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Florida-based tech company revolutionizes cell phone usage with Quiet Zone devices
[July 26, 2013]

Florida-based tech company revolutionizes cell phone usage with Quiet Zone devices

Jul 17, 2013 ( via COMTEX) -- One version silences and dims your phone when entering a designated area, while the other disables the ability to text while driving PR NewsChannel TAMPA, Fla.

A technology company in Florida is changing the cell phone industry with a new cell phone safety device that can alter how a smartphone operates, providing fewer distractions for drivers and fewer interruptions at places like churches and movie theatres.

Quiet Zone, a tech company based out of Zephyrhills, has created the Quiet Zone Drive, designed to prevent on texting while driving, the number one cause of death among teenagers. Their Quiet Zone Hush device, which can be used in churches, government buildings and movie theatres, temporarily alters certain settings such as volume and brightness.

The cell phone safety device requires a free app available for download on Android's Google Play for Android-based smartphones. Once installed, the app automatically runs in the background of the device and will trigger when in range of either the Quiet Zone Hush or Quiet Zone Drive.

"Quiet Zone works similarly to any traditional Wi-Fi signal," says Brandon Butts, the inventor of Quiet Zone. "The device seeks a signal from the app on your Android smartphone and modifies the settings the same way a hotspot allows a phone to access the Internet and only works while you are in close proximity to the device." The Quiet Zone Drive plugs into a car's cigarette lighter or is installed permanently to the electronic system of any car. When the car is on, the cell phone safety device automatically blocks texting and other texting-based apps once the vehicle is started, making it impossible to receive or send texts. Once the car is turned off, the smartphone returns to its normal settings.

The cell phone safety app is also equipped with parental control features that will notify parents if their teenage drivers disable the Quiet Zone Drive or if the teen has removed the app from the phone without the parents' knowledge.

The Quiet Zone Hush uses noninvasive, wireless technology to automatically adjust a cell phone's settings when the user enters a "Quiet Zone." AIt is designed to be used by movie theatres and churches to reduce the smartphone's disruptiveness through various settings including dimming the screen and silencing ringers and text alerts for phones within the area. Once the phones leave the area, they automatically revert to normal settings.

Quiet Zone Drive devices will be available within the next 2 weeks, while Quiet Zone Hush devices are already available. Both devices come with a 1 year warranty and are currently sold on the Quiet Zone website.

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About Quiet Zone: Eliminating the dangerous distraction of texting while driving as well as unwanted noise in areas where silence is appreciated, Quiet Zone is an automatic smartphone silencing system. A call to action, Quiet Zone realizes that smartphones have become the most invasive distraction of our time. With everyone becoming more and more connected to technology, we are becoming increasingly disconnected from the most important things in life. Quiet Zone reminds users to be in the moment, to put down their smartphones when it really matters, and to give full attention to their surroundings. Whether users are in a meeting, attending church or driving to work, they can be assured that Quiet Zone will conveniently minimize unnecessary disturbances when they need it most.

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