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Open Hospitality Drives Hotel Bookings in recession with CRM e-Marketing Campaigns
[May 20, 2009]

Open Hospitality Drives Hotel Bookings in recession with CRM e-Marketing Campaigns

TMCnet Contributor
Open Hospitality has kept up in its efforts to produce tangible, working results for its hospitality partners, even in today’s tough economic times. Open Hospitality is a global contributor of Internet marketing solutions for hotels and other hospitality service providers.

They formulate and implement custom-made e-Marketing solutions putting together innovative offers for hotels to get in touch with their loyal customer base and increase their top-line. These campaigns offer special value added services, one-of-a-kind rates and other packages which generate perceived added value in the minds of customers.

Open Hospitality is credited with putting together several strategic marketing solutions and accommodation booking options. It has won multiple awards for its efforts in this field and they specialize in the hospitality sector. The company enables independent hotels and conglomerates to up their online saliency, increase their market share and correspondingly online reservations.
They use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to design effective websites and create high impact internet marketing campaigns. It has a widespread client base of some of the most popular names in the hospitality industry, including among others, Helmsley Hotels in New York, the Empire Hotel Group, the Blakes Hotel in London and Graves Hospitality.
One of their clients, The Scottsdale Plaza Resort, has said that Open Hospitality was on board for consulting and designing their online marketing campaigns. The team at Open Hospitality has been credited with having a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality industry while also being able to provide a fresh perspective while planning and executing these campaigns. The Scottsdale Plaza Resort believes that they are able to secure incremental business with every online marketing campaign they launch through Open Hospitality.
Chris Wichers, executive vice president of Open Hospitality, believes that compelling designs and fundamentally solid implementation is the secret behind their resounding success and widespread acceptance among the hospitality community.
They are focused on building solutions which primarily drive volumes, in this case bookings. In most cases, they also succeed in driving hundreds of bookings and thousands of dollars in revenue from a single e-Marketing campaign. The revenue results of the clients are the best measure of the success of their marketing campaigns.

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