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New Interprise On-Demand Offers �Smart Client' Hosted CRM/ERP/eCommerce Solution
[May 21, 2009]

New Interprise On-Demand Offers �Smart Client' Hosted CRM/ERP/eCommerce Solution

Senior Contributing Editor
Businesses interested in benefiting from Interprise Software Solutions’ Interprise Suite integrated CRM/ERP/eCommerce solution now have the choice of having it hybrid hosted or ‘smart client’ with thin-client applications on the desktops and access to databases and websites via the Internet.

The new service, Interprise On-Demand, can be accessed for as low as $99/user/month. It promises to offer the best of hosted and premise licenses. As an on-demand service, there is no additional hardware or software to buy, which virtually eliminates significant up front investment. As a thin-client application it offers the customization, flexibility, and speed of premises solutions. Customers can get access to the data directly from their desktops; they do not have to log into browsers.

Interprise On-Demand is also single tenant, unlike it says most SaaS (News - Alert) CRM applications which are multitenant. This feature permits a firm to make modifications to the software without having their changes affect other users. Multitenant SaaS CRM cannot, says Interprise, “offer you the ability to take your data base and run it on your Local Area Network.”
Interprise On-Demand has another benefit: easy migration to a full premises solution. Organizations can simply purchase the licenses needed at discounted prices (they get credit for the amount of time they have subscribed with the company), and it gives them backups of their database that they can install wherever they choose.
Providing peace of mind for hosted data, Interprise’s data center, located in Mankato, Minn. is hardened, secure, and dependable; it is PCI and SAS70-compliant. It features a ‘Building within a Building’ with 12-inch thick concrete floor a rubber membrane roof inside the main structure, raised anti-static floors, isolated server build and staging area, and restricted access to the server and control room. Two diverse physical and geographical bandwidth routes scalable to 1GB each via Tier 1 ISPs. There are custom connectivity options available for customers requiring private data circuits or VPN connections.
Power is fully redundant A/B (News - Alert), three-phase 480 volt 400 amps. Backup power is a combination of batteries and onsite generation. There is a 2 MGE Comet 150KVA room-wide uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that converts municipal AC power provided by Benco to DC then back to AC, on a bank of 2x36 batteries. A KatoLite D600FRY4 600KVA, kilowatt diesel generator cycles up on notification from UPS monitor eight seconds to full power with 72 hour in-tank supply of diesel fuel on hand.
 Storage is provided by two storage area networks (SANs) with total capacity in excess of 100 Terabytes, backed by redundant power, fiber switches, and network paths. There is a repository for data bases, file storage, uploaded images, and SNAPSHOT. There are also Multiple Network Attached Storage devices utilizing the SAN for scalability.
Network security and availability is delivered via features including multiple access control list secure routers, intrusion prevention system appliances, multi-tiered firewall infrastructure, multiple tape robots and nightly back up of all programs and data files hosted and secure off-site tape storage. Databases are backed up twice per day (full backup) and the transaction logs are backed up every 30 minutes between full backups.
“In a tough economy, customers need options,” says Gary Harrison, President of Interprise Solutions. “Interprise On-Demand gives companies the freedom to choose between the simplicity and immediate return-on-investment of the SaaS subscription option or the flexibility that the licensed option provides. We are excited to bring this affordable service to the marketplace, as now more than ever, businesses need the increase in productivity and opportunity for new revenue streams that our solution provides.”

Brendan B. Read is TMCnet’s Senior Contributing Editor. To read more of Brendan’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Tim Gray

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