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Kindle Fire HD Savings Making it Easy to Say Yes to Wishlists, According to
[December 10, 2012]

Kindle Fire HD Savings Making it Easy to Say Yes to Wishlists, According to

Dallas, Texas, Dec 10, 2012 ( via COMTEX) -- Amazon has reported pleasing sales for its Kindle Fire HD series and the website is one of the media companies that have followed sales of this tablet series in 2012. A new article published online details how many people are including this device on wishlists for the holiday season and how the lowered price of this tablet is helping more people to say yes for Christmas. The details also report how this retailer is offering holiday-only incentives for online buyers.

The tablet industry has more competition this year than in prior years. New manufacturers like Samsung, Google and Coby have all entered the marketplace to help find a position with consumers. The launch and sale of the Apple iPad has helped to introduce the world to the possibilities of these devices and Amazon was one of the first to take notice of the potential available.

The original launch of the Kindle in 2007 and upgrade to the Fire HD can be attributed to popularity in the tablets market that has taken place over the past 24 months.

The new article that reveals the price offerings of the Kindle Fire series is one indication online of the popularity of this new device for the Christmas holiday. The price point is one of the reasons that so many have turned to this edition compared to competitors. For Cyber Monday sales, Amazon discounted the basic version of this unit by $40 to entice more sales. The iTrustNews team expects a similar discount to take place before the holiday is over.

Part of the public demand is the new features that have been added based on requests by consumers. One of the first improvements to the Kindle was the increase in the display. The smaller 4.5-inch display offered on the first edition was not suitable for any use apart from reading e-books. The addition of a high definition screen size and pixel resolution upgrade are one of the firsts for Amazon in the tablet market. The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 represents the largest version of this tablet for the 2012 year.

Along with the size increase, a Wi-Fi increase of 40 percent has been added to help consumers to take advantage of the new video playback capability and expanded Internet browsing according to A faster and more reliable connection is used for the Wi-Fi to allow more reliable speeds at home or in public places like restaurants and office buildings.

The wishlist guide recently published reveals that the Kindle Fire HD 7 is the scaled down size of the 8.9 version. The most gifted report by showed that each of these units are equal with consumers.

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