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VIDEO SURVEILLANCE [Security Technology Executive]
[July 28, 2011]

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE [Security Technology Executive]

(Security Technology Executive Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) APX-3000 Outdoor AP/Bridge The APX-3000 Outdoor AP/ Bridge from Aaxeon Technologies has all the standard features found on an access point but also offers much more. It features a Wireless Distributed System (WDS) function that let's the unit act as a wireless LAN access point and repeater at the same time.

Users can use this function to develop large wireless networks in large areas like airports, hotels, schools, etc. Using WDS enables bridging networks between multiple areas where it is impossible to deploy network cable connections. The APX-3000 also has Station Mode, which lets network devices that only have wired Ethernet support access wireless LAN without changing any of the device's original configurations. In addition, with its 1 watt radio, the APX-3000 can be used to bridge distances much greater than the typical access point with only a 100 mwatt radio.

Moreover, the APX-3000's metal enclosure is IP67 rated. Having an IP67 rated enclosure ensures that the unit will be protected from the elements day in and day out. It is rainproof and will protect against dust, ensuringe the unit is reliable for everyday use.

The APX-3000 is a great solution for users looking to install a reliable high-powered outdoor access point.

Select eInquiry #527 VisionFrame Video Monitor Wall Systems The versatile new VisionFrame(TM) Video Monitor Wall System provides heavy-duty structural support for monitors.

The system saves integrators valuable installation time with a simple effective design, and can be quickly and easily specified with the company's Middle Atlantic Designer(TM) 3D Layout software.

VisionFrame Systems can be designed with monitor height over 13 feet from the floor and with unlimited length, providing unmatched versatility. Available in both freestanding and desk mount configurations, VisionFrame systems are well suited for a variety of applications, including optimized viewing of larger and multiple screens simultaneously in security and other monitoring environments.

Middle Atlantic has designed every aspect of VisionFrame including its own custom extrusions and hardware. "We weren't satisfied with the durability and functionality of extrusions currently on the market," said Middle Atlantic Application Engineer Dean Wheelan. "We put a lot of thought into the role those pieces play in the system and designed our own custom extrusions to provide the strength that VisionFrame needs and to make installation much easier." Making VisionFrame even easier to specify is Middle Atlantic's Designer 3D Layout Software. Designer enables users to quickly and easily create a VisionFrame Video Monitor Wall, ViewPoint console or desk layout with exceptional flexibility and high-quality graphics that provide a realistic depiction of the environment being designed. Designer software is available as a free download from

Select eInquiry #529 AXIS M50 PTZ Dome Network Cameras The AXIS M50 PTZ Dome Network Camera Series is the world's smallest HDTV pan/tilt/zoom camera offering security directors and business managers a highly discreet and affordable solution for monitoring indoor areas, such as retail stores, banks, hotels, office lobbies, restaurants and warehouses.

With a sleek and compact design, AXIS M50 cameras - which include AXIS M5013 and AXIS M5014 PTZ Dome Network Cameras - are only 5.1'' wide and 2.2'' high, enabling high-quality 360° surveillance (±180° pan, 90° tilt and 3x digital zoom). AXIS M5014 features HDTV 720p resolution while AXIS M5013 offers SVGA video. As a complement to its intelligent motion detection capabilities, a built-in microphone enables audio detection to monitor for unusual noises during off-hours to trigger a security alarm.

The PTZ dome cameras are easy to install and can cover an area of up to 4,300 sq. ft. With an IP51 rating, the cameras are dust proof and protected from dripping water and are powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE IEEE 802.3af) when connected to a PoE switch to carry power, video and PTZ controls with one network cable. AXIS M50 Series can deliver multiple, individually configurable H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams simultaneously.

AXIS M50 Series starts at $499 MSRP and is supported by AXIS Camera Station video management software, the industry's largest base of surveillance applications through Axis' Application Development Partner program.

Select elnquiry #528 The 3VR VIP S-Series 3VR introduces the newest product in its Video Intelligence Platform? (VIP), the S-Series. It is the most compact and economical recorder in the 3VR portfolio. All 3VR solutions feature advanced search capabilities, state-of-theart central management options and a comprehensive range of proven video analytics, such as facial surveillance and object detection that integrates seamlessly with third-party data sources like teller transaction, POS and access control systems.

The VIP S-Series includes: RAID Storage Options and Field Replaceable Drives: With dual hotswappable drives and optional RAID storage, the S-Series greatly reduces downtime and the cost of maintenance while providing redundancy.

Highest Quality Analog Video Capture Available: With all analog cameras able to record 4CIF at 30 frames per second, users have a greater ability to record and analyze high-quality video.

Easy Migration To IP Cameras: As a hybrid DVR, the S-Series supports a wide variety of IP cameras, allowing users to benefit from the latest IP technologies, including multi-megapixel cameras and 3VR Camera Virtualization.

Simple Integration to External Data Systems: 3VR correlates video with a growing universe of systems, such as point of sale, ATM, access control, transaction and other systems, allowing easy searches by transaction number, cashier, and customer ID.

VIP Analytics: The S-Series can be upgraded to run up to 4 channels of 3VR's video analytics, including people counting, license plate recognition and more.

Select eInquiry #530 Infrared Illuminators Compact LIR Infrared illuminators incorporating high power Quasar LEDs from Rainbow CCTV are the ideal choice to improve nighttime performance of CCTV systems for short to long-range applications. The inherent low power consumption of the solid state LED array, results in ultra low running costs over the life of the lamp. With an average LED life well in excess of 10 years, the LIR series can provide huge energy and maintenance savings. Impact resistant and fully weather proof (IP67) with an attractive design, the integrated control features on the illuminator include telemetry input, power and photocell sensitivity adjust, and photocell following contact to switch D/N camera into night mode. The LIR Series is suitable for all low light installations up to 820 feet (250m). Select eInquiry #531 EtherStretch EtherStretch from Nitek can quickly turn any ordinary telecommunications cable (coax or UTP) into a highspeed network communication and PoE path. When operating over coaxial cable (RG59), distances of up to 500 meters (1 ,640 feet) can be achieved. The UTP version uses a four-pair UTP cable to communicate up to 600 meters. The EtherStretch system consists of a transmitter and a receiver set, which requires very little installation time and absolutely no set up or configuration. The transmitter and receiver are transparent to the network and have no IP or MAC addressing. Simply connect your network devices to the network ports of the transmitter and receiver along with existing cabling and the system begins communicating. Select elnquiry #532 Industrial Ethernet Switch The LNP-1002GN model from Aaxeon Technologies builds on the company's successful line of Industrial Ethernet switches by adding the capability to power up to eight enddevices via Power over Ethernet.

The LNP-1002GN has eight 10/100TX ports and two combo ports. These combo ports can either be 10/100/1000TX or Gigabit fiber using an SFP module (Small Form Factor Pluggable). This configuration provides the user with the flexibility to use fiber or copper ports forthe uplink. Each of the 1 0/1 0OTX ports supports the new 802.3af PoE standard and can provide up the 15 watts at 48VDC.

The LNP-1002GN is a managed switch that supports advanced features such as Port Trun king, GVRP, LLDP, in addition to standard management features like IGMP, VLAN and QoS. Another advanced feature is the Aaxeon proprietary ring that supports a 20ms recovery time.

The standard model temperature range is -10°C to 70°C with an extended temperature model rated at -40°C to 80°C.

Select elnquiry #533 Tane Alarm Mini Test Monitor The Tane TV-330 is a portable and convenient TV test monitor. It can test camera video, and controls RS422 and 485 pan tilt and zooms with its 20 built-in protocols. It has a built-in color generator and volt-ohm meter and can test category 5 and 6 cables for pin configuration. It also has a 12V DC output to power up cameras during set up. The easy-to-use on-screen displays identify problems quickly and efficiently. This CCTV TESTER is a dependable tool for ensuring trouble-free installations. Dimensions are 2'' depth by 3.5'' wide by 6.3'' length with a easy-to-see 2.5'' screen. Advantages include a shade flap to see outdoors as well as a lanyard built in to keep it from dropping. For information, e-mail [email protected] or call 516-328-3351. Select elnquiry #534 Unified Security and Surveillance Solution The victor, from American Dynamics, is a unified security and surveillance solution that enables endusers to view, manage and control recorded video from Intellex digital video management systems, VideoEdge network video management systems, as well as live streams from analog and IP cameras. Display video simultaneously with common feature set, no matter what the codec (H. 264, ACC, MJPEG, MPEG-4 ); even mixing and matching technologies all in one location without toggling between client applications. The intuitive interface includes Windows 7-like features such as tear off, snap, auto hide, tab and dock windows, providing a customizable operator experience. Select eInquiry #535 HD Hybrid DVRs In stock and shipping are two new HD Hybrid DVRs from EverFocus, a leading manufacturer of HD CCTV equipment. The first is the HD-2H14, offering two channels of HD and 14 channels of analog. The second is the EDR-HD-4H4, offering 4 channels of HD and 4 channels of analog. With EverFocus HD CCTV equipment, 2-Megapixel/1080i and 1-Megapixel/720p quality can be achieved over existing coaxial cable. Dual Streaming is a great DVR feature, which enables reduced bandwidth while viewing, but also full HD recording. Increased storage capabilities allow 8 TB of storage within the DVR and an additional 8 TB of storage via an eStata connection. EverFocus has multiple HD CCTV cameras and DVRs in stock to provide a security solution offering unmatched clarity and vivid detail. Select elnquiry #536 Industrial Ethernet Switch The LNP-2602GN from Aaxeon Technologies features 24 x 10/100BaseTX power and 2 x 10/100/1000T/Mini-GBIC Combo ports with all 24 10/100BaseTX ports capable of providing Power over Ethernet (PoE). Along with the standard model, the LNP2602GN is also available in an extended operating temperature model (LNP-2602GN-T) that can withstand temperatures of -35° C to 70° C.

The LNP-2602GN gives users up to 24 PoE ports for applications needing numerous PoE connections like multiple IP surveillance cameras. Along with providing a high port count, the LNP-2602GN also boasts many other important features like LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol), which allows the switch to advise its identification & capability on the LAN, and security features like IEEE 802.1x RADIUS, to remotely authenticate users. The LNP-2602GN also supports Ethernet Ring Redundancy (Recovery time < 300ms) along with IEEE 802. Id Spanning Tree and IEEE 802. 1w Rapid Spanning Tree to make sure critical data is never interrupted.

The LNP-2602GN is a very flexible switch which can be managed multiple ways, including SNMP, Web-based interface, Telnet, and CLI. The LNP-2602GN is one of the most cost-effective solutions for applications that need multiple PoE ports in the market today.

Select eInquiry #537 3VR VIP P-Series The powerful, versatile and reliable VIP P-Series features industry leading video technology, advanced analytics, and unmatched integration capabilities. As part of 3VR's Video Intelligence Platform?, the P-Series supports up to 32 channels, scales to 1 6 channels of 3VRs VIP analytics and up to 4 TB of internal RAID storage. With 3VRs patented SmartStorage the P-Series can retain 15 times more data than a standard DVR. All 3VR solutions feature advanced search capabilities, state-of-the-art central management options and a comprehensive range of proven video analytics, such as facial surveillance and object detection that integrates seamlessly with third-party data sources like teller transaction, POS and access control systems. Select eInquiry #538 IQinVision H.264 Alliance-pro The Alliance-pro is a full featured, multi-megapixel H. 264 Main profile vandal dome camera from IQinVision. With support for up to 5 MP resolution, this next generation camera provides multiple, individually configured H. 264 and simultaneous MJPEG streams, delivering the highest quality megapixel video while maintaining efficient network bandwidth. Designed with the installer in mind, installation and maintenance is easy thanks to the intuitive design, a hinged pivoting shroud, EZglide lens focus and 3-ax?s gimbal. The Alliance-pro is an ideal camera for both indoor and outdoor installations such as campuses, municipalities, government, retail, enterprise, healthcare, and SMB. Both ONVIFand PSIA-compliant, the Alliance-pro can be installed virtually anywhere and works seamlessly with the leading NVR/VMS providers. Select eInquiry #539 Megapixel Cameras Arecont Vision has added 3- and 5-megapixel cameras to its MegaView line of all-in-one Day/Night H. 264 megapixel cameras. The new cameras are enclosed in IP66 (environmentally rated) and va - da I -resistant cylindrical housings with versions available incorporating built-in IR illuminators and IR-corrected lenses. These all-in-one cameras are simple to install using an easily adjustable 3-axis bracket, and external lens adjustment of zoom, focus and iris. The new additions join Arecont Vision's 1 .3 megapixel and 1080p resolution MegaView cameras. The 3 megapixel MegaVideo all-in-one cameras include the AV3125DN H. 264 day/night MegaView IP camera and the AV3125IR with IR illumination ring. New 5 megapixel MegaView all-in-one cameras include the AV5125DN H.264 day/night MegaView IP camera, and the AV5125IR includes an IR LED option. Select eInquiry #540 Image Resolution Calculator App Theia Technologies' Image Resolution Calculator App' is a tool for iPhone and Android smartphones. It enables users to input the camera resolution, sensor size, lens choice and one of 3 variables - camera distance, resolution, or field of view needed. The tool calculates image resolution and returns a representative -mage at that resolution to help the user understand what level of detail can be seen using that combination of variables. Theia's calculator app enables video surveillance integrators and systems designers to understand whether their proposed choice of equipment will work prior to installation and testing, helping to avoid product specification mistakes and costly system rework. The app' is available through iTunes or the Android marketplace for $4.99. Select eInquiry #541 Managed Redundant Ring Ethernet Switch with 12 Ports The LNX-1212GN-SFP-T from Aaxeon Technologies is a managed redundant ring Ethernet switch with eight Gigabit combo ports and four IOOOBaseX SFP ports. With complete support of Ethernet Redundancy protocol. Redundant Ring (recovery time < 20ms over 250 units of connection), and MSTP/RSTP/STP (IEEE 802.1s/w/D),the LNX-1 21 2G N-SFP-T can protect your critical applications from network interruptions or temporary malfunctions with its fast recovery technology. It can provide advanced IP based bandwidth management that can limit the maximum bandwidth for each IP device. Users can configure IP cameras and NVR with more bandwidth and limit other device bandwidth.

The LNX-1212GN-SFP-T also supports application-based QoS. Application based QoS can set the highest priority for data streams according to the TCP/UDP port number. This feature along with the IP police function, which can permit only allowed IP addresses with MAC addresses to access the network, helps prevent unwanted users from accessing IP surveillance networks without permission. The LNX-1 21 2GN-SFP-T is one of the most reliable choices for highly-managed Gigabit Fiber Ethernet applications.

Select elnquiry #542 United Server and Storage Series DNF Security's Integrated FaI conUSS(TM) (United Server and Storage) Series is a video storage appliance that provides optimized performance, scalability and high-availability for any surveillance environment. By integrating shared video storage and servers within a single physical hardware appliance, the Falcon-USS(TM) is able to fully consolidate your surveillance requirements. Manage multiple edge recorders or video management software (VMS) by applying "zones" across your surveillance environment via DNF Security's advanced VideoZone Technology(TM). VideoZone fully utilizes and allocates your hardware resource for maximum performance and management of critical video sources independent of VMS-increasing performance by 3x (X-Factor). With Falcon-USS(TM) and DNF Security's over 250 video storage models, our appliances are designed to fit your surveillance needs.

For information call +1 (510) 265-1122 or visit

Select eInquiry #543 Embedded Digital Video Recorder Honeywell has added a low-cost embedded digital video recorder (DVR) to its Performance Series line, which is an entire DVR portfolio offering a selection of DVRs to fulfill virtually any surveillance requirement, enabling end-users to choose from a variety of recording solutions. The new entry-level HREP DVR is economically priced and offers clear, crisp video using H. 264 video compression on 4, 8, or 16 channels. The low cost of the HREP DVR makes it ideal for traditional commercial deployments that require an entry-level recording solution as well as residential surveillance applications. Simple to install and set up via a user-friendly USB mouse or IR remote control, the HREP DVR requires minimal user training. Select elnquiry #544 Outdoor Weatherproof Network Dome Panasonic's new i-PRO SmartHD WVSW395 outdoor, PoE+, weather-proof network dome camera uses H.264 high-profile format for HD video and real-time video streaming at a lower data size. Other intelligent features include face detection, 360-degree PTZ, auto-tracking of HD images and full-frame 1280x960-pixel images at up to 30 images per second. Select eInquiry #545 AutoDome Junior HD Series Bosch Security Systems Inc. has expanded its AutoDome Junior HD series with a new fixed camera model. The AutoDome Junior HD Fixed Camera provides the same 1080p or 720p resolutions, 10x optical zoom and compact size as the rest of the series, making it an ideal indoor fixed camera choice for applications where both highly-detailed imaging and aesthetics are important. HD video delivers increased situational awareness with a 16:9 aspect ratio that maximizes the field of view without compromising image details. Quad-streaming provides simultaneous streaming of high-quality video with differing frame rate and resolution settings for flexibility in system design. End-users can select 1 080p or 720p HD video for recording with H .264 compression, while simultaneously sending JPEG imagesto a hand-held device. Select elnquiry #546 Thermal Camera Line FLlR Systems has announced a new low price for select models of its thermal security cameras. Now offering network-ready thermal cameras for as little as $2,995, these high-quality cameras are optimized for use with video analytics, fit easily into analog networks, and are easy to use. Unlike thermal cameras and technologies available from other manufacturers, all of FLIRs thermal security cameras can look directly at the sun for extended periods without damage or degraded performance. Still useful for traditional markets like securing nuclear, petrochemical and critical infrastructure facilities, the applications for these cameras are only limited by the imagination of the dealers and integrators who deploy them. From rooftop security to hospitals, gated communities to horse farms, more people than ever will be able to make use of thermal technology. Select elnquiry #547 Super LoLux Camera Line JVC Professional Products Company, a division of JVC Americas Corp., has introduced Super LoLux HDTM line 11 new V.Networks cameras. The new models are equipped with CMOS imagers that output full HD resolution, and offer multicodec support, including M-JPEG, MPEG-4, and H. 264. The new Super LoLux HD cameras deliver superior color reproduction, even in low light, and match the sensitivity of JVC's well established CCD-based cameras. The new cameras also include new Clear Logic Video Intelligence (CLVI) image processing, which compensates for back lighting and digitally removes ambient fog, haze, rain or smoke. There are entry-level, intermediate and advanced models in the product line, with a box style (less lens), indoor mini-dome and outdoor dome camera available at each level. Select elnquiry #548 (c) 2011 Cygnus Business Media

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