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Mocana Atlas Platform Simplifies Secure Enterprise Mobile App Adoption at Scale
[February 20, 2014]

Mocana Atlas Platform Simplifies Secure Enterprise Mobile App Adoption at Scale

SAN FRANCISCO --(Business Wire)--

Mocana (News - Alert) today introduced the Mocana Atlas™ extended enterprise engine, a revolutionary, purpose-built platform designed to simplify enterprise mobile app deployments. The Mocana Atlas appliance mitigates many of the toughest security bottlenecks that typify large-scale rollouts, while significantly reducing mobile total cost of ownership (TCO) for all kinds of organizations. Deployed behind the firewall, Mocana Atlas securely connects mobile apps to back-end systems with unprecedented simplicity for IT and one-click access for end-users, across the entire extended enterprise.

Mocana Atlas is available now in private beta. To request an invitation, visit

So far, enterprises have lagged far behind consumers in mobile app adoption. Industry analysts report that the average user has more than 40 consumer apps on their smartphone, while a typical smartphone used in the workplace has only four enterprise apps. This gap between consumer and enterprise app adoption is severely limiting the value that companies could reap from leveraging higher-value enterprise apps beyond simple PIM, email and calendaring. The bottleneck is security and the near-impossible task IT departments face when asked to vet unfamiliar apps as safe for myriad mobile platforms that need to access hundreds of critical enterprise datastores and services.

Mocana Atlas delivers the 'missing link' that makes it possible for enterprises to fully mobilize their workforces, intellectual assets and unique value propositions at global scale, and at significantly lower cost than traditional approaches. Mocana Atlas works with existing mobile device management (MDM) or mobile application management (MAM) software. It supports both iOS and Android (News - Alert)™, and can extend security policies to apps on unmanaged devices used by partners, contractors or others outside the enterprise network.

Mocana Atlas is scheduled to be commercially available in Summer 2014 as a compact form-factor, FIPS 140-2 Level 3-ready network appliance designed to support thousands of concurrent encrypted mobile app connections.

"Colgate-Palmolive is at the foefront of enterprise mobility, and as a MAP customer, we appreciate innovations like Mocana Atlas, which is designed to help us scale our mobile transformations globally and securely," said Jason Russo, mobility lead at Colgate-Palmolive, one of several Fortune 500 companies already piloting the Mocana Atlas solution, which also include two of the world's largest financial institutions as well as several defense contractors.

Mocana Atlas unleashes the power of Mocana's patented Mobile App Protection (MAP™) app security solution by dramatically increasing MAP's reach and ease-of-deployment. Mocana Atlas empowers organizations to create novel authentication, identity and trust relationships with apps on virtually any mobile device more easily and more cost-effectively than before. Mocana's industry-leading MAP solution accelerates wide-scale deployments of enterprise mobile apps with true app security automation. MAP injects new security into existing third-party, hybrid and in-house enterprise app binaries with no coding or security expertise required. MAP decouples app security from app development, reducing technical risk, lowering development costs and speeding apps to market. MAP helps enterprises focus on real innovation and scale.

Mocana Atlas can bridge existing enterprise MDM, MAM and EMM software instances from other vendors, and helps companies get more out of the software they already have. Mocana Atlas delivers end-to-end security and new security-posture intelligence at the point of network connection. This enables enterprises to gain new insights and more comprehensive data protection with increased visibility into the mobile apps and transactions that are transforming their networks. Mocana Atlas is virtually transparent to end users, offering single sign-on across all MAP-protected apps.

"Today's extended enterprise needs to protect sensitive data from any mobile device, whether they manage it or not, all the way back to the firewall," said Carlos Montero-Luque, chief technology officer at Apperian (News - Alert). "The new Mocana Atlas will help us enable our Enterprise App Service Environment (EASE) platform for managing and securing mobile apps to do just that. We see Mocana Atlas as a game-changer that helps us deliver secure connections from MAP-protected mobile apps to enterprise servers at massive scale."

"Mocana Atlas is an innovative approach that will address the key challenges that many of our customers are struggling with," said James Mobley, president and CEO of Neohapsis. "While wanting to move quickly to achieve the business advantages of enterprise mobile app adoption, our customers are hitting roadblocks of scalability and security. A technology like Mocana Atlas will speed and simplify their processes, and will be especially beneficial to our customers in highly regulated industries like healthcare, retail, and financial services."

Mocana Atlas simplifies new-user provisioning by making it easier for admins to get real X.509 digital certificates onto devices and into apps by leveraging the Certificate Authority (CA) they already have. Mocana Atlas supports multi-factor authentication, and is designed to tie in to existing Microsoft Active Directory® servers. Furthermore, Mocana Atlas' location in the enterprise DMZ makes SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol) safer for the enterprise and 'username-password-simple' for end-users.

"Traditional security appliances add extra layers of management controls to try and make mobility secure. Mocana Atlas takes a different approach: improving the security posture of the enterprise by making mobile apps and their communications more inherently secure. Even from jailbroken devices, MAP-secured apps connected to Mocana Atlas can complete trusted business transactions," said Alan Panezic, vice president of products at Mocana.

About Mocana

Mocana makes security easy for enterprise mobility and the Internet of Things. Recognized as a World Economic Forum "Technology Pioneer" and a Gartner (News - Alert) "Cool Vendor", Mocana builds on deep expertise born from a decade securing everything from medical devices to defense electronics, from point-of-sale terminals to the smart grid to home automation. The company's Mobile Application Protection (MAP™) offering, distributed globally by SAP and Unisys (News - Alert), automates end-to-end security for iOS and Android apps and authenticates mobile users, apps and devices to business systems. More information is available at

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