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Smart Metering in Europe - 9th Edition
[November 08, 2012]

Smart Metering in Europe - 9th Edition

NEW YORK, Nov. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Smart Metering in Europe - 9th Edition Executive summary EU27+2 has 277 million metered electricity customers and the annual demand for electricity meters for new installations and replacements is in the range of 12-17 million units. Penetration for smart meters, providing more comprehensive functionality than basic meter data collections, was 18 percent at the end of 2011. By 2017, Berg Insight projects that the rate will increase to 56 percent, driven by large rollouts in Spain, France and the UK, in combination with nationwide rollouts in several smaller countries. The installed base of smart electricity meters is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20.5 percent between 2011 and 2017 to reach 154.7 million units at the end of the period. The high growth rate will be sustained until the end of the decade as nationwide rollouts are completed in France, the UK and several other countries. A decision by Germany to introduce smart metering would extend the strong momentum for smart meters in Europe into the 2020s. At the end of Q3-2012, eleven European countries had developed regulatory roadmaps for the full-scale introduction of smart meters. The latest new country to adopt this policy was Austria in April 2012. Sweden and Italy completed deployments at the end of 2009 and 2011, respectively and Finland will be ready by the end of 2013, followed by Estonia and Norway in 2017. France and Spain have set target dates in 2018, while Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands and the UK aim for nationwide rollouts to be completed during 2019/2020. Furthermore, the governments in Denmark and Malta have put their countries on track for full coverage of smart meters before the end of this decade by supporting rollouts by state-controlled electricity companies. Cyprus, Poland, Portugal and Romania are additional countries leaning towards regulation-driven smart meter rollouts. Germany currently prefers that rollouts should be industry-driven and considers only minor requirements for household customers with high electricity consumption. A cost benefit analysis of the business case for smart metering in Germany due in 2013 may however change this policy. Government attitudes towards smart metering in other European countries ranges from keen interest expressed through active support for large pilot projects to virtual indifference.

As a result of the massive replacements, smart meters will come to dominate the European electricity metering market, accounting for over 95 percent of the total volume. After reaching a low point of 2.6 million units in 2009, demand for smart meters recovered in 2011 as massive installations began in Spain. In 2014 the market is expected to reach an inflection point as mass rollouts begin in France, the UK, the Netherlands and several other countries. During the second half of the 2010s, Berg Insight expects that annual shipments of smart electricity meters will be in the range of 25-30 million units. The aggregate investment cost for the deployment of 110 million smart electricity meters in Europe between 2011 and 2017 is projected to around EUR 15.8 billion. Based on industry data the capital expenditure for a smart metering project in Western Europe can vary in the span of EUR 140-240 per metering point. In Central Eastern Europe the projected cost is around EUR 100-150 per metering point, due to lower labour costs. Next generation powerline communication (PLC) technologies are a key enabler for the new wave of smart meter rollouts in Europe. PLC is the dominant last-mile communication technology for smart meters on the European market with a market share of around 85 percent. The G3-PLC and PRIME initiatives, launched by ERDF and Iberdrola respectively in the late 2000s have now evolved into complete standards, supported by commercially available chipsets from leading semiconductor vendors. Both standards have been approved by the ITU and the industry associations created to promote them are now cooperating around the new more comprehensive G.hnem PLC standard. In addition, the IEEE has launched a widely supported PLC standards initiative. Berg Insight has the opinion that a certain degree of competition between PLC standards is a healthy driver for innovation that will do little harm by fragmenting the market. All standards largely use the same underlying technology, which enables semiconductor vendors to use the same core platforms to create many different types of PLC chipsets. Regional variations will always be inevitable due to the different characterstics of electricity networks around the world. When it comes to large-scale deployments, the balance between cost and desired performance will decide the choice between basic or more advanced PLC standards.

Table of Contents Table of Contents. iList of Figures ixExecutive summary..11 Electricity, gas and district heating markets in Europe 31.1 Energy industry players31.2 Electricity market 51.3 Gas market ..131.4 District heating market162 Smart metering solutions....172.1 Introduction to smart grids ...172.2 Smart metering .202.2.1 Smart metering applications ....202.2.2 Smart metering infrastructure...242.2.3 Benefits of smart metering ..272.3 Project strategies ...292.3.1 System design and sourcing ...292.3.2 Rollout and integration ...302.3.3 Implementation and operation .312.3.4 Communicating with customers ...312.4 Regulatory issues ..322.4.1 Models for the introduction of smart meters 322.4.2 Standards and guidelines ...332.4.3 Individual rights issues...363 Networks and communication technologies ....373.1 Smart grid communication networks ..373.1.1 Smart grid network architecture....393.1.2 Communication technology options..413.2 PLC technology and vendors....423.2.1 International standards organisations443.2.2 G3-PLC..463.2.3 PRIME....483.2.4 Meters & More.503.2.5 LonWorks ...513.2.6 HomeGrid...523.2.7 HomePlug...523.2.8 Semiconductor companies .543.3 RF technology and vendors .603.3.1 International standards organisations613.3.2 Wi-SUN..613.3.3 ZigBee ...623.3.4 WAVE2M623.3.5 Z-Wave ..633.4 Cellular technology and vendors....633.4.1 2G networks ....633.4.2 3G and 4G networks .643.4.3 Cellular M2M module vendors .644 Smart metering industry players...674.1 Meter vendors...674.1.1 Landis+Gyr 684.1.2 Itron ..734.1.3 Elster.764.1.4 AEM..784.1.5 Aidon 794.1.6 Apator....794.1.7 Circutor..804.1.8 Diehl Metering .804.1.9 EMH Metering..814.1.10 Elgama Elektronika ...814.1.11 Energomera824.1.12 GE Energy ..824.1.13 Hager834.1.14 Iskraemeco.844.1.15 Janz ..844.1.16 Kamstrup ....854.1.17 Orbis.854.1.18 Osaki Electric ..864.1.19 RIZ ....874.1.20 Sagemcom.874.1.21 Secure Meters .884.1.22 Sensus...894.1.23 Sogecam ....894.1.24 ZIV ....904.2 Smart grid solution providers ....904.2.1 ABB...914.2.2 ADD Grup...914.2.3 Connode924.2.4 Corinex ..934.2.5 CURRENT...944.2.6 Dr Neuhaus 944.2.7 Echelon .954.2.8 Embriq...964.2.9 Metrima..964.2.10 NURI Telecom.974.2.11 Power Plus Communications ...974.2.12 POWRtec....984.2.13 Sentec ...984.2.14 Siemens.994.2.15 Silver Spring Networks.1004.2.16 SmartReach...1014.2.17 Trilliant .1024.2.18 Xemex..1034.2.19 ZPA Smart Energy...1044.3 MDMS and middleware vendors ..1044.3.1 Cuculus ....1044.3.2 Ecologic Analytics ...1054.3.3 eMeter..1054.3.4 EnergyICT.1064.3.5 Enoro...1074.3.6 Görlitz ..1074.3.7 Netinium ...1084.3.8 Oracle ..1084.3.9 Powel...1094.3.10 SAP.1104.4 System integrators and managed service providers..1104.4.1 IT industry players ...1114.4.2 Telecom industry players ..1135 Market profiles ...1175.1 Regional summary....1175.1.1 EU smart metering policies ....1175.1.2 National smart metering policies.1195.1.3 Top smart metering projects in EU27+2 countries ..1215.2 Austria...1235.2.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1235.2.2 Metering regulatory environment 1245.2.3 Smart metering market developments..1255.3 Belgium.1265.3.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1265.3.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart metering market developments .1275.4 Bulgaria.1285.4.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1285.4.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart metering market developments .1295.5 Cyprus ..1305.5.1 Electricity distribution industry structure....1305.5.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart metering pilots...1315.6 Czech Republic ...1325.6.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1325.6.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart metering pilots...1335.7 Denmark ....1345.7.1 Electricity distribution industry structure....1345.7.2 Metering regulatory environment 1355.7.3 Smart metering market developments..1365.8 Estonia..1385.8.1 Electricity distribution industry structure....1385.8.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart metering market developments .1395.9 Finland ..1405.9.1 Electricity distribution industry structure....1405.9.2 Metering regulatory environment 1435.9.3 Smart metering market developments..1435.10 France...1455.10.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1455.10.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart metering market developments .1465.11 Germany....1475.11.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1475.11.2 Metering regulatory environment 1505.11.3 Smart meter market developments..1525.12 Greece ..1535.12.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1535.12.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart metering market developments .1545.13 Hungary 1545.13.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1555.13.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart metering market developments .1565.14 Ireland...1565.14.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1575.14.2 Nationwide program for deployment of smart meters ...1575.15 Italy ..1605.15.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1605.15.2 Metering regulatory environment 1625.15.3 Smart metering market developments..1635.16 Latvia1645.16.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1645.16.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart metering market developments .1655.17 Lithuania ....1655.18 Luxembourg....1665.19 Malta 1675.19.1 Utility industry structure1685.19.2 National smart grid project1685.20 Netherlands ....1695.20.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1695.20.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart meter market developments .1715.21 Norway..1735.21.1 Electricity distribution industry structure....1735.21.2 Metering regulatory environment 1745.21.3 Smart metering market developments and DSO rollout preparations ...1765.22 Poland...1785.22.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1785.22.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart metering projects ...1795.23 Portugal 1805.23.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1805.23.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart metering market developments .1815.24 Romania1825.24.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1825.24.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart meter market developments .1835.25 Slovakia 1845.25.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1845.25.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart meter market developments .1855.26 Slovenia 1855.26.1 Electricity industry structure and metering regulatory environment ..1855.26.2 Smart metering projects....1865.27 Spain1875.27.1 Electricity and gas distribution industry structure1875.27.2 Metering regulatory environment 1885.27.3 Smart metering market developments..1895.28 Sweden.1915.28.1 Electricity distribution industry structure....1915.28.2 Metering regulatory environment 1925.28.3 Smart metering market developments..1935.28.4 The outcome of a regulation driven rollout 1965.29 Switzerland 1985.29.1 Electricity distribution industry structure....1985.29.2 Metering regulatory environment and smart meter market developments .1995.30 United Kingdom...2005.30.1 Electricity and gas industry structure....2005.30.2 Metering regulatory environment 2035.30.3 Great Britain's planned nationwide smart metering system ....2045.30.4 Early smart meter deployments ..2065.30.5 Smart metering in Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands .2076 Case studies: Smart metering projects in Europe....2096.1 Enel..2096.1.1 The Telegestore project in Italy...2096.1.2 New generation of smart meters and system solutions.2116.1.3 Endesa's smart metering project in Spain .2116.1.4 Smart meter rollout plan for Romania ...2126.2 ERDF2126.2.1 The Linky Programme..2136.2.2 System development and full-scale pilot ...2156.3 E.ON 2166.3.1 Sweden and Finland: Smart meter rollout and customer engagement pilot....2176.3.2 Spain and the UK: Complete rollouts before 2020 ...2196.3.3 Germany and Central Europe: Pilot projects and retail propositions2206.4 Iberdrola ....2216.4.1 The PRIME project ..2226.4.2 Smart metering rollout in Spain ..2226.5 British Gas .2236.5.1 Corporate strategy for smart metering..2246.5.2 Early smart meter deployments ..2246.6 ESB..2256.6.1 Results from communication technology trials....2266.6.2 Results from consumer behaviour trials2276.6.3 Results from cost benefit analysis....2286.7 Fortum ..2316.7.1 Smart meter rollout in Sweden....2326.7.2 Smart meter rollout in Finland2336.7.3 Smart meter rollout in Norway ....2346.8 Eandis...2346.9 Energa ..2366.10 Eesti Energia...2377 Market forecasts and trends ..2397.1 Market drivers and restraints ...2407.1.1 Macroeconomic factors2407.1.2 Political environment ....2427.1.3 Competitive environment ..2447.1.4 Technology and standards ....2457.2 Smart metering market forecast ...2467.2.1 Geographical markets..2477.2.2 Capital expenditure forecast ..2527.3 Technology trends....2557.4 Industry analysis..256Glossary 259 List of Figures Figure 1.1: Top 25 energy companies, by turnover (EU27+2 2011) .4Figure 1.2: Electricity generation and consumption data (EU27 2011) ..5Figure 1.3: Electricity market statistics (Europe 2012) ...7Figure 1.4: Electricity market statistics (Europe 2012) ...8Figure 1.5: Top 25 electricity DSOs (EU27+2 2012)....10Figure 1.6: Top 25 electricity DSOs (Southeast and East Europe 2012) ...12Figure 1.7: Gas market statistics (EU27+2 2012) ...14Figure 1.8: Top 25 gas DSOs (EU27+2 2012) ...15Figure 1.9: Major district heating markets (EU27+2 2008) ....16Figure 2.1: Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.23Figure 2.2: Smart metering infrastructure.25Figure 2.3: Examples of smart electricity meters26Figure 3.1: Overview of power grid infrastructure....38Figure 3.2: Standard model for smart grid communication network ....39Figure 3.3: Alternative model for smart grid communication network ..40Figure 3.4: Technical comparison of key PLC technology standards...43Figure 3.5: Members of the G3-PLC Alliance by industry .47Figure 3.6: Members of the PRIME Alliance by industry ...49Figure 3.7: Members of the Meters & More Association by industry ....50Figure 3.8: Selected members of HomePlug Powerline Alliance by industry .53Figure 3.9: Top 25 semiconductor companies and smart grid technology support.59Figure 4.1: Energy meter vendor company data (World/Europe, FY2011)68Figure 4.2: Landis+Gyr smart metering product portfolio (Europe 2012) .69Figure 4.3: Itron smart metering product portfolio (Europe 2012) ...74Figure 5.1: Regulatory policies for smart meter rollouts, by country (EU27+2 Q3-2012) 120Figure 5.2: Top 25 smart metering projects in EU27+2 countries (Q3-2012) ...122Figure 5.3: Top 10 electricity and gas DSOs in Austria (2012)..124Figure 5.4: Electricity and gas network operators in Belgium (2012) .127Figure 5.5: Electricity DSOs and smart meters under contract in Bulgaria (2012) .129Figure 5.6: Top 5 DSOs in the Czech Republic (2012) ...133Figure 5.7: Top 10 electricity DSOs in Denmark (2012) ..135Figure 5.8: Major SM projects in Denmark (October 2012)..137Figure 5.9: Major SM projects in Estonia (October 2012) ....139Figure 5.10: Top 10 electricity DSOs in Finland (2012)...141Figure 5.11: Top 25 SM contracts in Finland (September 2012) ...142Figure 5.12: Top 50 electricity DSOs in Germany (2012)149Figure 5.13: Top 5 DSOs in Hungary (2012) ....155Figure 5.14: Top 15 electricity and gas DSOs in Italy (2012) ....161Figure 5.15: Electricity and gas DSOs in the Netherlands (2012)..170Figure 5.16: Top 10 electricity DSOs in Norway (2012) ..174Figure 5.17: Top 10 full-scale SM projects in Norway (Q3-2012)...177Figure 5.18: Electricity DSOs in Poland (2012) 179Figure 5.19: Top 5 DSOs in Portugal (2012) ....181Figure 5.20: Top 5 DSOs in Romania (2012)....183Figure 5.21: Electricity DSOs in Slovenia (2012)...186Figure 5.22: Major electricity and gas DSOs in Spain (2012)....188Figure 5.23: Top 10 electricity DSOs in Sweden (2012)..192Figure 5.24: SM contracts awarded by top 10 DSOs in Sweden...194Figure 5.25: SM vendor selection of medium sized DSOs in Sweden195Figure 5.26: Features of smart meters in Sweden (2011) ....196Figure 5.27: Communication technologies of smart meters in Sweden ..197Figure 5.28: Top 10 electricity DSOs in Switzerland (2012) .199Figure 5.29: Electricity DSOs in the UK (2012).201Figure 5.30: Gas DSOs in the UK (2012) 202Figure 5.31: Estimated electricity and gas retailer market shares in the UK (2012) ....202Figure 6.1: Telegestore annual operational data in Italy (2011)210Figure 6.2: Conceptual system architecture for ERDF's smart metering system....214Figure 6.3: E.ON smart metering status by country (Europe 2012)....216Figure 6.4: SM contracts awarded by E.ON Sweden (2005-2007)218Figure 6.5: Comparison of data collection performance for PLC/RF/GPRS .227Figure 6.6: Calculated NPV for smart metering rollout options in Ireland228Figure 6.7: Estimated cost for smart electricity meters and network equipment ....229Figure 6.8: Estimated overhead costs for smart metering in Ireland ..230Figure 6.9: Estimated capital cost for a smart metering rollout in Ireland231Figure 6.10: Estimated cost of Energa's smart metering project ...236Figure 7.1: Household power consumption and retail prices (EU23+2 2012) ..241Figure 7.2: Smart meter shipments and penetration rate (EU27+2 2011-2017)....247Figure 7.3: Smart meter shipments by country (EU27+2 2011-2017) ....249Figure 7.4: Smart meter installed base by country (EU27+2 2011-2017)....250Figure 7.5: Smart metering capital expenditure forecast (EU27+2 2011-2017) ....252Figure 7.6: Estimated capital cost for some smart metering projects in Europe ....253Figure 7.7: Breakdown of costs for smart metering projects in Western Europe ...254 To order this report:Electrical_Equipment Industry: Smart Metering in Europe - 9th Edition __________________________Contact Nicolas: nicolasbombourg@reportlinker.comUS: (805)-652-2626Intl: +1 805-652-2626 SOURCE Reportlinker

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