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What's New In Products & Services [Pipeline & Gas Journal]
[December 08, 2012]

What's New In Products & Services [Pipeline & Gas Journal]

(Pipeline & Gas Journal Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Curlex® Erosion Control Blankets Curlex® erosion control blankets are described by American Excelsior as having passed the test of time by providing solutions since the 1960s. The unique engineered Curlex fibers expand when wetted and anchor to the soil to provide superior erosion protection and revegetation benefits that help avoid costly fines. Curlex products are backed by years of large-scale ASTM testing to ensure you have the best product available to address erosion concerns on linear projects and not have to go back and do it twice. They are available from American Excelsior along with a full line of erosion and sediment control products, www.

ESAB ESAB has published an OK AristoRod Welder Guide Book with information on die features and benefits of Ulis family of non-coppercoated MAG wires. For higher productivity, reduced downtime and a cleaner working environment, the company says the OK AristoRod ranges of non and low alloyed grades for mild, creepresistant, weather-resistant and high-strength steel welding applications are detailed. The publication discusses the advanced surface characteristics of OK AristoRod. These are described as advantageous for manual, mechanized and robotic welding. Together they result in increased productivity and lower welding costs, giving die welder higher performance levels and efficiency whether undertaking manual, mechanized or robotic MAG welding. The new guide provides information on the key steps that need to be followed before using OK AristoRod. It discusses how to set optimum welding parameters, die importance of contact tip and gas nozzle maintenance as well as me use of Aristotip contact tips. Information on the Swift Arc Transfer high productivity MAG process is also included together with the use of OK AristoRod with adaptor-free spools or Marathon Pac bulk drums. 800-389-3152, www.

Dragon Products Dragon Products announces a new twist on an old product. With Dragon's newly redesigned, patent-pending, hybrid Pipeline Mat comes a lighter and safer product wim a longer life span. The mat construction lends itself to a greater money savings, a reduction in fuel costs (more mats can be carried per load), and a smaller carbon footprint on the environment - just to name a few. Orain Tubbs, 409-504-9578, www. dragon productsltd .com.

European Federation Of Corrosion (EFC) The EFC has published Recommended Practice for Corrosion Management of Pipelines in Oil & Gas Production and Transportation. EFC Publication 64, February 2012, edited by Bijan Kermani and Thierry Chevrot is a recommended practice diat is a compendium of best practices and stateof-the-art knowledge by major operators, engineering contractors and service companies involved in hydrocarbon production and transportation. The RP incorporates some minimum operational requirements and practices to ensure that - when managing corrosion in pipelines - fundamental principles are followed. It covers management of corrosion for pipelines carrying hydrocarbons, injection water and/or produced water from design to decommissioning. It is structured to follow die logical steps of a basic corrosion management process and makes references to relevant and available International standards and/or recommended practices. It is intended for use by personnel from the petroleum industry having knowledge of corrosion and materials. The RP is designed as a key reference document for engineers, suppliers and contractors in the oil and gas industry, paving me way for corrosion-free operation of pipelines with me goal of improving safety, security and minimizing the impact on the environment. Bijan Kermani (Dr.), email: @ntlworld .com.

Curlex Sediment Logs® Curlex Sediment Logs® are said by American Excelsior to use 100% Aspen excelsior fibers to reduce hydraulic energy and filter sediment runoff. Velocity is naturally reduced and sediment is collected on die upstream side of me product. Contractors prefer them because they are light weight and do not require trenching. Curlex Sediment Logs naturally degrade in place which reduces overall project costs because crews do not have to go back out and remove them after the job is complete. They are available from American Excelsior along with a full line of erosion and sediment control products, www.

Emerson Process Management Emerson Process Management has received certification of accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 from the Laboratory Accreditation Bureau (L-A-B) for its Daniel Measurement and Control calibration laboratory located in Houston. Emerson says this internationally recognized accreditation by L-A-B certifies Emerson's Houston production facility for calibration on Daniel liquid ultrasonic flow meters and liquid turbine flow meters. Certified meter proving is critical since metering performance directly affects process manufacturers' profits in processing and custody transfer metering and acceptance. The ISO/IEC certification complements Emerson's established worldwide network of facilities which are triple certified by ISO standards including Stirling, UK; Sorocaba, Brazil; and Singapore. The facilities are internationally certified by ISO standards for quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental management systems. L-A-B is recognized by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), the Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC), and the National Cooperation of Laboratory Accreditation (NACLA). Emerson said ISO/IEC 17025:2005 is considered the gold standard for calibration activities in accordance with international standards. The accreditation focuses not only on the laboratory's calibration uncertainties, but also on its management system, processes and procedures, www. emersonprocess. Com.

Technical Toolboxes, Inc. and NDT Classroom, Inc.

Technical Toolboxes, Inc. and NDT Classroom, Inc. have formed a strategic partnership to release high quality, interactive, computer-based learning via the Web. Technical Toolboxes, Inc. (TTI) is offering Technical Training Toolboxes online computer-based training designed to facilitate an increased scope and availability of training to engineers, managers, and technicians. The training is time-independent and navigation-free, allowing the user flexibility to investigate disciplines of interest. The NDT Classroom, Inc. (NDT) Learning Management System technology allows 24/7 tracking of personnel training progress and custom reporting. The initial roll out of online CBT courses will center on Nondestructive Testing Overview Training for engineers and managers who rely and make decisions based on NDT results. The NDT Overview Training series will provide energy and pipeline professionals with an understanding of the limitations and advantages of the various techniques used in NDT while supplying informative training in technologies used to achieve the best response for specific indications. Terminology, interpretation, reporting and an appreciation and understanding of the qualifications required of the NDT professional are also presented.

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment HammerHead Trenchless Equipment has unveiled MOLETRAC(TM), described as a proven and reliable front locating accessory kit for HammerHead Mole piercing tools. Coupled with the dependable BI Impact Beacon and 250R Receiver from Ditch Witch Electronics, the MOLETRAC system allows tracking of a piercing tool up to 10 feet (3m) deep. The BI Impact Beacon is proven in high energy impact conditions seen in piercing tools and has a 24-hour battery life. The 250R +is a simple, lightweight receiver that features intuitive controls, an easy-to-read display and depth estimation up to 10 feet when used with the BI impact beacon. The 250R receiver can track the position, depth and direction of travel of the bore. By coupling the locating tool with the optional 250T transmitter, it becomes an efficient locating tool for buried utilities making it one of the most efficient, cost-effective systems for locating and avoiding buried telephone, CATV, power, gas and water lines. 800-331-6653, www. hammerheadtrenchless. com.

Tinker & Rasor Tinker & Rasor says its redesigned AP/W Holiday Detector may be the "safest, most reliable and most versatile 'belt worn' Holiday Detector available today." It was redesigned to have an all-inclusive pulse DC output range of 800-35,000 V. The company says this exceeds the ranges of instruments from other manufacturers. Features include: 1) a built-in LCD peak voltage display with 100 V resolution (eliminates the requirement for a secondary voltmeter); 2) a safety switch feature on the "power pak" instantly shuts the AP/W off when released; 3) a super-bright LED holiday indicator; 4) ergonomie open handle and case; 5) locking cables and compatibility with existing accessories; 6) a carrying case with wheels, and comes with an adapter which allows users to employ electrodes from other manufacturers. The firm reports innovations in the AP/W set me unit apart from all others and asserts the redesigned AP/W sets the standard for what holiday detection should be. www.tinker-rasor .com/ apw/index.html.

Polyguard Polyguard recently announced the company's new 2-part epoxy- NHT 5600. Chic Hughes, Vice President of Polyguard 's Pipeline Division, said, "Polyguard's tagline is 'Innovation Based... Employee Owned... Expect More'. A key innovation with NHT 5600 is longer pot life - for any given set of application conditions, users should expect approximately 50% longer workability." Polyguard said the longer pot life is easily tested in the field or shop. The company is offering a sample. Chic Hughes, 281-5805700, http:// www. polyguardproducts. com/ NHT-5600_2-Part_Epoxy.htm.

Wood Group GTS Wood Group GTS has released its newest control system upgrade for GÈ LM6000 gas turbines. This integrated solution is designed to replace the original proprietary hardware and software with an open architecture design, enabling operators to reconfigure turbine operation in-house without incurring support and service charges. It ensures availability of support for the LM6000 turbine control system. Features of Wood Group GTS' LM6000 control system include 1) open architecture system design, 2) proven Rockwell Automation PlantPAx(TM) platform, 3) operator access to all software licenses, and 4) extensive technical and spareparts support network, email: mick. conway@, www. woodgroupgts· com, www. rockwellautomation. com.

3M The 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 MP is designed to seamlessly integrate five levels of protection - head, eye, face, respiratory and hearing - into one convenient system. The all-in-one helmet provides a more comfortable experience for workers in demanding environments that require multiple types of personal protection equipment such as in mining, shipbuilding, marine repair, heavy construction, oil and gas, wind farms and heavyduty maintenance welding. 3 M Personal Protective Equipment Safety Solutions offer a diverse portfolio of Personal Protective Equipment solutions providing respiratory protection, hearing protection, fall protection, reflective materials for high visibility apparel, protective clothing, protective eyewear, head and face protection, welding helmets, and other adjacent products and solutions such as tactical safety equipment, detection, monitoring equipment, active communications equipment and compliance management, www.

Ashcroft The new Ashcroft DG25 digital pressure gauge provides a five-full-digit LCD in ranges up to 25,000 psi. Available in accuracies of 0.5% and 0.25% FS, this design boasts a minimum battery life of 2,000 hours. Standard features include an IP67 enclosure, selectable units of measure, 20-segment bar graph indicator, min-max, tare and a list of agency certifications. A backlight and rubber protective boot are available. Contact Steve Andersen, 203-385-0229, Steven. andersen@, www. digital_pressure_gauges/DG25-GeneralPurpose-Digital-Gauge.cfm Glove Connection Glove Connection, a Nevada-based product developer and distributor of personal protective equipment to companies throughout the West, announced it was the first to introduce two new Cut Level 5 products to its portfolio: the Armory protective sleeve and the Antzer Plus glove. Cut Level 5 is designed to be the highest protective rating available in the PPE industry today. For employees who regularly come into contact with glass, sharp metals and other hazardous materials, the high-visibility Armory sleeve and Antzer Plus glove are designed for exceptional dexterity and are impervious to liquids and prevent lacerations. Made with cutting-edge proprietary materials and reinforced with steel wire, the Armory and Antzer Plus are manufactured to the most stringent Cut Level 5 standards upheld in the industry today and allow wearers to operate smart phones with their fingertips. 888 -883-2645, www.

Lincoln Electric Lincoln Electric introduces a new portfolio of gas-shielded flux-cored (FCAW-G) electrodes for automated and semi-automatic pipe welding applications. Designed for hot, fill and cap pass welding, Pipeliner® 81 M is recommended on up to X70 grade pipe, 101 M is advised for up to X80 grade pipe, and 111M for up to XI 00 grade pipe. Optimized for automated welding, these products have a consistent arc and a fast freezing slag to maintain a flat bead shape all around the pipe. Features: capable of producing weld deposits with impact toughness exceeding 27 J at -40°C (-40°F); low diffusible hydrogen levels; ProTech® packaging for moisture resistance; and Q2 Lot® controlled and tested certificates showing actual deposit chemistry and mechanical properties per lot available online. 888-355-3213, www. lincolnelectric. com, bulletin CI. 100.5, CI. 100.22, CI. 100.23.

Gas Technology Institute Gas Technology Institute (GTI) published a report titled "Guidance Document for the Introduction of LandfillDerived Renewable Gas into Natural Gas Pipelines." Integration of renewable gas from non-traditional sources can provide significant benefits including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing available resources. An initiative launched by GTI is establishing parameters for evaluating the suitability of biomethane products - derived from dairy waste and landfills - for safe introduction into existing natural gas pipelines and to ensure compatibility with existing supplies. Sponsored by the natural gas industry, the US. Department of Transportation (DOT) and members of the Solid Waste Association of North America, these projects add to understanding the chemical and biological composition of renewable gas. The newly released Landfill Guidance Document provides analytical and other key information to pipeline companies and natural gas distribution companies so that parameters specific to clean biomethane can be identified to support a productive discussion between these parties and the suppliers for contract development. The document includes a list of constituents and methodology for testing, as well as statistical analysis of the acquired data. It provides information about specific instrumentation for identifying and monitoring trace constituents, and cleanup technologies to remove them, www.gastechnology. org/ IOS InterMoor AS IOS InterMoor AS, an Acteon company, signed a framework agreement with ExxonMobil E&P Norway AS to provide engineering services and equipment offshore Norway. The five-year contract has an option of three one-year extensions. The work scope includes inspection and logistics on the Jotun and Balder fields in the North Sea. It will also include other mooring-related engineering tasks. InterMoor is a mooring, foundations and subsea services provider delivering solutions for rig moves, mooring services and offshore installation projects, www. intermoor. com.

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc.

Fifteen years after introducing the world's first self-contained, self-propelled, allterrain fu s ion machine in the Trac Star 500, McElroy has announced release of the third generation of ~ the machine. The McElroy TracStar 500 Series 3 features major additions over previous models, including an indexer-mounted heater and facer, economy engine throttle setting and hydraulic clamping. With the heater now included as an attached part of the machine, users no longer have to manually place the heater in the carriage during the fusion process. The economy engine setting saves fuel by throttling down when idle. The addition of hydraulic clamping helps reduce operator fatigue and saves time by clamping pipe into jaws of the carriage with the push of a lever. The TracStar 500 Series 3 is capable of fusing thermoplastic pipes from 6-inch IPS to 20-inch outer diameter in size (180-500mm). The fusion carriage can be removed and lowered into a ditch for fusions in tight spaces. Power for the heater is supplied by an on-board generator, while a hydraulicpump system driven by the engine provides the power for the facer, dual-speed track system and more. Dual hydraulic pipe lifts help to load and unload the pipe into the carriage, www.

Mueller Electric Company Mueller Electric Company, Inc. is offering static and electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding cables, designed to protect workers and associated equipment from the potential harmful efforts of static electricity and electrostatic discharge. The cables are available in multiple lengths, in insulated and non-insulated versions, with copper or stainless steel wire construction, and with five types of end connectors, available on all cable lengths and types. Customers can choose from terminal end options which include solid copper or steel clips; steel ground clamps; and solid copper lugs in a variety of sizes.

With more than 100 years of market innovation in cables, connectors and clamps, Mueller has its industry origins as the inventor of the "Alligator Clip," a must-have for testing requirements, www.

Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce has launched RB2 1 1-Gzero, a retrofit upgrade product designed to provide existing users of industrial RB2 1 1 aeroderivative gas turbine engines with a nominal power increase of 10%, depending on ambient temperature and engine type. Scott DeWolfe, Rolls-Royce, RB211 Product Director - Energy, said: "The RB211 is the most reliable and easily maintained industrial gas turbine available in its class today. The new RB2 1 1 -Gzero delivers an additional 1 0% more power that will be critical to boosting performance and profitability for our customers in the global power generation and oil and gas sectors." Engineered as a modular package for ease of maintenance, the RB21 1 -Gzero product will specifically benefit operators of the 440-plus worldwide installed fleet of RB211-C and RB211-G variant gas generators that feature RT-56 or RT-62 power turbines. The RB21 1 -Gzero power increase is achieved during routine gas turbine overhaul by retrofitting applicable RB2 1 1 units with a modular package that increases the flow of air through the engine, www. rollsroyce .com.

Target Logistics Target Logistics, workforce housing provider, announced the launch of its mobile crew camps. These self-contained, movable, quick-to-permit communities are designed for operations that relocate frequently and require housing solutions for rapid deployment. "A new division for Target Logistics, mobile crew camps are an extension of our core business," says Target Logistics Founder and CEO Brian Lash. "Superior nutrition, homestyle comfort and an array of entertainment and fitness amenities comprise what Target Logistics coined 'The Economics of Comfort(TM).' Like our stationary crew camps, the first-rate level of service provided in the mobile crew camps results in greater productivity, lower attrition and fewer onsite accidents. Mobile crew camps are ideal for pipeline, mining and construction job sites, disaster relief, emergencies, military housing and exploration camps," Lash says. "Depending on distance, a mobile crew camp can move after breakfast and be up and running in about 12 hours for dinner. No additional infrastructure is needed and water, electrical and septic are self-contained." Email:, www. TargetLogistics. net, 800-832-4242.

Cameron's NEWCO® TOV Cameron announces the expansion of its valve portfolio to include the NEWCO® TOV. The triple offset valve design includes a self-centering disc for bubble-tight shutoff, sealed bearing design, a stellite body seat standard and positive stem retention. This innovative design is said to help to reduce the drag on the seat significantly, increasing the life of the valve. The NEWCO TOV will be introduced internationally at Valve World Expo 2012, PowerGen 2012 and Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference 2013.

AAF AAF says it is a world leader in gas turbine air filtration technology. The company recently announced the North American release of its line of HydroShield(TM) depthloading membrane HEPA (EPA)-class filtration systems for gas turbines. The HEPA (EPA) filtration systems developed by AAF - first in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and now available to gas turbine operators in the Americas - are described by the company as unique in that they can be used in even the harshest environments, including offshore, coastal, tropical and desert environments. "To properly maintain power and efficiency, a gas turbine filter must resist not only dust and dirt, but also repeated exposure to fog, moisture, salt spray and hydrocarbons," a company spokesman explained. "Our HydroShield filters employ a specially designed multi-layer media with proprietary depth-loading membrane technology that protects the turbine's complex rotating parts under any environmental conditions." The multi-layer media has been optimized to offer E 10 and El 2 HEPA efficiency grades, according to the spokesman. HydroShield delivers increased turbine reliability and lower operating costs. With an initial filtration efficiency of 99.5% or greater at the smallest penetrating particle size, HydroShield filters help maintain gas compressor cleanliness by recovering 6% of the power output normally lost to engine fouling. The advanced protection provided by AAF HEPA (EPA)-class filtration helps keep engine cores in close-to-new condition during operation. As a result, cycles between on- or offline water washing can be drastically reduced, or even eliminated, www. aafgtsolutions. com, www. Aafintl .com.

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