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What's New In Products & Services [Pipeline & Gas Journal]
[January 10, 2013]

What's New In Products & Services [Pipeline & Gas Journal]

(Pipeline & Gas Journal Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Endress + Hauser Endress+Hauser has released an Operations App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad mobile devices. An Android version will be released soon. The free app lets instrument engineers and maintenance technicians quickly download specific documentation such as operating instructions and technical information for Endress+Hauser instruments and analyzers or data from the Endress+Hauser Life Cycle Management program.

The app provides access to up-to-date product information and device details such as order code, configuration information, date of production, product status and availability, manuals and spare part information including exploded view drawings, compatibility and mounting advice. The app also allows users to access features of the Endress+Hauser Life Cycle Management web-based tools and is available in English, German and Spanish. 317-535-7138,

Taylor Forge Taylor Forge's AG-80 is a proprietary High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) forging material for use in high pressure applications requiring high strength, excellent toughness, and good weldability. AG-80 is intended to be the starting material for components certified to MSS SP-75, CSA Z245. 1 1 , ASTM A-694, ISO 15590, and API 6A for grades up to 80ksi yield strength. Taylor Forge has supplied more than 720 tons of high pressure components using AG-80 for customers including BP America, Chevron, Shell Deepwater, Petrobras, SBM Atlantia, Wilpro, Williams, and FMC. 91 3-294533 1 ,,

ESAB ESAB has developed a new microsite to help users of MAG welding increase their productivity and quality. The microsite explains the benefits of ESAB's popular non-copper coated OK AristoRod(TM) MAG wires, which result in trouble-free, highproductivity welding in robotized mechanized and manual applications. Included are video animations in 24 languages, high-speed arc recordings and scientific data, as well as detailed information for the comprehensive range of wires for welding non-alloyed and low-alloyed steels. Additional details are provided about Marathon PacTM bulk wire drums and ESAB's SATTM (Swift Arc Transfer) process to deliver very high productivity.

3M According to a 2012 study of 200 safety managers conducted by the Burke Inc. market research agency, breathability is the most important attribute of a disposable respirator. These same 200 managers reportedly selected 3 M respirators as the most breathable of the models they were familiar with. 3M performed laboratory tests on the 3M 8210 and four additional N95 disposable respirators with a sodium chloride (NaCl) aerosol, meeting NIOSH specifications at 85 L/min to 100 mg. The testing measured the pressure drop or breathing resistance of each respirator as the filter media in each model became loaded with the sodium chloride particles. The study concluded that the 3M 8210 disposable respirator continued to have the lowest breathing resistance of the respirators tested. The respirator models, testing protocol, data generation and conclusions were reviewed and approved by an expert from the University of Minnesota.

Adalet Adalet now offers Division 1 / Zone 1 explosion proof enclosures constructed from stainless steel 316L. Designed for use in highly corrosive the new cast stainless steel explosion proof enclosures provide construction material for offshore, petrochemical or volatile industrial areas where environmental conditions require additional corrosion protection. The XCESX series of cast stainless steel explosion proof enclosures provide an alternative to traditional cast aluminum explosion proof enclosures, which may become compromised or break down over time in highly corrosive areas. Rated for Class I, Division 1 / Zone 1 hazardous locations, the XCESX enclosure series carries UL, cUL, ATEX, and IECEx approvals for global applications. Five standard sizes with internal dimensions of 10 inches wide by 14 inches tall x 8 inches deep and up to 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall and 10 inches deep are available.

Heath Consultants The DP-IR(TM) is the latest addition to a new generation of leak survey instruments from Heath. The DP-IR(TM) uses a simple light beam to detect methane, replacing flameionization technology and eliminating the need for expensive gas cylinders and refill systems. The DP-IR(TM) operates under a variety of environmental conditions, ensuring that no matter the terrain, a reliable survey can be provided. According to the company, the Optical Methane Detector (OMD(TM)) increases measurement speed and accuracy when performing mobile inspections of buried natural gas lines. Containing no moving parts, the OMD(TM) can be front-mounted on a vehicle and calibrated by the driver or technician from inside the vehicle. The OMD(TM) uses infrared technology, eliminating potential hazards such as explosive calibration gases. The OMD(TM) detects leak indications of less than one part per millionth (ppm) at 10,000 measurements per second. 713-844-1300, www.heathus. com/_hc/index.cfm/products.

Emerson Emerson Process Management has expanded its Smart Wireless solutions family with the release of the Fisher® 4320 Wireless Position Monitor with On/Off Control Output Option, which changes the economics of automating discrete valves as an alternative to solenoids and limit switches. Project cost and project time are reduced by minimizing engineering time, materials, control system I/O, and installation labor. Traditional quarter turn valves and pneumatic actuators are used - only air is needed to automate a valve. Like other devices in the Emerson wireless family, the Fisher 4320 has secure and reliable performance, a 5 to 10 year SmartPower(TM) battery life, and is fully compatible with existing Smart Wireless self-organizing mesh networks,

Step-Ko Products Step-Ko Products has announced a new gasket called the ASSUREASEAL (TM) SSC for severe service applications. The gasket is suitable for sealing pipeline flanges with flow of hydrocarbon-based media such as gas, natural gas and oil. This gasket can withstand most low concentrations of chemical-based media with a temperature range of -200 degrees to 350 degrees. The ASSUREASEAL SSC is manufactured from a GRE epoxy glass laminate that is permanently fused to a 316 stainless steel core. This gasket contains a spring energized Teflon seal and is suitable in all services including 2500# ANSI thru API 10,000# classes. It can be purchased as a complete kit including washers, backup steel washers, and isolation sleeves. 337-837-4141,

egeplast HexelOne® Egeplast HexelOne* pipes can now be installed by trenchless means. The high-pressure pipes with protective coating can be used for open trench installation in a sand bed, open installation without a sand bed. for plowing, milling, relining and HDD. The high pressure polyethylene pipe can withstand pressure up to 32 bar (water) and 16 bar (gas). The use in alternative installation techniques is made possible by a point load resistant inner layer made from PE 100-RC and an additional protective coating made from abrasion-resistant polypropylene. The pipes are supplied with transparent outer layer, with silver-colored HexelOne® pipe and colored stripes on the core pipe as media labelling. TÜV certification has already been granted. The HexelOne® high pressure pipes are also available with diffusion barrier layers (SLA®), conductive strips for position finding (DCT®) and additional layers for leak detection(3L®). The transparent coating also permits the integration of a readable barcode label. +49.2575.97100. mail:,

Quest Integrity Group Quest Integrity Group has announced that its ultrasonic inspection tools In Vista(TM), FTIS(TM) and HYDRA(TM) have achieved ATEX certification in accordance with European Directive 94/9/EC. ATEX certification validates that these tools operate without danger of directly causing or contributing to an explosion when used in explosive atmospheres. InVista is an ultrasonic in-line inspection tool for unpiggable or difficult-to-inspect pipelines with diameters ranging from 3 to 20 inches. FTIS (Furnace Tube Inspection System) inspects fired heater serpentine piping coils with diameters ranging from 3 to 14 inches in petroleum and chemical plants. HYDRA inspects process piping systems with diameters ranging from 3 to 20 inches in process and nuclear facilities.

Freewave Technologies Free Wave Technologies has announced the FGR2-P. a board level version of its FGR2PE Series of license-free, long-range wireless data radios. The FGR2-P offers the same capabilities as the FGR2-PE, including industrial serial and Ethernet wireless connectivity using license-free spread spectrum for data communication over long distances. It can easily be incorporated into the Rockwell Automation® family of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) solutions.The FGR2-P is compatible with other FreeWave FGRPlus family radios and offers users a second, switched Ethernet port as well as two serial ports to meet the demands of customers' wireless automation requirements,

Coler & Colantonio Inc.

Coler & Colantonio, Inc. has introduced the MAOP Validation Calculator. This enhanced gas safety technology tool was developed in collaboration with San Francisco-based Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) to help improve pipeline safety across the nation. A pipeline's maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) is determined by incorporating federal and state regulatory requirements into algorithms of the MAOP Validation Calculator. The calculator output allows for standardized report generation and the engineering analysis of MAOP validation issues. Technology enhancements include a robust and comprehensive calculator that leverages the federal and state regulations and applicable PHMSA advisory bulletins to perform MAOP validation for every pipeline component; an ability to establish an audit trail of the analysis within GIS; and an ability to readily generate operational and regulatory reports. Contact Jeff Allen, 781-982-541 1,,

Creaform Creaform has released version 2.0 of its Pipecheck pipeline integrity assessment software solution. The updated version includes the Pipeline Mechanical Damage Assessment Software Module. This new software module features numerous key functionalities that increase dent understanding and facilitate decision making. As for any process involving a Handyscan 3D laser scanner, instant results are generated on site and directly output in Excel format. The software also includes radius measurement; maximum depth measurement using straight edge technique in both directions; automatic creation of 2D cross-sections in both directions at maximum depth; 3D and 2D color mapping of damaged area; and several other new features,

ViaData ViaData LP has released the latest edition of its pipeline safety software WinDOT, The Pipeline Safety Encyclopedia. The latest version can be downloaded from the web and installed directly to the user's computer. This version includes all federal pipeline safety regulations and amendments for 49 CFR Parts 1901 99 and Part 40, as well as a new Rapid Update Service posting regulatory changes and information as it happens. WinDOT also now features the following: all federal and state pipeline safety regulations; all federal interpretations, including operator request letters not previously available; a complete history of each Part that shows every amendment and how it changed the regulations; and all rulemaking documents from the start of federal regulations, (ANPRM, NPRM, and Final Rules). 800-817-6649,,

Climax Portable Machining & Welding Systems The BW3000 AutoBoreWelder from Climax Portable Machining & Welding Systems is an automated welding system designed to attach directly to several of Climax' boring machine mounting fixtures, allowing a single setup for both welding and machining operations. These automated welders can weld in vertical, horizontal and inverted position and offer precise, highquality, and uniform welding performance for bore, flange and valve repair while decreasing weld time. Precise, uniform welds also mean less wire is consumed which reduces costs, and there is less need for rework compared to hand welding.

The AutoBore Welder is easy to set up and operate whether in the field or in the shop. It offers both rotary and axial motion. It can reach up to 152.4 cm into the bore, and as the torch rotates, it deposits one continuous layer of metal inside the bore, laying up to 2.27 kg of metal per hour. A variety of torches allows buildup of bores from 1.3 cm to 137 cm. The BW3000 system also has an autoskip function which allows the operator to designate a portion of the piece not to be welded, such as keyways or grease fittings. 503-538-7600,

Dynamic Systems Dynamic Systems has launched its redesigned website at The site lists an expanded software, solutions, equipment, labels, and services area. Applications include: ID Badge Systems, Tool Management, Time and Attendance, and Inventory Management. Each application corresponds to one area of a contractor's needs; for instance, the ID Badge area discusses how much theft occurs from job sites that are not monitored by using employee badges. Equipment Tracking Software discusses Herzog Construction and their solution for managing their tools,

Permasense Permasense Limited has developed a new long-range corrosion monitoring system that allows retrieval of data from monitoring locations up to 25 miles from the gateway location. The long-range system has been developed to allow for easy deployment on pipeline and feeder lines upstream and midstream.

The Permasense long-range system uses the same ultrasonic wall thickness measurement sensors as in the short-range system, but sensors are cabled to a range extender incorporating a long-range antenna. The extender then communicates directly with a gateway, which relays the frequent measurements made by the sensors to the customer's server, giving near real-time visibility of pipe integrity. The data can also be readily exported from the database to any customer application,

Technetics Group The Technetics Group now offers its PLASTIFLEX(TM) spring-energized polymer seals for severe oil and gas industry applications. Designed for use in corrosive, highpressure, high-temperature and other extreme conditions, the seals are available in three proven configurations and diameters of Va- to 90 inches. Typical applications include jars and other down-hole tools, pipeline flanges, fluid transfer swivel lines, fluid piping joints and flanges, stirring shafts and fluid metering pumps and control valves. Spring-energized polymer seals provide longer life and more reliable sealing than conventional elastomeric seals. The seals are available in helical spring, V-finger spring and advance pitch wire spring configurations. All three types of PLASTIFLEX seals are temperature-rated from cryogenic to 500degrees E Helical and V-finger seals are pressure-rated from vacuum to 25,000 psi (1,700 bar), and advance pitch wire seals are rated from vacuum to 5,000 psi (350+ bar),

Ritron Specialized wireless transceivers from Ritron provide wireless connectivity and COTS convenience in a compact, cost-effective package. A small footprint minimizes space requirements, while all components are placed on the top side of a single PCB for mechanical rigidity and increased protection against damage. Narrow band (12.5 kHz) and very narrow band (6.25 kHz) models are available. Ritron embedded radios support voice and data applications. All models meet the 2013 FCC narrowband mandate. The Ritron DTX Plus and DTX-Ls series transceivers and the DTXM RadioModem are designed and manufactured in the USA by Ritron, Inc. Each can be tailored to suit particu lar application requirements. 800-872- 1 872,

Reed Manufacturing Company Electrofusion requires a clean surface, and Reed offers a lightweight, reliable, and economical PE Scraper to get the job done. Reed's PE Scraper removes dirt and oxidation from the outside diameter of the pipe. Its spring-loaded blade does not skip as it keeps consistent pressure to yield a smooth, finished surface. A minimal amount of PE is scraped away to reveal the clean pipe. Additionally, the scraper can be used on the edge of the pipe, but also anywhere along the length. Six inch (150 mm) clearance is needed for turning the PE Scraper around the pipe. www. screen=pe_scraper Inline Services Inline Services has introduced the Pig Retrieval Pole, a pipeline accessory constructed of durable, lightweight resin with a galvanized retrieval hook to eliminate sparks. It is rated for up to 1 ,500 pounds of pulling capacity and the company says it is easy to assemble and handle. 281401-8142, www.inlineservices. com.

Tyler Advanced Corrosion Technologies Tyler Advanced Corrosion Technologies designs and manufactures tooling to detect and characterize the organisms responsible for microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC) and biofouling. The ultra-high pressure industrial TACT Tool (UHP-BD24-SS). currently monitors land-based and off-shore drilling rigs and pipelines. Manufactured from stainless steel and engineered polymers, the UHP device consists of 24 sampling ports, each equipped with 50mm2 biostuds machined from material identical to that of the lines being monitored, two isolating ball valves and a pressure gauge.

Based on prescribed time-course schedules, biostuds are periodically removed and transported to a laboratory where the sessile bacterial strains infesting the internal line are identified and characterized. Treatment regimens to effectively control biofilm growth are formulated and tested in the laboratory before applying them to the problem site. Continuous monitoring by the TACT Tool ensures that the infection in the industrial site is controlled and MIC and biofouling effectively mitigated. 780.448.1249,, www.

Lincoln Electric Safety is a critical component of welding, and Lincoln Electric 's new Welding Safety Interactive Guide converts Lincoln Electric's award-winning Welding Safety Interactive DVD into an online format accessible and viewable on computers, tablets and mobile phones. The guide offers information on a wide variety of topics, including how to avoid electric shock, prevent fire and explosions and choose appropriate personal protection equipment. The guide also provides safety insights from the American Welding Society (AWS) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The program's content is designed to be understood by welders at all experience levels, providing a valuable resource for everyone from welding students to professional welders out on the jobsite. The new online guide is compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android technology,,

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