agreement will be a huge win for the Waterloo region. As a regional economic development partnership, we seek to attract investment by showcasing the region as a place of great opportunity with an exceptionally talented and innovative labour force. That is exactly what this agreement will help us do, and is why Canada's Technology Triangle Inc supports a successful CETA as a means to improving the Waterloo region's competitive edge in the world." John G. Jung, CEO, Canada's Technology Triangle Inc.

"This is the classic way to create jobs, by lowering trade barriers. We are a trading nation. We are convinced that with better opportunities in Europe we can increase our production, therefore hire more people and, therefore, create jobs. That is how it is done." Paul Van Meerbergen, Business Development Manager, Lamko Tool and Mold Inc.

"The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada strongly supports the government's pro-trade agenda and successful completion of the comprehensive economic and trade agreement with the EU. A trade agreement would help Canada's chemistry manufacturing industry secure new markets; stimulate economic growth, job creation and investments; and provide more opportunities to develop Canada's natural resources--including energy--into value-added products for the benefit of the broader manufacturing sector." Richard Paton, President and CEO, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada "As a world-class supplier of medical and industrial high purity alcohol, a comprehensive economic trade agreement with the European Union will allow GreenField Ethanol to expand our operations into the lucrative EU market and take our products global. This agreement is about moving Canada forward and positioning Canadian companies to compete and succeed in the 21st-century global economy. Access to the European market through the reduction of tariffs and other barriers to trade will open up new opportunities for my business and allow me to create well-paying jobs right here in Canada." Kenneth Field, Chairman, GreenField Ethanol Inc.

Prairies "Manitoba Beef Producers applauds the successful conclusion of the CETA negotiations. We estimate that this agreement offers more than $600 million in potential benefits to the Canadian beef sector. Over and above these concrete fiscal benefits, the agreement includes a process to resolve significant non-tariff trade barriers. This process could benefit our industry almost as much as the elimination of tariff barriers." Trevor Atchison, former president, Manitoba Beef Producers "The European Union is one of the world's most important markets and continues to be a key market for Western Canadian grains and oilseeds. While the EU is already a major destination for agricultural products, strengthening our economic ties with the Europeans will further increase market access, clearly benefiting farmers, the grain sector and the broader economy in Western Canada." Wade Sobkowich, Executive Director, Western Grain Elevator Association "Alberta's barley farmers are excited about CETA and what it means for our future. This historic deal gives us a chance to open more doors and grow our exports to the European market. In Canada, we are fortunate to produce more than we need to feed our country, and our farmers rely on exports to be profitable. CETA will help us to reach over 500 million consumers in the EU, which is huge news for us." Matt Sawyer, Chairman, Alberta Barley "This trade agreement, which will reduce wheat tariffs to zero over a seven-year period, means expanded market opportunities for Canadian wheat. The Alberta Wheat Commission applauds the federal government for finalizing this trade agreement, as greater access to a steady and reliable market like the EU is positive for Alberta producers and will help boost exports in the agriculture sector." Kent Erickson, Chair, Alberta Wheat Commission "Canada exports $40 billion a year in agriculture and food products, with $2.4 billion of that being sold to the EU. This new trade agreement could see an increase of $1.5 billion in Canadian agri-products being sold overseas, which means more money in the pockets of Alberta's wheat producers." Doug Cornell, General Manager, Alberta Wheat Commission "CWB has been marketing prairie farmers' top-quality products worldwide for more than 75 years. Today, the European Union is a key export market for Canadian wheat and barley. An ambitious trade agreement with the EU will boost sales of world-class Canadian wheat, creating jobs and prosperity for hard-working farmers and their families across Western Canada." Ian White, President and CEO, Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) "CanMar Grain Products Ltd. has evolved to become a world leader in roasted flax seed products, and much of that success is directly related to the export opportunities we've taken advantage of in key markets abroad. A trade agreement with the European Union will help our company solidify and expand our presence in the European market, which will help us create new jobs and enhance the prosperity of our current employees. This agreement presents an exciting set of prospects for the grain industry as a whole." Cecil Werner, President and CEO, CanMar Grain Products Ltd.

"Quality wheat is a source of great pride to Canadians. Our agriculture products are already well-known in the European market. Eliminating tariff barriers on agriculture products will not only increase sales, but will also increase recognition of Canada's high-quality products." Jim Wickett, Director, Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association British Columbia "The deal represents a trading milestone for Canada that slashes barriers and opens markets for B.C. products.

John Winter, President and CEO, B.C. Chamber of Commerce "While we have exported canned salmon to Europe for more than 100 years, high tariffs, often more than 20 percent, have made it very difficult to increase exports to this lucrative market. Trade means jobs. It helps maintain Canadians' standard of living. This agreement means new market opportunities for fishermen and processors up and down the coast." Christina Burridge, Executive Director, BC Seafood Alliance "A comprehensive Canada-Europe trade agreement that reduces tariffs over time will not only help stimulate demand for our products, but it will also allow Canadian businesses to realize more money for their products." Chris Sporer, Executive Director, Seafood Producers Association of British Columbia "Grand Hale Marine is a relative newcomer to the seafood sector in British Columbia but has been able to develop new markets with new products that are exported to the European Union. It has been a struggle to export some of our products to the European Union due to trade quotas, high tariffs or both. Our products are recognized in the market as safe, quality products, and Canadian. A trade agreement with the European Union will directly benefit all Canadian fish and seafood producers, including Grand Hale Marine Products, by lowering and eliminating tariffs and quota barriers. To cement a trade deal before many of our competitor countries do so will give Canadians a competitive advantage. It will also help to secure and strengthen trade and business relationships before those competitors gain similar trade agreements with the EU. We support the government's efforts to help us expand into large and important markets for the fish and seafood industry." John Nishidate, General Manager, Grand Hale Marine Products Company, Ltd.

"Like most other B.C. seafood products, a large portion of the halibut commercially harvested in British Columbia is exported. The more our industry has open access to important world seafood markets, the better it is for fishermen, the communities where we live and for Canada, too. Commercial halibut fishermen fully support the Canada-EU comprehensive economic trade agreement." Lyle Pierce, President, Pacific Halibut Management Association "A trade agreement with the EU will provide an excellent opportunity for many sectors of the B.C. economy--such as wood and wood products, agriculture and fish and seafood--to enjoy reduced tariff barriers and expand existing trading relationships. British Columbians will experience increased employment opportunities and our industries will benefit from a more diversified market for their products." Bob Wilds, Executive Director, BC Wharf Operators Association "BC Blueberries, the largest producer of Canadian highbush blueberries, is pleased to see the extensive efforts that have been made by the Honourable Ed Fast and the Canadian government to open new markets in Europe. The Canada-EU trade agreement will expand Canadian blueberries' capacity and competitive situation in the European Union, which is Canada's second-largest trading partner of goods and services." Debbie Etsell, Executive Director, British Columbia Blueberry Council "A trade agreement with the EU will further diversify markets and strengthen relationships for coastal B.C.'s forest industry. Market diversity and strong global relationships promote business stability, which means secure jobs and reliable economic contributions from the forest sector." Bruce St. John, Vice President, Lumber Sales and Marketing, Western Forest Products Inc.

"I commend the government's efforts to conclude a trade agreement between Canada and the European Union that aims to eliminate tariffs on wood products and simplify market access requirements for Canadian exporters. Such an agreement will greatly strengthen the position of the Canadian forest industry." Paul Newman, President, Canada Wood Group "The Independent Wood Processors Association fully supports the removal of tariffs and taxes on the export of our manufactured products. It's good to see Minister Fast actively trying to break down these trade barriers in the EU and elsewhere around the world." Russ Cameron, President, Independent Wood Processors Association of British Columbia "A Canada-EU trade agreement helps provide an opportunity to grow our business of selling world-class forest products to Europe and create new sources of jobs and prosperity within our industry." Richard J. Slaco, Vice President and Chief Forester, International Forest Products Limited (Interfor) "Quality wood and wood products are a source of great pride for Canadians. B.C.'s wood exports face average tariffs of 2.2 percent in the EU, with peaks of 10 percent. The elimination of tariff barriers on these products will not only increase sales, but will also increase recognition of Canada's world-class products." Rick Jeffery, President and CEO, Coast Forest Products Association Related Products - Canada Reaches Historic Trade Agreement with the European Union - Opening New Markets in Europe - An Overview - Opening New Markets in Europe - Technical Summary of the Final Negotiated Outcomes Associated Links Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement TNS 18EstebanLiz-140806-30FurigayJane-4820313 30FurigayJane (c) 2014 Targeted News Service

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