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Panabiz Introduces New Software
[May 30, 2011]

Panabiz Introduces New Software

May 30, 2011 (Daily Champion/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX) -- provider of office automation and consumer imaging solutions, Panabiz International Limited has introduced the latest Canon uniFlow Version 5 software into the nation's market.

Unveiling the new package in Lagos state recently, the company said, the new software would assist companies and organizations to ensure greater efficiency to copying, scanning, printing, minimizing waste as well as reducing costs.

Product Manager, uniFlow, Panabiz Nigeria Limited, Mr. Tony Oluwasunhan said the uniFlow is a software platform designed to bring full value of multi-functional devices (MFD) to the organization, making the most of their investments. The modular structure of the uniFlow and the tight integration with Canon hardware, he said, allows the system to be built depending on the organization's exact requirement.

"The installation of Canon uniFlow version 5 software makes the multi-functional devices (MFD) exceptionally user-friendly and increases the organizational productivity as well as helps reduce cost vastly," he said.

According to him, by controlling the printing, copying and scanning process of the MFD, uniFlow makes it easy for Information Technology (IT) manager to administer one system with one set of user accounts and one database, thereby giving the user a seamless interaction with the MFD by being able to access all features with an interface or having to re-authenticate every time they want to use a new function.

Oluwasunhan explained that, the uniFlow software is scalable to any size, thereby, fitting perfectly with any organizational size whether small, medium or large.

"It is available in 10, 50, 150 and unlimited user versions to provide scalability and flexibility regardless of business type," he said.

Highlighting the unique offerings of the uniFlow software, Oluwasunhan described it as an end-to-end office management system that provides secure printing and copying features, which allows users to capture documents directly to Microsoft share point, integrates with Helix production workflow to provide job ticketing, internet job submission, variable data printing and print room management capabilities.

He also pointed out that printing and copying as well as associated costs can be tracked and stored to be used as part of a print audit to help decide future printer purchases or identify where cost savings can be made.

Furthermore, he said, the uniFlow software has an enhanced device security; by integrating tightly with the Canon MFD hardware, it can stop unauthorized use of the devices and for maximum security, an image record of every copy, print, fax or scan performed can be stored and examined for keywords.

The Product Manager pointed out that uniFlow could perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the document and convert the image to an editable format, such as Microsoft word as well as extracting text and barcodes to be used as indexing information.

He said the print and scan devices can be configured to work with remote print servers that do not need link to the main server to function. "In short UniFlow gives the organization complete control over their MFD fleet regardless of their business requirements," he said.

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