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[October 06, 2011]


(BioCycle Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) EXHIBITOR DIRECTORY Meet the vendors showcasing their equipment and services at the 11th Annual BioCycle Conference on Renewable Energy From Organics Recycling, October 31, November 1 and 2, 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin. To register for this event, visit

2G-CENERGY 2G-CENERGY Power Systems Technologies Inc., a 2G Bio-Energy Technology Corporation (2G Bio-Energietechnik AGi group company is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced and proven biogas energy conversion systems to generate electricity and heat, while reducing CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases. All biogas CHP plants are designed and manufactured "plug & play connectionready." With more than 1,800 biogas power generation plants manufactured, the 2GCENERGY's CHP cogeneration systems guarantee high energy efficiency, reliability and durability.

ADI Group Inc. ADI Group Inc., through its companies ADI Systems Inc. (ASI) and Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI), is a world leader in on-site wastewater treatment and waste-to-energy technologies, as well as innovative cover systems for lagoons and tanks. The combined services and technologies offered by ASI and GTI cover a wide range of needs, from odor control to optimizing biogas production, cleaning water to a quality suitable for reuse, or recovering biogas for reuse in-plant. Energy efficiency and low maintenance are key components of ADI's technologies, and services are offered on a design/build basis.

Aether DBS Aether dbs engineers and manufactures biogas blending, conditioning and compression equipment for biogas-toenergy systems. The company will customdesign, supply, and fabricate skid-mounted equipment for specific biogas requirements including biogas blenders. By conditioning the biogas and blending it with LPG or natural gas, synthetic natural gas (SNG) can be produced that mimics the properties of natural gas. Biogas SNG can be used in engines, boilers, furnaces, heat exchangers, or any combustion unit designed to burn natural gas. Gas heating and cooling and automatic control systems are also available.

AgroEnergy www.aaroenerqia,eu/ AgroEnergy (EnergEtica) is an Italian nonprofit organization founded to promote growth of renewable energy in agriculture, High energy costs, as well as growing concerns about pollution from livestock, have led European countries to develop successful agro-industrial alliances that have brought forth the new industry of agroenergy. Italian and German biogas leaders, such as Austep, BTS and Envitec, demonstrate real-life experiences turning costs of waste disposal into sources of additional revenues for farmers, adding value to the food industry and reducing the overall carbon footprint. Projects include processing livestock or poultry effluents into a source of energy for high-efficiency cogeneration or gas grid injection and transforming sources of water pollutants into valuable natural fertilizers. Learn more about these companies at the AgroEnergy exhibit.

AgSTAR AgSTAR is an outreach program jointly sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Department of Energy. The program encourages use of biogas recovery technologies at confined animal feeding operations in order to reduce methane emissions and generate clean energy, and achieve other environmental benefits.

American Biogas Council The American Biogas Council (ABC) represents over 120 companies dedicated to maximizing the production and use of biogas from organic waste. Members include digester designers, municipalities, engine manufacturers, farmers, natural gas providers, waste management companies, engineering and law firms, nonprofits and universities and the entire biogas supply chain. The ABC actively educates and advocates for policies that will help grow the biogas industry in the U.S.

Applied Technologies, Inc. Applied Technologies, Inc. is a multidiscipline engineering firm specializing in the conversion of organic material to biogas and the utilization of biogas as a valued energy source in both the public and private sectors.

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP is a full-service accounting and advisory firm whose specialized professionals connect with you and your business through refreshing candor and clear industry insight. Our cross-functional renewable energy practice provides accounting, tax, finance, regulatory compliance, and project development consulting services.

Biodrill Technical Solutions LLC Biodrill Technical Solutions LLC is developing and marketing renewable energy products for both education and research applications. The TS-AD200 Anaerobic Digester is a bench-scale mesophilic twostage continuously stirred high rate fermenter-bioreactor. This two vessel device also has an external .6 liter transparent gas dome. The methanogenesis vessel has a capacity of 6 liters and contains a heater, fluid sampling port, biofilm polypropylene structured media and a magnetically coupled motor-driven agitator/distributor. The hydrolysis vessel has a capacity of 9 liters for decomposition of the organic material.

BIOFerm Energy Systems BIOFerm Energy Systems is a leading provider of dry fermentation biogas technology in the United States, delivering turnkey energy solutions that use biomass and organic waste as the primary inputs. The BIOFerm system provides carbon neutral energy production, reliability, waste volume reduction, fully automated management control systems and energy expenditure savings - attributes that make this system ideal for heat and electric energy production solutions and waste management plans that integrate readily with the client's industrial, corporate, agricultural, landfill, composting and institutional operations.

(BioGroup) (BioGroup) BioBag is the world's largest provider of brand certified compostable bags and films made from the material, Mater-Bi. Mater-Bi's ingrethents consist of starches derived from plants, vegetable oils and compostable polymers from both renewable and fossil raw materials. No polyethylene is used in the production process. BioBag products meet ASTM D6400 standard. The company strongly supports use of GMO-free certified crops. BioBag products include films for packaging, bags (2 to 96+ gallon) for collection of food and lawn waste for composting and specialized compostable products for retail and commercial businesses.

Biorem Biorem is a leading clean technology company that designs, supplies and distributes a comprehensive line of highefficiency biological -based air emissions control systems. These systems are used to eliminate odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs ) and hazardous air pollutants ( HAPs I, and for the sweetening and conditioning of biogas renewable energy. A selection of products are offered that can be tailored to suit application specific requirements. Biorem ensures optimized long-term performance on every application by custom-designing any one of their systems to meet individual client's needs.

Boerger, LLC Buerger's reliable and robust Rotary Lobe Pumps and Grinding equipment meet the high demands of the waste processing and the biogas industry utilizing many different substrates. Boerger offers many designs and options to deal with the most difficult applications. The Boerger MlP-Design is a unique advantage to minimize downtime and maintenance. It allows for quick and convenient replacement of all fluid wetted parts without removal of pipe or drive unit components by your own staff.

Brown Bear Corporation Brown Bear Corporation manufactures both attachment machines and complete machines for windrow composting, bioremediation, sludge drying and land application. The environmental products are used for windrow composting of all types of municipal wastewater biosolids, landfill solids, industrial sludges, agricultural organic crop residues and manures; bioremediation and stabilization of hazardous and nonhazardous hydrocarbon and petro chemical wastes and contaminated soil, potable water plant residual solid, mining sludges, pulp and paper plant sludges, etc., land application of liquid, semisolid sludge cake, compost and manure with on/off highway capable transporters.

BRUGG Pipesystems BRUGG Pipesystems produces a corrugated stainless steel endless pipe for heat transfer in digesters. This pipe has been in use in over 600 digesters for more than ten years. The special design of the pipe vastly increases the heat transfer compared to conventional pipes. The pipe is easy and quick to install with no welding or intermediate joints.

Caterpillar® Caterpillar® and the Cat® Dealer Network provide one point of contact for sales and service for agricultural power needs. With demands on the agricultural industry to become more sustainable and self-functioning, Caterpillar can help. Fueled with cleanburning onsite farm waste, Cat® Electric Power Biogas Generator Sets deliver reliable clean electricity. This enables farms to become environmentally friendly, reduces high energy costs, lowers surface to ground water contamination, and produces high quality fertilizer for on-farm use.

Cornerstone Cornerstone is a national engineering consulting firm with extensive experience in planning, designing and permitting renewable energy projects. Recent projects include biomass production, biogas utilization, anaerobic digestion and organics separation. Examples include the Taylor Biomass Energy's proposed 550 TPD biomass processing, gasification and clean energy production facility, and two anaerobic digester projects (provided planning and solid waste/air permitting services). Cornerstone has developed BioCNG(TM), a patent-pending biogas conditioning system, which economically produces biogas-based fuel from low-flow (minimum of 20 CFM ) medium BTU gas streams to power vehicles using compressed natural gas (CNG).

CST Storage CST BioEnergy is a part of CST Industries, the world's largest manufacturer of factory coated tanks and covers. CST BioEnergy provides separate and integrated tank and cover solutions for anaerobic digesters and biomass processes as well as Weaver reclaimers for fast, safe and reliable biomass unloading. From the lowest life cycle cost solution of Aquastore glassfused-to-steel, to the long-term durability of stainless or the low initial cost of HydroTec epoxy, CST BioEnergy offers tanks and covers to meet your specific needs - all from one company with hundreds of digesters worldwide and over 120 years of manufacturing tanks.

Delta Instrument LLC Delta Instrument LLC provides on-line instrumentation and related services to the process measurement, emissions and combustion control industries. Constantly evolving technologies are allowing industrial users to measure their process with increased accuracy. Delta Instrument offers its customers a high level of personalized service and support, along with the ability to provide standard or customized solutions to specific measurement requirements.

DTEnvironmental As a leading provider of innovative dairy nure handling equipment throughout North America. DariTech Inc. is bringing its products to the environmental field through DT-Environmental (DTE). With the Enviro-Drum, food and other organic wastes can be handled in a controlled environment. With proper mixing and aeration, the composting process can be greatly accelerated, leading to reduced land and storage requirements and lower manpower and other operating costs.

Dupps The Dupps Company Food Depackaging System separates organic from nonorganic materials, including packaging such as plastics and paper. It's ideal for turning food processing, supermarket and restaurant waste streams and any other food items suitable for recycling into profitable, valueadded product. The system features a heavyduty shredder and a specially designed screw press to process waste food and packaging, separating the nonorganic solids from viscous food waste. A washing drum cleans fats and other organic material from removed packaging.

EISENMANN EISENMANN's BIOGAS Green Waste anaerobic digestion systems convert high solid waste organics to biogas. The biogas can either be directed to a combined heat and power (CHP) system to produce electrical power or cleaned/compressed and fed into the natural gas pipeline or utilized as a transportation fuel alternative. Advantages include: Proven solution; feedstock flexibility: closed system design for odor control; end-to-end process knowledge.

Environmental Fabrics Since 1993, Environmental Fabrics, Inc. ( EFI ) has been dedicated to reducing negative ecological impact, increasing operational efficiency and promoting profitability for its customers. Specializing in design, fabrication, installation and operation of geosynthetic, anaerobic digester and biogas management solutions, EFI offers capabilities to complete any or all phases of a project.

FABCO Power Systems FABCO Power Systems is the authorized Caterpillar engine distributor for Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. FABCO specializes in packaging Caterpillar engines into combined heat and power (CHP) systems for operation on renewable energy fuel sources that include landfill gas, digester gas, synthetic biogas from biomass gasification and biodiesel. FABCO's industry and engineering knowledge will provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of your bioenergy project. Service agreements are customized to each client's needs, and the Caterpillar PointGuard system provides 24/7/365 monitoring to warn of potential service issues.

Flofech Flotech is a global company with divisions specializing in biogas upgrading (Greenlane), packaging compressors (Flotech), heat exchange (Kallt) and service (AfterCare). Greenlane specializes in biogas upgrading solutions for use in various applications including pipeline injection and vehicle fuel using a water scrubbing process combined with a PSA/TSA. Greenlane has over 40 biomethane installations and over 20 years of experience. We maximize the value of the biogas resource, by providing 99%+ CH., yield. Greenlane systems have been designed to minimize operating costs, including power consumption, maintenance and total plant consumables.

FPZ, Inc. FPZ manufactures high performance regenerative blowers capable of airflows up to 1500 cfm, vacuums to 17-inch Hg and pressures to 12 psi. In addition to air moving devices, FPZ offers a line of specialty blowers for the safe handling of biogas and other hazardous gases. Direct drive blowers with TEFC, explosion proof and Atex motors are available. Hermetically sealed blowers with magnetic coupling are ideal for applications where leakage cannot be tolerated. All FPZ blowers are backed by a 3-year warranty with most models stocked in Wisconsin.

GHD, Inc. GHD. Inc.. the largest on-farm anaerobic digester designer the country, designs and installs its patented mixed plug-flow digester across the nation. GHD anaerobic digesters are cost-effective and require low maintenance. By-products include: odor reduction; biogas used to create electricity or natural gas: biosolids utilized as a highquality bedding in dairy operations or as a soil amendment; heat, in the form of hot water, that farmers use to heat aspects of their operation; and an inorganic liquid that can he applied directly to a growing crop to enhance yield.

Harvest Power Harvest Power is transforming communities throughout North America by maximizing the value in organic materials. It provides top quality soil and fertilizer products, builds stronger systems of waste recovery and generates clean, renewable energy from organic materials. The company's management team has deep experience in composting, renewable energy, supply chain management, engineering, law and finance. Harvest Power has grown rapidly since its founding in 2008, and its trajectory indicates that it will remain one of the fastest growing companies in clean technology.

Homeland Biogas Energy Homeland Biogas Energy is the newest addition to the Homeland Renewable family of companies. Homeland Biogas Energy, also known as HB Energy, develops, finances, designs, constructs and operates anaerobic digestion projects. HB Energy focuses on turning animal agriculture waste and other organic waste streams to usable energy for America.

Inland Power Group Inland Power Group is the Midwest GE Energy distributor (Jenbacher biogas engines. Power Quality, and UPS) and MTU Onsite Energy distributor. The company offers full sales, parts and service support for these product lines.

Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy® is a forum for the dairy industry to work together precompetitively to address barriers and opportunities to foster innovation and increase sales. Its Board of Directors includes dairy industry leaders representing key producer organizations, dairy cooperatives, processors, manufacturers and brands. Under the leadership of the Innovation Center, the daiiy industry has launched a series of 10 projects to build value and reduce environmental impact across the industry, including Dairy Power. Dairy Power addresses barriers to the adoption of methane digester systems that capture methane gas emitted from manure using it for local renewable power. It aims to implement 1,300 methane digester systems by 2020.

Komptech USA Inc. Our projects use Komptech USA Inc.'s specially designed anaerobic digestion technology and produce significantly more biogas than other systems. Biogas can be used in many different applications including cleaning the gas to pipeline quality, electrical generation or CNG (compressed natural gas) to be used in vehicle fuel.

Kraft Power Corporation Kraft Power Corporation provides generators and generator power systems, power transmission products, diesel and gas engines, as well as parts and accessories. The company focuses on the distribution, maintenance and renting of a wide range of high quality power products for industrial, residential, marine and CHP/cogeneration applications.

Kuhn North America, Inc. Kuhn North America. Inc. manufactures mixers and spreaders that meet the growing demand for mixing and spreading industrial materials. Kuhn Knight industrial mixers offer versatile solutions for mixing a variety of materials, ranging from biosolids to other organic or manmade materials. Kuhn Knight industrial spreaders provide efficient solutions for land application needs. These machines are capable of hauling materials varying from high-moisture slurry to dried compost. Trailer or truck mounted spreader and mixer units are available as well, for even more versatility.

Martin Machinery, LLC Martin Machinery. LLC was established in 1976 and serves the biogas industry with innovative solutions utilizing combined heat and electric power gensets. Martin Machinery, LLC offers a wide range of spark ignition engines including Guascor, MAN and Jenbacher with an extensive selection of controls and switchgear. Exhaust and engine jacket heat recovery systems are available to increase productivity from your biogas based investment. Martin Machinery specializes in custom design, building applications to meet the unique needs of specific biogas applications. The company's technical support personnel staff service centers in six states throughout the U.S. where biogas sites have become popular, enabling us to service the genset on an "'as needed" or "contracted" basis.

Mirel Bioplastics by Telles Mirel(TM) is a family of bioplastic materials including a new biobased film grade resin for compostable bags and films. Mire! P5001 film resin is for durable films that will biodegrade in anaerobic digestion and marine environments. Mirel is 100 percent biodegraded in a 15-day test (according to ASTM D5511 standard test method for anaerobic biodégradation), meets ASTM D7081 (standard for biodégradation in the marine environment), and is Vinçotte certified OK Compost Home and OK Compostable. It is also BPI certified to meet ASTM D6400 for compostable plastics. Mirel offers more responsible end-of-Iife options.

Novamont www Novamont is one of the world's leading producers of certified biodegradable/compostable resins. Since 1989, its family of Mater-Bi resins have been used worldwide to produce compostable products like bags, liners and food service ware that are essential for the effective separation, collection and composting of organic waste. Novamont focuses on the lifecycle benefits of organics diversion, promoting sustainable development through innovation.

Odaform Systems Octaform Systems is the world's most versatile concrete forming system. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Octaform designs and manufactures a PVC based wall forming system that is watertight and food safe. Our global presence includes projects in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Since 1997, our award winning concrete forms have been used for anaerobic digesters, on-land aquaculture tanks, water and wastewater treatment, large commercial buildings and vehicle washes.

OvivolGWE Ovivo I GWE is a complete industrial wastewater treatment and organic waste-toenergy solutions provider with an extensive portfolio of leading technologies, designed to provide efficient, high-performance, economical solutions to industrial wastewater issues. Ovivo offers an innovative pretreatment-enhanced anaerobic digestion process, RAPTOR(TM), extensive biogas utilization experience and a variety of digestate and residuals management solutions. We're also leaders in the North American biogas plant marketplace, providing complete solutions, not just digestion technology, and maximizing value to our clients.

Renewable Carbon Management Renewable Carbon Management designs and builds batch processing bioconversion facilities utilizing patented lntermodal bio-containers. In service since 3 992, modular, containerized, in-vessel NaturTech Composting Systems have been completely re-engineered for longer life with replaceable insulating wear liners, plug resistant polypropylene perforated floors, and lower cost. Containers can also be used for dry anaerobic digestion, biomass drying, fermentation, fertilizer enhancement and air scrubbing. New containers are in use at the US Navy, a 20 TPD composting operation in Sandoval County, New Mexico, ammonia biofiltration at a chicken manure drying facility in Texas and a 50 TPD food waste composting project in Vancouver, BC.

Roto-Mix ROTO-MLX LLC manufactures three different and unique types of compost mixers, in a range of sizes to handle any job, large or small. A vertical line and two horizontal lines of mixers are available. Mixers come in truck, trailer or stationary models. Many accessories, including electronic scales, conveyors, stainless steel liners and shells, are available. ROTO-MLX also has a complete line of unique compost spreaders, with vertical beaters, in truck or trailer models..

SCS BT Squared SCS BT Squared is the upper Midwest practice group of SCS Engineers (SCS). Since 1970, employee-owned SCS has delivered economically and environmentally sound solutions for solid waste management and other environmental projects. SCS provides engineering, construction, and long-term operations and maintenance services to private and public sector clients through a network of 51 offices in 24 states and worldwide. For six years, SCS has been rated the Number One solid waste engineering company by Engineering News-Record (ENR).

Streisal GmbH For over 20 years, Streisal GmbH has been a leading producer of energy-saving stirring and agitation equipment for biodigesters. Streisal offers its standard submersible line including the angled mounted, height adjustable BIOSUBSTRATOR model as well as the highly regarded BIOBULL ® that sets the market standard in top or side mounted mixers. Streisal models offer a range of output power levels, optional reduction gearboxes and propellers sized to match the application. Large diameter propellers, reduction gearboxes and efficient electric motors result in extremely high circulation power, which provides for higher methane production with lower input energy requirements.

SUMA SUMA has been specializing in biogas, liquid manure and wastewater agitators and mixers since 1957. SUMA produces high performance, modular and custom solutions to fit your unique biogas and liquid manure needs. Dedication, knowledge and experience coupled with an in-house manufacturing and production facility make us one of the most agile companies in the business. Most parts are fabricated in-house which makes us capable of adapting to customer's specific needs, industry standards and technical certifications. Very difficult agitation problems can be solved with our economical custom built solutions.

Tankon Houston Tankon Houston manufactures 100% Biodegradable Products that meet the ASTM D6400 and EN13432 standards, and are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. The company offers advanced technology, a strong management team, experienced technicians, and a great quality control system. Tankon Houston is recognized as an outstanding supplier in the composting and packaging industry. Main products include: 100% compostable trash bags, carry bags, Tshirt bags, rolling bags, shopping bags, pet bags and USDA approved tableware. A variety of other bag products are available.

Unison Solutions, Inc Unison Solutions, Inc., founded in 2000, is an industry leader in biogas conditioning and distributed generation, Unison systems have been installed around the world at landfills, wastewater treatment facilities, dairies and food processing plants. Unison has manufactured gas treatment and compression packages in sizes that range from 20 scfm up to 8000 scfm. To date, Unison has provided over 115 gas treatment and compression systems to the biogas marketplace.

University of Wisconsin-Platteville UW-Platteville is a small-mid size campus that specializes in agriculture and engineering. These combine well to support our new programs in Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems.

U.S. Composting Council The U.S. Composting Council (USCC) is the national association that promotes composting and compost uses to enhance soils and provide economic and environmental benefits for its members and society. Recycling of organic materials is central to achieving healthy soils, clean water and a sustainable society. To achieve this mission, the USCC: Educates professionals, policymakers and the public; Serves as an advocate to promote composting; Encourages research and adoption of best management practices; Brings together organics management and allied professionals, policy-makers, regulators, and product users to pursue this mission.

UTS Residual Processing UTS Residual Processing provides process design, engineering and proven technology for complete management of organic wastes. UTS' services extend to turnkey anaerobic digestion systems with generation and treatment of biogas, delivering biomethane for energy and heat, vehicle or pipeline use. Treatment of by-products, through proprietary solid/liquid separation methods, provides additional economic and environmental benefits. UTS is part of the Anaergia, Inc. group of companies.

Vaughan Company Vaughan Company has been a leading manufacturer of centrifugal solids handling pumps throughout the world for over 50 years. We are an industry leader in quality and service and specialize in process mixing systems, biowaste, as well as fats, oils and grease recycling. Vaughan has helped solve the most severe problems in pulp and paper and wood products processing. Vaughan pumps and the Rotamix Process Mixing System are a successful combination for turning waste to fuel and creating renewable energy in many applications.

VermeerWisconsin Inc. In our 50th year, Vermeer-Wisconsin Inc. has three dealerships: Butler, Little Chute and West Salem. We carry the full Vermeer environmental product line for wood and organics recycling: Tub and horizontal grinders, compost turners and trommel screens. We also carry small to large diameter brush chippers and stump cutters. In addition to our recycling equipment, we also represent the line of Vermeer construction equipment that includes directional drills, trenchers, skid steers and plows.

Westech Engineering, Inc. Westech Engineering, Inc. supplies process equipment for water, wastewater and industrial applications, including mixers and anaerobic digester covers. The DuoSphere(TM) gasholder structures are made from highstrength fabrics and are a cost-effective biogas storage solution. In addition to gas storage, the DuoSphere(TM) is designed to regulate pressure and flows from digesters as gas is utilized. Complementing WesTech's complete line of steel digester covers, the DuoSphere(TM) Digester Cover is a functional, effective and easily-installed option.

Wisconsin Distributed Resources Collaborative The Wisconsin Distributed Resources Collaborative, Inc. (WIDRC) is a nonprofit collaborative committed to facilitating and promoting successful deployment of economic, efficient and environmentally responsible distributed resources in Wisconsin. Distributed Resources (DR) include distributed generation, energy storage and other power quality devices, conservation and demand-side management. WTDRC addresses five main issues that represent current and potential barriers to DR market development in Wisconsin: Technical requirements; Commercial requirements and business practices; Siting of DR technologies; Applied research and development and associated data collection; Education and communication.

Yield Energy Yield Energy is a renewable energy company focused on the design, build and operation of biogas plants. The company focuses on strategic partnerships and work in municipal, commercial and agricultural sectors. Yield's unique pretreatment technology, the FITEC system, can handle any type of contaminated organic waste stream. A wide range of products and services are offered in our Dr. Digester program including: feasibility studies, feedstock management, biological stability modelling, daily plant optimization and support, trace element formulation and supply, digestion catalysts, biomethane potential, complete feedstock and digestate analysis.

BioCycle's 11th Annual Conference On Renewable Energy From Organics Recycling is sponsored by: UTS Residual Processing AgroEnergy AgSTAR Novamont North America BIOFerm Energy Systems Wisconsin Bioenergy Initiative Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection Innovation Center For U.S. Dairy American Biogas Council (c) 2011 J.G. Press Inc.

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