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TMC Seeks Product Marketing Manager
[December 14, 2010]

TMC Seeks Product Marketing Manager

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Due to great success achieved by TMC's customers, we have seen massive growth in our online community-building products and as a result, we are in the middle of a search for a product marketing manager - someone whose focus will be to articulate the value proposition of these products to a broader audience.

An established product-line, our keyword-based Global Online Communities (GOCs) and channels have grown to over 200 and many of our customers are coming to us to purchase more terms to help them with organic search engine rank, news search rank, community building, social network needs and numerous other reasons.

We believe we have the largest collection of sponsored, news-generated communities on the Internet and as a result it makes sense to focus more resources on this product-line so more companies in more industries can learn how such products can assist them in their growth.

These products are very dear to me as I knew in the nineties that every company would need someone to help them with content generation - text, audio and video. I realized every website had to eventually become broadcast TV stations and newspapers in one.

And now, that is exactly what TMC provides sponsors - a third-party content-generating machine which creates targeted news which in-turn brings a large, laser-focused audience based precisely on specific terms and concepts.

The benefit for readers is we continue to reinvest our resources - many of which come from this cloud-based community building and SEO model right back into more reporters, editors and designers meaning more targeted and in-depth news and analysis for people looking to make purchasing decisions.

What is most gratifying is the smallest companies choose to work with us to grow their brands and we also have major players as customers such as RIM and Alcatel-Lucent.

Obviously I am biased but I see this community concept as the most underestimated product on the Internet. Most people don't understand it. They think all the traffic in the world needs to come to their site exclusively but in over-focusing on one destination, they lose the massive advantages afforded them by taking advantage of news-search and huge content archives which once again, laser target their exact audience who eventually see their message and become customers.

One customer said it best when he told me he sees his own site as akin to Saks 5th Avenue but his community on TMCnet is like opening a store in a popular mall which gets even more traffic than his website.

We would love candidates with 3-5 years of marketing experience as well as someone who is passionate and understands the web, SEO and technology.

Feel free to forward me resumes and I will be sure to pass along the info to my hiring team for consideration.

Thanks in advance.

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