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New Site5 Joomla Video Install Guides Available at Joomla Hosting Reviews
[August 16, 2011]

New Site5 Joomla Video Install Guides Available at Joomla Hosting Reviews

Atlanta, GA, Aug 16, 2011 ( via COMTEX) -- has published custom install guides for Site5. These guides cover installing Joomla using both the built-in web installer and Fantastico 1-Click installer.

Each guide includes both step-by-step documentation with screenshots and a video showing an actual Joomla installation with detailed narration. The videos are available at YouTube for anyone to watch. For those not familiar with hosting Joomla at Site5 here is their Site5 Review.

Since Joomla is a database driven web application, installation can be the most challenging part of creating a successful website. Some shy away because it seems too complex. While monitoring the Joomla community, they saw the need for a set of reliable, easy to follow install guides. These guides are designed to be the simplest, most user-friendly articles available for the average user.

There are two methods of installing Joomla at Site5, the built-in Joomla web installer and the Fantastico one-click installer.

The built-in web installer is the basic method to Install Joomla at Site5. Their guide provide all steps needed for downloading Joomla, configuring the server and going through the Joomla install guide. If you prefer to watch a video, you are in luck. Joomla Hosting Reviews has created a video install guide walking you through a Joomla install from start to finish, complete with detailed instructions and addition information.

Fantastico is a third party one-click installer. The Fantastico Site5 Joomla Install guide describes step-by step instructions. Fantastico provide installation support for many different web applications including Joomla.

Steven Johnson, Site Administrator for Joomla Hosting Reviews said, "We saw the need for detailed guides and videos and invested the time and effort to create detailed, easy-to-use tutorials that cover all essential points of a Joomla installation. We are hoping the Joomla web hosting community will be much better off because of this work." They have a long standing relationship with the Joomla with much of it being the experience of installing Joomla at different web hosts, "It (installing Joomla) has become better over the years, but the fundamentals are the same. We try to help the average person understand databases and directories in Joomla." Joomla Hosting Reviews, is owned and managed by Intown Web Design of Atlanta, GA. They are not related in any way with the Official Joomla Project or Site5. It is a website that brings hosting and server information and help to the Joomla community.

Working with Joomla and Hosting for over six years, they have provided expert reviews of hosting companies. Follow them at Intown Web Design, located in Atlanta, Georgia focuses on web development for small to medium sized companies that are interested in functional, stylish, search engine optimized websites. The primary focus is Joomla but have experience in most other popular open source applications such as Drupal and WordPress. Follow Intown Web Design at ### Read the full story at

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