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Are You Ready for the Future? Is Your Organization Ready? The Next 50 Years Technology Megatrends: June 14th 2011-Montreal Congress Center
[May 31, 2011]

Are You Ready for the Future? Is Your Organization Ready? The Next 50 Years Technology Megatrends: June 14th 2011-Montreal Congress Center

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, May 31, 2011 (Marketwire via COMTEX) -- 5Deka is putting the finalizing touches to a key presentation on future megatrends that you just cannot miss as a leader in a Canadian organization getting ready for the upcoming decades. The presentation will be held on June 14th 2011 at the Montreal Congress Center titled: "The Next 50 Years: Technology Megatrends; Business and Personal impacts".

Are you ready for the future? Are your managers and staff ready for these new customers and employees from the Cyber Generation who entering the workplace? Do you have the technology to attract them and retain them? During this dynamic and unique presentation, Rejean Bourgault will share his pure passion for the future and the impact of technology on every aspect on both our professional and personal lives. Rejean Bourgault has more than 22 years of experience in senior management and in the high tech sectors; he interfaces daily with Canadian and global leaders facing these new realities.

Some topics that will be discussed: -- We will be 9.3 billion on earth in 2050, versus 7 billion today -- Expect 4 billion cars on earth in 2050, versus 800 million today (Fortune Magazine, Ford) -- A 1000$ PC today will be 1 billion more powerful in 2050. (Exponential Revolution).

-- We need flexibility in management, not additional lanes on the highways.

-- Are you ready to live up to 100 years old? (Entering the Young Centenarian Age).

-- The Internet has disappeared.

-- Future of management: Generation Y and Cyber are transforming the daily work environment.

-- Are algae the next source of energy? -- Instant Information. GPS and Wireless in everything. Video Everywhere.

-- Future of retail: Who is in your store or in your virtual store? Business Intelligence.

-- We understand the human hardware, the next 50 years is on Human Software.

-- Let your kid play online gaming, they might become surgeon of the future.

-- Tomorrow's car will be your friend that you can enjoy discussing with.

-- An iPhone or a Blackberry = the pen you brought to the office in 1960, let the generation Y employees use their proper tool; change your internal policies.

-- Human Resources will now play a key role in technology choices for their companies.

-- "If my current employer stops me from going on Facebook, I will quit the next day" (a 28 years old lawyer).

The 90 minutes English session will start at 14:00 and the French Session will start at 10:00 am in room 511 of the Montreal convention center. Participants can register at (the entry fee is 275.00$ per person including taxes). On YouTube: 5Deka. (The next 50 years and Living 100 years) Media passes will be available on a limited basis upon formal written request.

About 5Deka: 5Deka Inc. is a research group focused on the future, basically a Think Tank that looks primarily at the megatrends of the next 50 years of your life which covers the major upcoming technological and social trends.

More than just being futurists, 5Deka's role is to educate and bring the future of technology to a level accessible for a very wide audience in order for organizations, governments, teachers, students and parents to be better prepared for their own future and the wide range of opportunities that will appear in the coming decades.

5Deka strongly believes that in the next 50 years, we will experience changes that will come at an unprecedented pace. These will come from every possible angle and will have a key influence on life expectancy and life span, the environment, energy, work, modes of transportation, food, water and many other aspects of our lives. We will witness key breakthrough in health sciences and areas such as biotechnology, genetic, bionic, stem cell, nanotechnology and brain research. One key basis for all these technological developments will come from the exponential revolution that we are experiencing in computer sciences.

We believe that the future is fundamentally fascinating.

SOURCE: 5Deka Inc.

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