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OneHealth Study Shows Link Between Social Interaction, Improvements in Emotional Health
[April 15, 2014]

OneHealth Study Shows Link Between Social Interaction, Improvements in Emotional Health

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OneHealth Solutions, a behavior change platform company that develops social networking solutions and behavioral change programs to improve health outcomes, has completed a study on a wide range of indicators of social isolation that pose health risks, including negative emotions, social disconnectedness and perceived isolation.

Many previous researches have shown that negative emotional health and social isolation are proven predictors of poor health outcomes and mortality in the United States. 

The company completed the study of members participating in a series of platform challenges to evaluate OneHealth's impact on emotional health and positive behavior change. The study includes detailed analysis of a random population of more than 400 members choosing to participate in a series of challenges designed to evaluate emotional health status. OneHealth's study focuses on topics such as stress management, nutrition and gratitude.

Using the company's patent-pending Emotional Risk Assessment (ERA), members participating in challenge activities were asked to self-identify emotional state at specific times throughout the challenge to generate data for analysis purposes. The OneHealth Tool is a new software tool designed to strengthen health system analysis and costing and to develop financing scenarios at the country level.

OneHealth's ERA tool, with greater than 92 percent utilization by routine users of the platform, allows the member's network and peer community to immediately respond and support the individual's health needs, leading to better result. The tool is designed for use by experts involved in national health planning, including government health planners, UN agencies, NGOs, donors, researchers and consultants. 

 Bruce Springer, CEO of OneHealth said in a statement, "We are finding that addressing negative emotional health and social isolation immediately following treatment helps improve medication and care plan adherence, which lowers the risk of complications and ultimately drives better outcomes and lowers costs."

Additional, members who participated in the OneHealth challenge study are also shown to make deep social connections with others members with similar health conditions at a rate 49 percent greater than the non-challenge cohort. The results of study demonstrate that participation in a challenge and engaging with peers resulted in improved emotional state.

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