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Intelleflex Endorses New ISO/IEC 18000-6:2010 Standard for RFID Technology
[December 07, 2010]

Intelleflex Endorses New ISO/IEC 18000-6:2010 Standard for RFID Technology

(Market Wire Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 12/07/10 -- Intelleflex, a leading provider of on-demand data visibility solutions, today announced its support for the recently published ISO/IEC 18000-6:2010 Standard. Chapter 11.5 of this new standard describes the ISO/IEC Type C protocol for Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) RFID utilizing Manchester mode forward link technology. Intelleflex, which plays a dominant industry role in commercializing BAP RFID technology-based solutions, played a leading role in incorporating BAP RFID in this ISO/IEC Standard.

Earlier this year, Intelleflex announced its XC3 Technology? platform, providing next-generation support for the new ISO/IEC Standard and the existing EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 (C1G2) Standard, which is referenced in the ISO/IEC18000-6 Standard as Type C. Intelleflex XC3 Technology solutions include Extended Capability RFID? tags and fixed and mobile readers, which deliver powerful, cost-effective solutions across multiple markets.

The new ISO/IEC Standard enables capabilities previously available only with active RFID -- including longer read ranges, more reliable performance, and support for sensors -- but at significantly lower price points. By incorporating specifications for common user interfaces and protocols, the standard also aids in the integration of RFID with other applications such as data monitoring and management.

The successful adoption of the EPC C1G2 passive RFID standard over the past several years enabled greater visibility for the role of RFID in supply chains and business operations. This, however, has led to the desire for new applications for which passive RFID was not originally designed or intended and that can't be supported by passive RFID-based solutions. For example, many real-world supply chain and asset management applications require robust performance in RF-challenging environments involving metals and liquids, long read ranges, and the use of sensors to monitor product conditions. While active RFID products may be able to address these challenges, the price of active RFID often makes it cost-prohibitive for many applications.

With Intelleflex XC3 Technology solutions, based on the new ISO/IEC Standard, customers now have a cost-effective option that combines the best features of EPC C1G2 passive RFID with the performance benefits of ISO/IEC-defined battery assisted passive RFID. The benefits of Intelleflex XC3 Technology can be quickly realized with a variety of real-world applications for perishable foods and biopharmaceuticals, as well as asset and personnel tracking and management. Intelleflex temperature tags, for example, include a sensor that provides the ability to monitor fresh produce or biologics in-transit for on-demand data visibility that ensures product quality.

"Adding RFID capabilities to sensor-based solutions will save significant money across the supply chain," said Chris Neil, Division Vice President of Maxim, a leading producer of high-performance semiconductor products including temperature, humidity, and motion sensors. "For example, combining temperature monitoring with Intelleflex RFID solutions built on the ISO/IEC 18000-6 Standard will help ensure that pharmaceutical and produce shipments are constantly maintained at the right temperature, ensuring that high-quality products can be delivered to the patient or customer, and quickly pinpointing where in the supply chain the problem occurred if they are not." The newly ratified ISO/IEC 18000-6:2010 Standard (specifically, Chapter 11.5) enables five key benefits that deliver the extended capabilities necessary for successful real-world applications. Those include: Extended Read/Write Range: Up to 100 meters (328 feet) or more, and the ability to reliably read/write inside packages or other RFID-unfriendly environments. High reliability from close up to the edge of the range: Allowing the use of a single type of reader and tags across any range. Improved battery life: An innovative "activation signal" keeps tags awake but consuming very little battery power when a reader is not communicating with the tag. Instant access: The "activation signal" capability provides instant-on communication on demand by the reader. Reduced inter-reader interference: Activation codes, reader-locking and other features limit interference from nearby readers and tags.

"We're excited to have led the development of this new standard in RFID technology," said Peter Mehring, CEO of Intelleflex. "Our ISO/IEC 18000-6:2010 Standards-based XC3 Technology solutions provide compelling benefits for real-world applications in many markets, including cold chain, reusable transport items, mobile workforce, and equipment yard management, as well as government and defense solutions." For more information on the new ISO/IEC Standard and Intelleflex' XC3 Technology, visit and download the company's XC3 Technology white paper.

About IntelleflexIntelleflex provides on-demand, data visibility solutions for cold chain and asset management. Its industry-leading XC3 Extended Capability RFID products and technologies enable a range of solutions for perishable food and pharmaceutical temperature monitoring, asset tracking for construction and other remote worksites, vehicle/yard management, security and access control, and other applications. These solutions deliver real-time monitoring that can help organizations reduce shrinkage or loss, more closely track and manage assets, reduce their cost of operations, and increase profitability. For more information, visit

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