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NTCA'S 2013 PRODUCT PREVIEW [Rural Telecommunications]
[February 21, 2013]

NTCA'S 2013 PRODUCT PREVIEW [Rural Telecommunications]

(Rural Telecommunications Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) CONTENTS 3 Calix 4 CHR Solutions, Inc.

5 GetWireless 6 Mid America Computer Corp. (MRCC) 7 National Information Soulution cooperatice (NISC) 8 National Rural Telecommunictions Cooperative (NRTC) 9 Telcom Insurance Group (TIB) 10 ZCorum Consumer Gonnecb by Calix: Software That Drives Business Transformation CONSUMER CONNECT To meet the challenges of the changing regulatory and market landscape, service providers need to rethink how they monetize services in the home, meet the emerging needs of their subscribers and drive efficiencies throughout their businesses. Consumer Connect is a device connectivity and management softujare application that alloius service providers to find neuj revenue streams and build loyalty ujhile dramatically simplifying operations by easily installing and managing subscriber devices in the netiuork. This cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) tool entends the access network into the home, creating new service opportunities and simplifying broadband network operations through remote device management, support and maintenance of consumer devices and by facilitating everyday tasks like remote firmware management and residential gateway configuration restoration.

EKPRND yOUR REVENUE OPPORTUNE It's never been easier to enter or grow the home IT services market. UJhether you offer an advanced home security service complete with broadband-enabled video monitors or a PC backup and restore service, remote access to a subscriber's home network is the key to operational efficiency.

Consumer Connect provides connectivity to a wide variety of TR-069 compatible devices including residential gateways, DSL modems and printers. UUith remote access to a subscriber's residential gateway, you can now offer advanced home IT services such as Wi-Fi network management, parental controls and content filtering.

IMPROVE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Your customer service agents take calls from customers seeking assistance with a home Wi-Fi network on a regular basis. Why not give them the tools to quickly resolve these issues without having to send a technician on-site Consumer Connect features an intuitive Web interface that quickly discovers residential gateway Wi-Fi settings and arms your service agents with the information needed to resolve password or SSID settings issues quickly. This eliminates the need to schedule on-site visits and keeps customers satisfied with your ability to solve their home networking troubles.

REDUCE THE COST OF SERVICE DELIVERÜ By employing a cloud-hosted business model, CaliH eliminates upfront hardware and licensing costs to enable broadband service providers to focus on efficiency in operations to reduce OPEH.

Consumer Connect features auto-discovery of TR-069 compliant devices, remote management of device settings, and individual or bulk service management. By reducing the time spent during installations, automating device upgrades or managing residential gateway configuration profiles, Consumer Connect can help you streamline broadband network operations and reduce the cost of service delivery.

These are just a few enamples of how Consumer Connect can help you transform your business. To learn more, visit CaliH at Booth #301 at the Rural Telecom Industry EHPO or at

CONTACT Calix Neila Matheny 707-766-3512 1035 N. McDowell Blvd.

Petaluma, OR 94954 We Know Networks For more than 75 years, CHR has designed, built, managed and monetized networks that matter. Whether it's interpersonal connectivity, commercial development, telehealth or financial and national security-communications infrastructure is the axis on ujhich our modern ujorld revolves. As service providers hurtle toward network convergence as a means to stave off churn, combat competition and elevate RRPU, CHR stands ready to aid in the design, build, install, management and monetization of the networks that weave together the technical tapestry of corporations, communities and nations.

DESIGN The intricacies of network design are vast. We know the nuances. Design begins in the background. Our team of strategists and financial experts partner with you to offer predictive planning that minimizes risk, ensures technical longevity and maHimizes ROI.

CHR has deployed more than 50,000 miles of fiber across the United States and has served as the trusted adviser on compleH deployments for some of the nation's most critical communications infrastructure. CHR has the insight and expertise to ensure design success.

* Wireline/Wireless/Metro Etherne * Network Design & Engineering * Backhaul & Transport * Network Evolution Planning & Strategy * National/Regional Networks * CLEC Services BUILD Our capable teams navigate the complexities of convergence-marrying legacy and neHt-gen netujorks and implementing emerging technologies.

CHR has extensive experience in LTE IP evolution and Quad-Play implementation to help you maintain an optimal network-growth strategy. With more than 700 digital and next-gen switchs replaced, our teams have the experience and skill to efficiently manage installations and implementation.

* CO Services * In-Home Wiring * Outside Plant Construction Management * FTTH * TDM to IP * IPTV MRNRGE & MONETIZE With ever increasing competition, cost of doing business and pressure from declining regulatory support, communications service providers (CSPs) find the need to reduce expense while growing revenue.

CHR's BSS/OSS, managed and cloud services allow agility in deploying new services that keep customers content, competition at bay and operational costs minimized. We ensure business continuity, security, redundancy, fault tolerance, scalability and automation while providing white labeled, cloud-based applications, services and content.

* BSS/OSS * Managed IT/NOC & White Label Managed Services * Cloud Services * BPO * Business Continuity S Disaster Recovery CONTACT CHR Solutions, Inc.

713-351-5111 4424 UJest Sam Houston Parkuuay North, Suite 420 Houston, TH 77041 Introducing a Neu, Innovative Customer Retention Tool! Landline customers ujill "keep-the-cord" by turning their Smartphones into eHtensions of their home phone lines.

The U250 SmartLinH connects to a landline and wireless router so that landline calls can be made using a Smartphone. The U250's PureSound technology provides a clear, static-free connection from anywhere in a home or office. Just plug the U250 into a power outlet, a wireless router and the landline wall jack Then download the free app from the Smartphone's app store and enable the Smartphone's Wi-Fi setting to make the connection.

The U250 offers a variety of fleHible features, making this an ideal value-added product for regional/rural telco's. These include: * Recess to Smartphone contacts for landline calling * Conference and intercom with other paired Smartphones * Receive mobile calls- even while using your Smartphone for landline calls * Installs easily in minutes * Works with all major Smartphone brands * No internet connection needed The Landline Customer Retention Model below depicts an enample of the substantial return on investment for a regional/rural telco employing the U250 SmartLinH.

GetWireless is proud to distribute the RirTouch U250 SmartLinH to regional/rural telco's. which increases customer retention and profits. Find out more and enperience a demo* firsthand at the NTCR EHPO Booth #121, or visit us online at

* To eHperience the SmartLinH U250 demo on your own Smartphone, search the app store for "RirTouch Connen" and download it.

CONTACT GetWireless Jonathan Walter 952-890-6669 eut. 214 10901 Red Circle Dr.

Minnetonka, MN 55343 or Jeremy Glen 952-890-6669 eut. 216 MACC Uses Smartphone and GeolocaDion Technology to Boost Our Clients1 Efficiency Creating products and offering services that allow our clients to be more efficient and profitable is a key goal for Mid America Computer Corp. (MflCC). To reach this goal, we're continually developing new products or adding capabilities to those already in enistence. Two recently released features found in Customer Master, our BSS/OSS solution, utilize new technological trends that will increase the efficiency of our clients' technicians as they work in the field.

MRCC MOBILE KEEPS yOUR TECHNICIANS CONNECTED Smartphones and tablet computers have revolutionized how the world communicates and accesses the UJeb. We utilized this technology to create MflCC Mobile, a new feature that puts key information from Customer Master into the hands of any technician with a dataconnected smartphone or tablet computer. MflCC Mobile is accessible with the iPhone, iPad and any flndroid-powered device. Plus, it works with all mobile browsers.

With MflCC Mobile, technicians can remotely receive trouble tickets or assignments for the installation of new services, eliminating the need to directly contact the front office or have a laptop computer with a Wi-Fi connection. Once the work is done, MflCC Mobile allows technicians to change the status of projects to which they were assigned and update the account in Customer Master. By keeping project assignment and tracking completely within Customer Master, MflCC Mobile allows technicians to spend less time on paperwork and more time installing or repairing revenue generating services.

MflCC Mobile also gives technicians the ability to access detailed account information remotely. This aspect of MflCC Mobile allows technicians to easily and accurately answer questions customers might have regarding their account without having to contact front office staff for assistance. The reduced amount of time spent on account inquiries is another time-saving benefit of MflCC Mobile.

MRP-IT IN CUSTOMER MASTER Along with the adoption of smart phones, another increasingly important development is the use of geolocation technology to improve employee efficiency and to identify geographic trends. MflCC takes advantage of geolocation technology with our new Map-it feature in Customer Master.

Map-it allows Customer Master users to instantly see a map of their company's service territory with open trouble tickets or pending installations. This snapshot allows supervisors to more effectively dispatch technicians based on their location. Map-it can also create reports to show the location of trouble or new service requests over set periods of time. These reports allow management to identify and react to any identified trends.

VISIT US RT THE EHPO To learn more about both new features, and see a live demonstration of MflCC Mobile, stop by MflCC's booth at the EHPO or contact our office for more information. These features are two of the many reasons more than 320 telecommunication companies choose MflCC for their BSS/OSS needs.

CONTACT Hmerica Computer Corp. (MRCC) Craig Rman, President and CEO 800-622-2502 111 Rdmiral Drive, P.O. Bow 700, Blair, NE 68008 National Information Solutions Cooperative SmartHub(TM): The Center of Customer Engagement Today's telecom subscribers ujant convenient account access and real-time, detailed usage information at their fingertips. Put the power of data in their hands ujith SmartHub, a comprehensive solution that includes a customer self-serve mobile app, a secure customer uuebsite and a toio-ujay messenger feature, all fully integrated with the NISC iVUE® enterprise system.

NISC's SmartHub solution delivers account management functions quickly and safely. It gives your subscribers the pouuer to: * Schedule payments * Report account and service issues * Check usage * Receive special messaging directly from your telecom * All at the touch of a button In the past, when subscribers needed to make a payment, report a service interruption or upgrade their eHisting services, your customer service representatives helped them with their particular needs, typically during normal business hours.

Nouj imagine the same scenarios, but oiith subscribers who have a smart device: They can schedule their payment, report a service issue or add services or a package onto their eHisting account in seconds, at any time of the day.

With SmartHub. your subscribers can also go online and see the telecom offerings available to them, based on service location. Having this specific information readily available online will let your subscribers order services that are supported at their service location. This saves time and avoids confusion and frustration. The SmartHub website also lets you market new services and products to users based on their accounts, demographics and history.

SmartHub subscriber empowerment helps reduce call volumes. Because you can perform service requests 24/7 along with online sales opportunities, your subscribers are happy and satisfaction improves, particularly with those who ewpect instantaneous service outside of regular business hours.

SmartHub lets you to enhance the user ewperience and position yourself to effectively compete in this ever-changing market. Since SmartHub is available for Rndroid, iOS and the Hieb, you have the potential to reach your entire subscriber base! The availability of innovative tools that empower and engage your subscribers by making things easier not only helps retain your current customers, but will also attract new customers and will differentiate you from your competition.

Looking for ways to increase efficiencies and customer satisfaction in the future Learn more about SmartHub today! Please visit us at booth 311 at the 2013 EHPO in February to take NISC's SmartHub for a test drive.

For more information about NISC and the iVUE enterprise system, please visit

CONTACT National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) Todd Domres 1.866.WWW.NISC 3201 Nygren Drive, Mandan, ND 58554 MyTimeSM -Affordable TV Everywhere-Now Available The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC) is committed to the success of small- and medium-sized telcos-and uue're the only programming aggregator in the United States that is oujned by téleos.

You're familiar ujith NRTC's programming offering, TelcoVideo, ujhich leverages NRTC's collective bargaining strength so that smaller operators can launch and grow their video businesses. Rs a complement to TelcoVideo, NRTC has launched MyTimeTVSM, an affordable TV Everywhere solution designed ujith small- and medium-sized téleos in mind.

MyTimeTVSM allows cable, satellite or IPTV subscribers to ujatch programming on electronic platforms beyond the home TV set. It's the TV Everywhere service from NRTC that enables subscribers to watch the same programs they get on a TV set on an Internet-connected PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Once subscribers log in, the content is streamed to the supported devices for them to watch wherever and whenever they want.

For téleos, MyTimeTV(TM) offers: * Entremely competitive service rates for NRTC members, with added discounts for TelcoVideo members.

* Advanced programming rights for TelcoVideo members and rights acquisition support available for non-TelcoVideo members.

* Seamless and hassle free set-up and operation-MyTimeTVSM can be live to your subscribers 60 days from the time we receive confirmation of rights from a programmer; subject to programmers technical and timeline requirements.

* Recess to an approved integration partner for HBO GO® and MRH GO®.

* R gateway to programmers using Adobe® Pass.

Plus, NRTC's enperienced staff takes care of a number of business processes, including contract negotiations and renewals; review of package requirements, channel adjacencies, penetration rules and other business policies; creation of channel lineups; and the submission of monthly reports and payments to programmers. Our staff walks companies through the process and helps kickstart your new business venture. Even better, participants pay one monthly programming bill directly to NRTC. Rnd it doesn't stop there.

UJe aim to help participants grow their businesses. Both TelcoVideo and MyTimeTVSM provide access to one-of-a-kind, online tools to streamline operations. The Business Center is a secure, online UUeb portal that houses all of the information a telco needs to run a successful business. In addition, téleos benefit from NRTC's marketing programs, which offer readymade marketing collateral and other helpful tools.

TelcoVideo gives téleos access to hundreds of video and audio channels- including more than 100 high-definition (HD) channels. Téleos can customize programming packages to appeal to a wide range of customers- from residential subscribers to commercial accounts.

CONTACT National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative Mark Chambers, Director, Telco Sales 703-467-1423 2121 Cooperative Way, Suite 500 Herndon, VR 20171 Huiesome Coverage, Service and bhe Best Premiums Hre Nom Available to the Whole Telecommunications Industri! INDUSTRU KNOUULEDGE Did you know that our knowledge of the telecommunications industry is universal and of benefit to many types of businesses We understand the risk of the rural telecom companies, contractors, consultants, manufacturers and many more! PROPRIETRRU PRODUCTS 8 SERVICES You know us as the first and only insurer to have developed proprietary products for loss enposure analysis. Our Teletracker Risk Rudit(TM), which is available to all types of telecom businesses, finds enposure to loss, enplains the risk and then outlines a solution plan to either manage or insure it.

NEW PRODUCTS RND SERVICES * Cellphone recycling program that collects older unused models and pays or purchases them from the owner.

* Independent Contractor Program for the management of the risk of those businesses that you employ. UJe take on the role of manager of risk and compliance for you and also assist the contractor with insurance placement, if needed. LUhen your Independent Contractors have proper insurance, your policy shouldn't have to respond to a claim. Thus, saving you premium on your insurance policy.

* Personal Lines Insurance. Through a partnership with MetLife, a respected and highly regarded national insurer, uje now offer comprehensive personal line coverage protection to any NTCR member business. Getting quotes is as easy as calling 877-491-5089.

ENHRNCEMENTS * New coverages and higher limits for telecommunications-specific companies are available in our property casualty program.

* Improvements in claims handling have been made to our Stay Connected(TM) Cellphone Insurance Program. This program pays the telecommunications company for enrolling cell phone customers in the insurance plan.

* Our risk management and loss prevention services are now available on an unbundled basis from the insurance program.

OWNED BU THOSE UJE SERVE Seek your insurance protection and risk management services from the industry experts at the Telcom Insurance Group.

Because it has always been a matter of trust...

CONTACT Telcom Insurance Group Peter Elliott 800-222-4664 6301 Ivy Lane, Suite 506 Greenbelt, MD 20770 Reduce Support and Operational Gosbs Ulibh TruVizion How efficient is your operation Luhen it comes to managing your DSL network Can your callcenter reps quickly tell if a subscriber's modem is currently having a problem, or what its status was yesterday Can you easily see which modems are offline or are having issues and where they're located Does your staff need to open, connect and manually configure every modem prior to being installed in the field ZCorum has addressed these challenges with TruVizion. TruVizion provides the data you need to more efficiently troubleshoot subscriber issues or a plantwide problem. Some of the features in TruVizion include: INTUITIVE MODEM DASHBOARD With TruVizion your staff can view on a single screen realtime modem readings, including whether the modem is online; the modem's attenuation, SNR and output power; and the number of retrains over the last 24 hours. Pulling up a modem is simple. Just search by customer name, phone number, physical address, MAC address or IP address.

INTERRCTIVE MRPS Shorten the time it takes to recover from outages and reduce the costs associated with truck rolls. Mapping within TruVizion displays where your customers are located, as well as the status of the modems and whether they are operating outside of your normal thresholds. You can even filter the modems that appear on the map by their online status or the type of alert.

HISTORICAL INFORMATION Knowing how a modem has performed in the past can make the difference between fiHing a problem the first time and repeated service calls. LUith one click TruVizion charts the historical readings for a modem for the last 24 hours, seven days, 30 days or 90 days. LUith one more click you can overlay readings from the five geographically closest modems to see if others have been enperiencing similar issues.

RUTOMRTED CONFIGURATION TruVizion includes a TR-069-based Ruto Configuration Server (RCS) that can improve your efficiency when bringing up new subscribers or replacing ewisting modems. You no longer need to open, connect, power up and configure every modem. Instead, just associate the modem's MRC address with the customer and our RCS will push the configuration to the modem when it's installed at the customer premise. Plus, your call center will be able to reboot the modem with one click and the ACS will restore the last known config-including customer-specific ones like wireless security and firewall settings.

To learn more, come see us in booth #316 at the Rural Telecom Industry EHPO, or visit

CONTACT ZCorum Rrthur Skinner 800-909-9441 4501 North Point Pkuuy, Suite 125 nipharetta, GH 30022 Scan this code to try a demo of our TechVizion mobile app (c) 2013 National Telephone Cooperative

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