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The Global Wireless M2M Market - 5th Edition
[October 10, 2013]

The Global Wireless M2M Market - 5th Edition

NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: The Global Wireless M2M Market - 5th Edition The global wireless M2M market remained strong in 2012, displaying growth in all major world regions and vertical segments. Berg Insight estimates that shipments of cellular M2M devices increased by 15.2 percent to a new record level of 54.9 million units. Adjusted for churn, this resulted in net additions of 27.5 million M2M connections in 2012, taking the worldwide number of cellular M2M subscribers to an estimated 134.9 million. Until 2018, Berg Insight forecasts that shipments of cellular M2M devices are forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.0 percent to reach 185.0 million units. Due to the wide adoption of wireless M2M technology across many industries, a substantial share of M2M device shipments is now generated from replacement sales. Furthermore there will be a growing number of dormant devices in segments such as automotive and consumer electronics that never become activated. As a result the net increase of M2M subscribers will be substantially lower than M2M device shipments. Berg Insight forecasts that the number of cellular M2M connections will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.4 percent between 2013 and 2018 to reach 489.9 million at the end of the period.

East Asia, Western Europe and North America were relatively close in size and accounted for nearly 75 percent of the global cellular M2M subscriber base at the end of 2012. Until 2018, the relative share of the regions is expected to decrease slightly as adoption takes off in other parts of the world. East Asia became the largest regional market with 37.8 million cellular M2M subscribers at the end of 2012 after recording a year-on-year growth rate of 34 percent.

Western Europe came second with 32.6 million M2M subscribers and 28 percent year-onyear growth. North America fell to the third place with 31.0 million cellular M2M subscribers, as the year-on-year growth rate slowed down to 11 percent. Among individual countries, China and the US were tied in the first place with around 28.4 million M2M subscribers each. The combined size of the EU market was even larger with approximately 35 million M2M subscribers.

The market conditions for wireless M2M technology industry players have improved in the past year. Global economic recovery and continued progress along the technology adoption curve in almost every part of the world have underpinned the long-term volume growth trend. The shift in the North American market towards 3G and eventually 4G platforms have stabilised hardware ASPs, which could even increase in the coming years as Europe starts to follow. Consolidation among module vendors has created three global players - Sierra Wireless, Gemalto M2M and Telit - that have improved their financial performance. There are however still challengers in the market and in Mainland China the competitive situation is extremely fierce. On the software side, the main rift is between in-house and off-the-shelf solutions. There are currently two global providers of M2M connectivity platforms for mobile operators - Ericsson and Jasper Wireless - who compete as much against proprietary operator platforms as each other. In the application enablement platform space, the competition from in-house solutions is even stronger and no player has yet managed to attain any clear market leadership. The next category of players that will become increasingly involved in the M2M industry will come from the data analytics space, as new technology enables increasingly sophisticated analysis of data from M2M devices. Berg Insight expects to see a series of announcements of new partnerships between mobile operators and leading players in the big data space in the coming year.

The connected car and the connected enterprise are the two main trends currently shaping the development of the global wireless M2M market. GM is taking the next step in connected cars by introducing LTE connectivity as a standard feature across its model range in the US during 2014. At the same time adoption in Europe is boosted by the imminent implementation of the eCall mandate. The global automotive industry is no longer planning, but executing strategies to make always-on connectivity an integral part of the driving experience. These developments are a part of an even larger trend around the connected enterprise. The world's best managed corporations are in the process of mastering how connectivity can help improving the efficiency of their daily operations to increase revenues and reduce costs. The transformation occurs in organisations of all sizes in all sectors and ensures a high steady growth for the M2M industry.

Highlights from the fifth edition of the report: 360-degree overview of the M2M ecosystem.- Updated profiles of the main suppliers of wireless M2M modules and software platforms.- Reviews of the M2M strategies of leadingmobile operators.- Summary of industry trends in key verticalmarket segments.- Statistical data on M2M adoption in major regionsand industries.- Extensive global and regional market forecastslasting until 2018.

This report answers the following questions: How will the global wireless M2M market evolve over the next five years?- What are the main drivers behind growth in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific?- What is the status of M2M in emerging markets?- What are the leading global mobile operators' strategies for the M2M market?- Which are the strategic options for moving up the M2M value-chain?- Who are the leading providers of M2M connectivity and application enablement platforms?- What are the latest trends in connected cars?- Why is Big Data analytics crucial for the future of the M2M industry? Who should buy this report? The Global Wireless M2M market is the foremost source of information about all major vertical markets for wireless M2M.Whether you are a module vendor, telematics vendor, utility, vehicle manufacturer, telecom operator, investor, consultant, or government agency, you will gain valuable insights from our indepth research.

Table of Contents Table of Contents iList of Figures viExecutive summary 1 1 Introduction to wireless M2M 31.1 Introduction 31.2 Devices 51.2.1 Chipsets, modules and terminals 51.2.2 SIM solutions and embedded UICC 91.2.3 Device design and machine integration 111.2.4 Value chain 121.3 Networks 131.3.1 GSM/HSPA networks 141.3.2 CDMA networks 161.3.3 LTE networks 171.3.4 Non-cellular wireless networks and hybrid solutions 181.3.5 M2M software platforms 20 1.4 Applications 221.4.1 Car telematics 221.4.2 Fleet management 231.4.3 Smart grids and intelligent metering 241.4.4 Fixed wireless communication 251.4.5 Remote control and monitoring 261.4.6 Consumer electronics 261.5 Solution providers and integrators 261.5.1 Device manufacturers 271.5.2 System integrators 281.5.3 Vertical ASPs 291.5.4 B2B/B2C service providers 301.5.5 OEMs 31 2 M2M technology providers 332.1 Wireless M2M module vendors 342.1.1 Sierra Wireless 362.1.2 Gemalto M2M 412.1.3 Telit 452.1.4 SIMCom 482.1.5 u-blox 502.1.6 Huawei 522.1.7 Novatel Wireless 542.1.8 Other embedded module vendors 562.2 SIM and device management solution providers 582.2.1 Giesecke & Devrient 582.2.2 Oberthur Technologies 59 2.2.3 Red Bend 602.2.4 Safran Morpho 602.3 M2M connectivity platform providers 622.3.1 Amdocs 622.3.2 Comarch 632.3.3 Ericsson 632.3.4 Jasper Wireless 652.3.5 Macheen 662.3.6 nTels 662.4 M2M application enablement platform providers 672.4.1 Axeda 672.4.2 Etherios 682.4.3 ILS Technology 682.4.4 ThingWorx 692.5 Industry analysis 692.5.1 New challenges ahead for wireless module vendors 702.5.2 Buy versus build remains the top issue in a fragmented M2M platform market 732.5.3 Big Data analytics and the future of the M2M industry 75 3 M2M communication providers 773.1 Europe 783.1.1 Vodafone 813.1.2 Deutsche Telekom 843.1.3 Telefónica 873.1.4 Orange 903.1.5 Telenor 923.1.6 Everything Everywhere 943.1.7 KPN 953.1.8 MTS 963.1.9 Swisscom 963.1.10 Telecom Italia 973.1.11 Telekom Austria 983.1.12 TeliaSonera 993.1.13 Other M2M connectivity providers 1003.2 The Americas 1023.2.1 AT&T 1043.2.2 Verizon Communications 1083.2.3 Sprint 1123.2.4 T-Mobile USA 1143.2.5 Rogers Communications 1153.2.6 América Móvil 1163.2.7 Vivo 1173.3 Asia-Pacific 117 3.3.1 China Mobile 1193.3.2 China Telecom 1203.3.3 China Unicom 1213.3.4 NTT Docomo 1213.3.5 Softbank 1223.3.6 KDDI 1233.3.7 SK Telecom 1243.3.8 SingTel 1253.3.9 Telstra 1263.4 Middle East and Africa 1273.4.1 Etisalat 1273.4.2 Turkcell 1283.4.3 Vodacom 1283.5 M2M managed service providers 129 3.5.1 Aeris Communications 1293.5.2 KORE Telematics 1303.5.3 Maingate 1313.5.4 Numerex 1323.5.5 RACO Wireless 1323.5.6 Wireless Logic 1333.5.7 Wyless 1343.6 Satellite network operators 1353.6.1 Orbcomm 1363.6.2 Iridium 1373.6.3 Inmarsat 1383.6.4 Globalstar 1383.7 Industry analysis 1393.7.1 Strategies for driving M2M revenue growth 1403.7.2 International operator M2M alliances 142 4 Key vertical markets 1454.1 OEM automotive 1464.1.1 Automotive industry trends 1484.1.2 Automobile manufacturer telematics strategies 1524.1.3 Regional market trends 1614.2 Aftermarket automotive 1664.2.1 Key industry players 1684.2.2 Enterprise solutions - fleet management 1704.2.3 Consumer solutions - SVT, usage-based insurance and vehicle financing 174 4.2.4 Government solutions - vehicle tax collection and monitoring 1764.3 Utilities - smart grids and metering 1774.3.1 Energy meters 1784.3.2 Regional smart meter market trends 1804.3.3 Mobile communication technologies and smart metering networks 1834.4 Other vertical markets 1844.4.1 POS-terminals 1854.4.2 Security alarms 1874.4.3 Consumer electronics 1894.4.4 Healthcare 1914.4.5 Other industrial and enterprise 193 5 Market analysis and forecasts 1955.1 Global market 1955.1.1 Devices 1965.1.2 Network connectivity 1995.1.3 Vertical markets 2025.1.4 Technology standards 2055.2 Europe 2065.3 North America 2125.4 Latin America 2165.5 Asia-Pacific 2195.6 Middle East & Africa 223 Glossary 227 List of Figures Figure 1.1: Core elements of wireless M2M solutions 4Figure 1.2: Cost versus time diagram for wireless technology integration 6Figure 1.3: Examples of wireless M2M modules 7Figure 1.4: Examples of wireless M2M terminals 8Figure 1.5: Comparison of SIM form factors 9Figure 1.6: System architecture for an end-to-end M2M solution 11Figure 1.7: M2M device value chain overview 12Figure 1.8: Top global GSM/HSPA operators by subscriber base (Q1-2013) 14Figure 1.9: Top global CDMA operators by subscriber base (Q1-2013) 16Figure 1.10: Top global LTE operators by subscriber base (Q2-2013) 18Figure 2.1: Top wireless module vendors, by M2M sales and shipments (World 2012) 35Figure 2.2: Sierra Wireless embedded modules and terminals (Q2-2013) 39Figure 2.3: Gemalto M2M embedded modules and terminals (Q2-2013) 42Figure 2.4: Telit embedded modules and terminals (Q2-2013) 46Figure 2.5: SIMCom embedded wireless modules (Q2-2013) 49Figure 2.6: u-blox embedded wireless modules (Q2-2013) 51Figure 2.7: Huawei embedded wireless modules (Q2-2013) 53Figure 2.8: Novatel Wireless embedded modules and integrated devices (Q2-2013) 55Figure 2.9: M2M connectivity platform selection by mobile operator (Q3-2013) 61 Figure 2.10: Financial data for key embedded wireless module vendors (H2-12/H1-13) 71Figure 3.1: Mobile operators by M2M subscriber base (World Q4-2012) 77Figure 3.2: Europe M2M connectivity market data (Q4-2012) 79Figure 3.3: Mobile operators in Europe by M2M subscriber base (Q4-2012) 80Figure 3.4: CDMA450 mobile networks in Western and Central Europe (Q3-2013) 101Figure 3.5: The Americas M2M connectivity market data (Q2-2013) 103Figure 3.6: Examples of manufacturers of M2M devices certified by AT&T 107Figure 3.7: Examples of manufacturers of M2M devices certified by Verizon 110Figure 3.8: Sprint M2M Partners 113Figure 3.9: Asia-Pacific M2M connectivity market data (2012/2013) 118Figure 3.10: Satellite network operator by M2M subscriber base (Q2-2013) 135Figure 3.11: Multilateral mobile operator M2M alliances (Q2-2013) 142Figure 4.1: Estimated annual production of machines by category (World 2012) 145Figure 4.2: Motor vehicle production, by region and country (World 2012) 147Figure 4.3: Top automobile manufacturers by vehicle output (2012) 149 Figure 4.4: Motor vehicle sales by market (2012) 151Figure 4.5: OnStar FMV rearview mirror telematics device 153Figure 4.6: Renault R-Link screenshot 157Figure 4.7: OEM truck telematics systems in Europe and the Americas 160Figure 4.8: Telematics availability in the US (H1-2013) 162Figure 4.9: Telematics availability in the EU (H1-2013) 163Figure 4.10: Estimated number of vehicles in operation (World 2011) 167Figure 4.11: Financial data for key players in aftermarket telematics (FY2012/2013) 169Figure 4.12: Major fleet management providers by installed base (2012/2013) 171Figure 4.13: Major providers of private vehicle tracking by installed base (2012) 173Figure 4.14: Energy meter population, by region (World 2013) 178Figure 4.15: Energy meter shipments, by region (World 2012) 179Figure 4.16: Smart meter penetration in key markets (2012/2020) 180Figure 4.17: POS-terminal installed base in major markets (World 2012) 185Figure 4.18: Top providers of monitored security alarms (World 2012) 187 Figure 4.19: Home medical monitoring device categories by installed base 192Figure 5.1: Cellular M2M device shipments forecast, by region (World 2012-2018) 197Figure 5.2: Cellular M2M device revenue forecast, by region (World 2012-2018) 198Figure 5.3: Cellular M2M subscriber forecast, by region (World 2012-2018) 200Figure 5.4: Cellular M2M network revenue forecast, by region (World 2012-2018) 201Figure 5.5: Cellular M2M communication market forecast, by vertical (World 2012-2018) 203Figure 5.6: Cellular M2M revenue forecast, by vertical (World 2012-2018) 204Figure 5.7: Cellular M2M market forecast, by network technology (World 2012-2018) 205Figure 5.8: Cellular M2M subscriber estimates for European countries (2011-2013) 207Figure 5.9: Cellular M2M communication market forecast (Europe 2012-2018) 210Figure 5.10: Cellular M2M communication revenue forecast (Europe 2012-2018) 211Figure 5.11: Cellular M2M communication market forecast (North America 2012-2018) 214Figure 5.12: Cellular M2M communication revenue forecast (North America 2012-2018) 215Figure 5.13: Cellular M2M communication market forecast (Latin America 2012-2018) 217Figure 5.14: Cellular M2M communication revenue forecast (Latin America 2012-2018) 218Figure 5.15: Cellular M2M communication market forecast (Asia-Pacific 2012-2018) 220Figure 5.16: Cellular M2M communication revenue forecast (Asia-Pacific 2012-2018) 221Figure 5.17: Cellular M2M communication market forecast (MEA 2012-2018) 224Figure 5.18: Cellular M2M communication revenue forecast (MEA 2012-2018) 225 To order this report: The Global Wireless M2M Market - 5th Edition __________________________Contact Clare: US: (339)-368-6001Intl: +1 339-368-6001 SOURCE Reportlinker

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